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Are Vilano Bikes any Good?


Do Vilano makes good bikes? Are they Worth THE money?



Vilano racing bike Aluminium Commuter 700c


Finding out are vilano bikes good? We will look at the Vilano Racing Bike.  

A review of the Vilano Aluminium Road Bike , we will share our thoughts on this mountain bike through our extensive market research.

The findings have come from customer testimonials and our professional expertise to see if the unique selling positions of this mountain bike are actually true.


The frame comes in a gloss black with a light Aluminium 6061 frame, with a traditional shape and integrated headset that only weighs 10.9Kg.

(The lightest in the price range.) It comes with free pedals, the drop handle bars are standard with cushion tape that goes well with the frame.

The gear shift is smooth and precise. It is great for that daily commute.



Features & Benefits


ALUMINIUM FRAME-Having a Racing bike with a aluminium frame means its lighter, faster and easier to manually cart.

SHIMANO THUMB SHIFTER – having these highly responsive shifters helps me push the maximum speed of the bike, and it comes in handy when i am late for work

ALLOY CRANK SET (Set 50/40/30)- comes in very handy.

ALLOY CALIPER BRAKES-riding a racing bike to and from work means i need sharp brakes that react quickly and I am very happy with these

FREE PLATFORM PEDALS- Thought I was going to have to buy these separately, i was pleasantly surprised to find they are included. Are vilano bikes good? Viliano definitely know how to design their road bikes using only the best materials and components.


 Customer Satisfaction


The Vilano Aluminium Road Bike is my first racing bike, and i am over the moon with it.

Its comes in stylish black, its lightweight which means its great when i am getting the train.

It took me around 25 minutes to assemble the bike, it comes with  a very detailed instruction manuel which i found extremly helpful.

I have purchased a replacement gel cover to go over the sadle for that extra bit of comfort.

The bike feels very sturdy and is comfortable to ride, and it has made my journey to work a lot more pleasurable.

Its Shimano shifters and Alloy Caiper brakes come in very handy in having complete control of the bike and helps you react quickly to changing situations.

It also has 21 gears which means you can push the racing bike that little further. Other Customer Testimonals:

“Great Value” “Paint job is understated but attractive”. “The wheels run straight,    and the gear change is precise. “ I will be changing the bar tape for extra comfort.”

The Vilano Aluminium Road Bike is a affordable entry level bike thats great value for money,

it has an impressive overall 4.5 rating on Amazon, its an ideal bike for those daily commutes to work or for those rides out with family and friends.

I was surprised at the all the high end specifications that you normally come with a much more expensive bike.

It has a good 21 speeds, aluminum frame, Shimano Shifters, Alloy Caliper brakes and good quality wheels for the price range.




A triple chain set up front offers a wide gear ratio.

The frame comes with and understated black paint job.

Comes with Indexed rear gears that help you up those challenging hills.

Wheels run straight and true, cornering is neutral and handling is great.

Frame has mounting points for mudguards so you can use it all year round

Good Customer Testimonals

In evaluating, are vilano bikes good? They definitely know how to design bikes that their customers love and take pride in owning





The stock saddle looks basic but is surprisingly comfortable. I purchased a gel saddle cover for ten pound and its definetly worth it for that extra bit of comfort. Are vilano bikes good? There I not many disadvantages.




Frequently Asked Questions:


I am 6ft with 32cm leg, will this bike be bigger enough for me?

“Yes, I am 6ft and the bike fits me perfectly.”


Does anyone know the exact weight of the bike?

It think its around 11kg, 12 kg boxed”


Could I add mudguards to the this bike?

Should have no tropuble as there are plenty of mounting points.”

Can the seat be adjusted?

“Yes, the tools to change the height are also included.”


Do you have to assemble the bike?

“You only have to attach, the handlebars, saddle and front wheel. should take no longer than 15 minties.”


Can I fit a pannier rack?

You should be able to to fit a pannier to this road bike.”


Does the bike come with a warrenty?

“Yes, the bike comes with a 12 month warrenty.”


What are the size of the wheels?

27 inchs”


Advice for Using The Vilano


GO ON A TEST RUN- make sure you test out the saddle, height, handlebars and gears before you go on a long commute.

KEEP INSTRUCTIONS- when i purchased my first bike, i stupidly misplaced my instruction and had to get in touch with the manufacturer to get a replacement

PRESTA VALVE- The wheels uses Presta Valves so you may have to invest into a new pump.




The Vilano Aluminium Road Bike has a very respectable overall rating of 4.5, with a lot of good customer Testimonials.

The bike comes partly assembled, detailed instruction manuel, all the tools you need to assemble the bike.

It a great bike for that daily commute to work or for a leisurely ride.

It’s a good value racing bike within this price range with lots and lots of specifications you would only normally find on much more expensive bikes .

It comes with a lightweight Aluminium Frame, Shimano Shifters, Alloy crank shaft, caliper brakes and it comes in a stylish black.

Definetly a head Turner, If your looking for a racing bike then you wont go far from in buying the Vilano Aluminium Road Bike  

You wont be disappointed.

In summarizing, are vilano bikes good? The Vilano Aluminium would indicate that they have plenty of experience in manufacturing quality road bike.

Are Vilano Bikes Any Good?

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Vilano



An American Bike Brand Based In Florida



Vilano Bikes have plenty of experience in designing quality road bikes using only the best materials and pride themselves on manufacturing practical bikes at affordable prices that cyclists love to own



Customer Satisfaction

The Vilano Aluminium Has Over 66 Customer Testimonials And 75 Common Questions Answered.

Vilano Brand Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Vilano Rampage Road Bike


The vilano rampage road bike review will look at the entry level road bike Vilano, one of the best road bikes objectively considering my own thoughts, customer testimonials and information from the manufacture.

It’s lightweight, easy to run, durable and comfortable; and above all, it’s affordable too.

To put it more precisely, the bike is an amalgamation of all the features that you would want for a pleasurable daily riding experience.

Single gear/fixed gear bikes are meant to provide minimalist experience for the rider—whether it’s about commuting to work, taking an evening bike ride, or going for a trail biking experience to the local countryside.

In truly understanding, are vilano bikes good?

We will look at the Vilano Rampage. The entry level road bike Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike is quite affirmative on providing what it has promised. The ideology is beautiful, and it perfectly epitomizes on the simplicity that truly reflects through the design and performance.

Secondly, What I really love about the Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike is its light and simple design

. On Amazon, the bike has 60 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5 which is very impressive.


Why Should You Buy The Vilano Rampage


Furthermore, what I essentially like about the bike is its accentuating design and black colour.

Though there are other colour variations, but the frame would stay black (except for the champagne frame). Colors available: Green, red, yellow for the alloys, handle grips and the seat and black and gray for the frame.

Fixed Gear/Single Gear Speed—As aforementioned, the entry level road bike is designed for those who don’t want fancy features in their bikes; the single gear option is targeted right on the money. Disadvantages of road bikes.

Thinner Frame—Compare this bike with the rest, the frame is light and thin, you can literally lift the bike with your one hand. Most bikes have a frame of around 20lbs; whereas, for this one, the whole bike weighs 22lbs. In fact, if you have figured it out, the weight on this bike is quite close to carbon fiber based model that could easily cost around $1000. Read our road biking guide.

700 x 25C tires—The tires are great for daily commuting, but trailing could get a little problematic


Performance & Benefits


Firstly, this is the first time I have tried the Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike, and now I had been thinking one of the best road bikes  “God! Why I didn’t get it before?”

Honestly, the simplistic design on the bike is great, and even though I grew up riding mountain bikes with gears, honks, glistering rims, super brakes and so on. are road bikes good for commuting?

These features aren’t a priority anymore. Instead what I want is durable and light weight bike that I could take anywhere easily.

The weight could a big obstacle if you have been planning long biking sessions. A light-weight bike is all that you need.

secondly, the flip flop hub on the bike (that you will find on almost all fixie) is necessary as it tells the rider if the bike is in single mode or fixed gear.

Additionally, On my test ride, what I really like was the 700c tag welded frame that’s made out of aluminium and is great at keeping the vibrations to a minimum.

And for the Rampage, the 45 mm double walled V form anodized wheel-set is also exceptional.

The kit looks very durable and I hope it could go easily for a year. Are vilano bikes good?

The Vilano Rampage would suggest that they are a great brand. are road bikes good for exercise?


The downside


Honestly, critiquing about the Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike seems unreasonable.

And considering it’s a fixie, you can’t really question the simplicity on the bike.

However, there are a few things that could be improved, like:

The seat, through my personal experience, isn’t very comfortable.

Probably because I have a soft skin that could easily be bruised.

But its wasn’t awful in any way; I just think it could be improved; maybe a bigger size could suffice. I would like to talk about the colours too. The red color is accentuating but it doesn’t look very nice on the road. road biking tips and techniques


what would you need upon delivery


Most noteworthy, the bike it’s shipped 90 percent assembled; but you would need to do the inflation of tires and fitting od handlebars, pedals, stem, saddle front wheel and seatpost all by yourself.

For that you need some additional gear for screwing the bolts.

The seatpost has one bolt, four for while the handle bars, and one for the handlebar.

In looking at, are vilano bikes good? There is not many disadvantages to owning a vilano bike. Cycling advice from Steven Robinson.


Final Verdict


In conclusion, I am really amazed by the design and price on the Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike; though I have ridden a mountain bike most of my life,

I feel that this one has the potential to be my secondary bike for the city. Are vilano bikes good?

The Vilano Rampage would suggest that the know a think about making a road bike. How to plan a cycling adventure.


If you want to make the most out of your  entry level road bike Vilano, you could always make some changes like adding Deda Drips, &00 23c Schwaibe tires (I personally love them), and SPDs. This will really turn your bike more awesome.

Consequently, There isn’t a doubt that that the Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike is under-priced.

With it’s lightweight body and minimalistic design,

I would really recommend this bike to other fellas. Jacks  100 mile ride to the sun.

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