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Are Whistle Bikes Any Good?


Is Whistle A Good BRAND. Should You Part With Your Money and invest in a Whistle Bike.



In our investigation into, are whistle bikes any good? We will look at Advocet group.

Thinking about buying a Whistle bike and need more information on the bike brand.  

Whistle have plenty of experience in designing and manufacturing bikes.

The Whistle brand are part of the Advocet group who own a variety of other brands like Viking,

Coyote, Rooster, Riddick, Vinking Pro, two new brands called Lectro and Sommonsohn. are viking bikes any good?

Advocet own a variety of brands from entry level to top of the range premium bikes.

The head office is located in the North West of England and all the brands within the Advocet group are built with quality in mind and performance.

Advocet aim to be the market leader in European bicycle distribution of cycling products and electric bikes.

In finding out, are whistle bikes any good? We take a closer look at the brand. are coyote bikes any good?




The whistle brand research and development team use the most update technology with the highest specification, finest components, lightweight tubing, innovative process’s in manufacturing to take your whistle bike to the next level.

If you’re a seasoned professional or an entry level novice, the Whistle experience will blow your mind for the level of great value and quality.

One of the main goals of the Whistle brand is to design a bike that offers maximum performance.

Whistle has a Native American heritage that is inspired by the Colorado heartlands and getting its name from Native American tribes,

the Whistle brand offer a bike that anyone would love to own.

Why Should You Buy The Whistle Creek

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Whistle



Lightweight Aluminium Frame

14 Shimano Gears

Alloy Brakes


Customer Satisfaction

An Awesome Four And Half Stars


Customer Testiominals

Brilliant Customer Reviews. Definitely Worth Reading

Whistle Values & Beliefs


Great Value


Whistle aim to provide a bike that offers brilliant value for money and will leave plenty of money for the must have cycling accessories.

One of the main benefits of Whistle being part of the Advocet group is taking advantages of the savings in the research, production and distribution process’s because the Advocet have so many brands under there umbrella.




The production process at Whistle understand the importance of only using the best material and components o ensure the quality of a Whistle bike is upheld. All Whistle bikes go through a quality test to make sure only the finest bikes leave the factory.


 Technology Advanced


Whistle insure they use the most up to date technologies to delivery the best bikes that offer the best performance and allow the rider to have the best riding experience.

The research team at Whiste make sure they are one step ahead of their competitors by investing heavily in Research and development.


Customer Satisfaction


Having a good level of customer service is paramount to the Whiste brand core values.

The brand offers an open-door policy from the moment you decide to buy a new bike to any post buying question you may have like finding replacement parts or component. The brand aims to get back to you as soon as reasonable possibly.

The Whistle range use a high specification to offer the perfect bike for seasoned professionals, thrill seekers and families that love the outdoors.

Whistles research and development team aim is to make every bike attractive, with each component clearly selected and to offer brilliant value for money to the customer.

Each bike comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that allow cycling enthusiasts of all ages and body shapes to find a bike that will hopefully that their riders experience to the next level.

The Whistle brand aim to be a premium cycling brand that will help any cycling enthusiast explore their local surrounds.

To find out, are whistle bikes any good? We will know look at the characteristics of the Whistle brand.


 Whistle Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Whistle Creek Road Bike


Continuing our investigation into, are Whiste bikes any good? We will If look at some of the benefits of owning a road bike.

Investing in a road bike may seem like a big investment.

However, owning the Whistle creek road bike has many benefits that include:


Health Benefits


Cycling is a low form of exercise and is ideal for individuals that may have had a small break from fitness.

Regular exercise on your brand-new Whistle Creek will be sure to help you burn off some extra calories.  

Spending time exercising has been known to help reduce stress levels and help individuals improve their confidence as they improve their physique fitness levels.


Saving Money


Choosing to buy use your Whistle Creek to get from one to another location will not just help you get into shape but will also save money.

Commuting by bike is less expensive than travelling by car or by public transport.

Petrol prices have been on the increase and paying for a regular season tickets can quickly add up.  

If you use your Whistle Creek regularly there may be no need for your gym membership monthly subscription.


Exploring Your local Community


Owning the Whistle Creek will give you plenty of options to explore your local area.

The Whistle Creek is designed for the road and for long journeys.

The lightweight frame, slick tyres and design of the road will be sure to help you travel in built up area where you would otherwise get caught in congestion.

If you live in the city, commuting on your Whistle creek maybe faster than travelling by car or public transport.




Looking for a new hobby so you can meet new friends that share the same interest as yourself.

Your local area will have some cycling clubs that will offer you a brilliant past time that will help you meet people and build memories that will hopefully last a life time.

In answering, are whistle bikes any good? We will no look at the features of benefits of owning the Whistle Creek.

Features & Benefits




The Creek comes with an impressive lightweight alloy frame.

Aluminium is often used by bike manufactures as it is known to outperform steel in labatory tests.

Having a lightweight frame is ideal when you need to travel on public transport or need to carry the bike to complete your journey.


Shimano Gears


Shimano are a well-respected brand in the manufacture of bikes components.

The rider will easily and quickly match the pace of the Whistle Creek to the riding conditions faced by he rider.

The rider will have plenty of options with a cool 14 gears to choose from.




The rider will have no problem manoeuvring out of any hazardous situation as the Whistle Creek comes with a set of Dual QR alloy brakes.

Performing an emergency stop quickly put most importantly safely. Road biking guide.




Whistle have equipped the Whistle Creek will a set of CST road tyres that will give the rider plenty of grip while they explore their local surroundings.

Having a good set of road tyres will be sure to give the rider plenty of stability as they put more metal to the pedal. Disadvantages of road bikes.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 94%

” I Cant Wait To Test Ride My Whistle Creek On The Lakeland Loop.” Colin

Cycling Tips



If your thinking about cycling on a regular basis it may be worth learning how to fix a flat.

There are plenty of easy to follow videos.

There will come a time were you will be a long way from home and you will have a flat tyre that will need fixing.

Practise at home until you can fix a flat easily and quickly. are road bikes good for exercise 


Saddle Discomfort


Cycling for long periods of time can cause discomfort for your bottom.

A pair of padded shorts can be purchased rather cheaply or a gel cover.

You may find yourself not cycling without them. Chamois cream will help.

However, having a quality saddle is key.




Learn how to use your gears and don’t work against them.

Use a small chainring and a bigger cassette cog for steeper inclines.

Practise using the Whistle Creek Road bike on flats, changing gear should feel smooth.

You should know when you’re in the wrong gear as it feels like you are not moving.


Final Verdict


If your looking for a great value road bike from a respected bike brand built with features only normally found in more expensive road bikes.

The Whistle Creek comes will an alloy frame that is lightweight and durable in the event of a minor bump or scrap.

A set of Shimano gears will give the plenty of options in changing the pace of the road bike.

Good quality road tyres will allow the rider to keep a good grip on the flat and will help you travel for longer and faster much more comfortably. road bikes good for comuting

Owning the Creek road bike will help you improve your health, save you money and help you explore your local community.

We hope you have found our article on are whistle bikes any good? And found it helpful and informative.

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Whistle Characteristics

A wide variety of bikes that fit every cyclist chosen terrain. Whistle range include Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes and Urban Bikes

A respected bike brand that is well known in the cycling community.

An attractive, good looking bike that is designed to maximise the riders riding experience.

Established brand in Great Britain with a unique heritage.

Quality is at the heart of Whistle ethos and they aim to add the wow bike to every bike. Are whistle bikes any good? They certainly have the history of a great brand.

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