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Are Viking Bikes Any Good?

Is Viking A Good Brand. Shal I BUY one. Lets find out

Viking Bikes

Viking Cycles


“Another Viking Masterpiece which sets a standard in strength and service.”


Alfred Victor Davies founded the Viking Cycle company in 1908 on Wolverhampton Road of Wolverhampton by setting up a bike repair shop.

Alfred originally grew up in North Wales as a railway clerk. To earn some extra money Alfred had a talent for repairing bikes and wanted to earn some extra money to help support his family.

During the early days cycling was becoming more and more popular so there were plenty of demand for Alfreds services of repairing bikes.

One of the conditions of working within the railway was that you weren’t allowed to run a bike repair shop in your spare time.

The railway found out about his repair shop and gave Alfred an ultimatum, either the railway or the repair shop.

Mr Davies had a discussion to be had about are Viking bikes any good?

Is the bike repair business going to be a success or a career in the railway?

Alfred choose to make sure the Viking cycle company was a success and leave the railway. Where are viking bikes made?


Viking History


1930’s-1939: From a Small cycling repair shop to producing and manufacturing 2000 cycles a year.

1948: A Viking Racing team was born. Are Viking bikes any good? Having an established Viking Racing team would become the best PR for the Viking brand.

B.L.R.C Championship 1948, 1949 & 1951: won by the Racing team lead by Ben Whitmore.

Are Viking bikes any good? A common thought.

They win national champion ships so they must be a good brand.

Ben Whitmore first place in the Ealing Road Race

Bill Allen won the 1948 Midland championship Road Race


Are Viking Race bikes any good?


Viking’s success in road racing ensured that the Viking brand become well known and respected throughout Britain.

During the post war there was plenty of demand for Viking road bikes as travelling by car was an expensive luxury most could not afford.

Cycling became a more economic choice and the roads were less busy and were perfect for cycling.

The boom in the Viking racing bikes began as everyone wanted to ride a club type machines.

Not only a fashion statement but a brilliant means of keeping fit, a social activity and form of commuting.

Throughout Britain had 1250 bike dealers distributing Viking bikes with many more wanting to get on their books.

May 1955: A decision to separate the manufacturing side of the business and the retail side of the business.

Manufacturing was taken place in Merridale Works and the sale of Viking bikes through the Victor Davies Cycles shop.

The public were asking are Viking Bikes any good? They had no need to worry. The bikes were designed by Reg Davies an expert in road racing and a cycling enthusiast who was perfect for designing the next evolution of road racing bikes.




Viking bikes were made from quality seamless T.I tube, a lightweight lugs were used for the wheels, hubs and spokes.

Chrome plated. Some customers requested them to be chromed.

Davies ensured every frame was finished to a high quality with a great finish.

Good praising was applied to ensure the strength of the frame.

1963: 20,000 Viking bikes were manufactured by a work force of around 70 people.

The driving force of driving the popularity of the Viking brands were down to Bob Thom and Les Bremner.

1967: the production and manufacturing ended of the Viking bikes due to a fall in demand.

Two Americans purchased the company and moved it to Northern Ireland as assembling bikes from spares.

Why Should You Buy A Viking

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy a Viking Bike


Well Known Brand

Established since 1908

First Class Customer Service

Viking are known for providing a first class customer service.


Avocet Global Cycling Brand

Viking bikes are distributed by Avocet throughout Europe and Viking are known for their trademark in durability, quality and style.

Viking Bikes Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customrer Sattisfaction

Brand Score

First Class Customer Service



The main reasons why to buy a Viking bike


In Answering the question, are Viking bikes any good?

We need to fast forward to where the Viking brand is in the 21st Century.

Today the Viking brand is distributed by Adocet who distribute Viking bikes throughout Europe.

There focus is to become a market leader in distributing top quality brands throughout Europe.

Built on brands that have a passion for cycling and making bikes that people will riding for many years to come.



Viking Club Master: bicycle was designed for someone riding on a regular basis.


A SS Frame and forks, alloy brakes and wheel set ensures the rider was equipped to burn through the miles and leave the competition in the distance.

Viking frames were increasing in popularity and a buyer would not have to pay a purchases tax when buying bike components rather than a bike.

An added benefit.

In the 1950s, most bike dealers generally stocked one or two bike brands.

Dealers stocking the Viking brand had a competitive advantage of stocking bikes and bike components that meet all the needs of any cycling enthusiast and allowing the dealer to earn more money.

In answering, is Viking a good brand it certainly had a good reputation in the 1950s.




The 1950s seen the introduction of the Severn Valley and was designed for road racing.

Costing a little more than the SS. However not having chrome.

Only had ¾ chrome. Chrome was offered as an added extra.

Viking was well known throughout the racing industry.  Firstly, on the SS master and then the Severn Valley.

When Ian Steel won the Tour of Britain. He was riding the legendary Severn Valley.

After Ian Steel won the Tour of Britain, a new model was introduced called, the Ian Steel model.

Designed specifically for the inspiring road racers.

Offering a bike that could be afforded by anyone wanting to become the new Steel of racing.


Viking would allow customers to customize their bike and was a unique selling point.

However, offering customisation did push up production costs for Viking.



Is Viking a good bike brand?


Alfred Davies certainly had a good a good understanding of the values and believes he wanted for the Viking Brand.

Viking was a brand that offered good value for money.

Mr Davies understood that if the brand was to be a success it needed to be affordable.

In addition, good after service would encourage more people to keep purchasing a Viking bike and not switching brands as they have built up a professional relationship with the brand and one that they trust.

Furthermore, offering a bike for cycling enthusiasts with different budgets.

Offering customisations allowed Viking to capitalise on cycling enthusiasts with a bigger budget.

In considering, Is Viking a good brand? Having Customer satisfaction at the for front of the Viking brand ensured it to be a success.

A free delivery service was a great selling point for the Viking brand.

Davies wanted only the experienced sales staff and the Viking bikes to be shown in modern showrooms.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 91%

Viking Vittoria Men’s 700c Wheel Race Road Bike


Are Viking Bikes Any Good? We look at the Viking Vittoria Men’s 700c Wheel Race Road Bike.

The Vittoria comes with a lightweight alloy frame that’s designed specifically for the road.

An alloy frame allows the rider to harness their power to get the maximum out of the road bike.

Pushing more metal into the pedal.

Shimano are a well know brand within the bike industry that make top quality components.

A set of front and rear derailleurs will allow the rider to get out of any sticky situations easily and efficiently. Viking road bike.


Benefits/ Features


Alloy Wheels

Drop down Racing Handle Bars

Pedal with Clip Straps

Racing Blue and White

Viking Elysee Ladies Road Race Bike

In answering whether Viking bikes are any good, we take a look at one of the most popular women’s Viking bikes. 

The Viking Elysee Ladies Road Race Bike.

Elysee is a light weight ladies’ road bike that’s designed specifically for the road.

A frame that specifically designed for women’s geometry and race handle bars that gives the rider a good riding position that allows the rider could visibility. Viking ladies bike.


Benefits/ Features


Shimano Brake Levers that are brilliant for those emergency stops.

Tires designed specifically for the road to give the rider extra grip on the road.

Lightweight Road Bike specifically designed for women

Good Customer Reviews

Shimano Gears to give the rider 100% control.

Viking Womens Downtown Bike

In answering Are Viking Bikes any good? We look at top selling women Viking bikes and take a look at their best benefit/ Features, customer satisfaction and common questions.


Benefit/ Features


Frame: Heritage style low step frame is brilliant for allowing the rider to easily hop on and off the bike. Brilliant for maintaining a good posture.


V Brakes: A set of alloy brakes allows the rider to easily and quickly come to a stop. A great safety feature.

Kick stand: Viking have designed the Downtown with a kick stand that allows the rider to keep the bike in a upright position.

Mudguards: The Downtown comes with a set of colour coded mudguards that’s great for the rider to keep any unwanted spray off your clean clothes. No one wants to go shopping in dirty clothes.

Rear Carrier: Taking a trip to your local shops just became so much easier with a rear carrier. No need to worry how you are going to carry your shopping back home.

Electric Motor: Too tired to pedal. No need to worry, you can switch on the electric motor. Brilliant if you get tired quickly. A great present for mum.


Customer Satisfaction


I Love my Downtown as I can switch on  the motor when I get tired.

No worrying about pedalling up any hills.

Approximately 20 miles range with the electric motor.


Final Verdict


If you’re looking for an electric bike that offers brilliant value and has a lot of added features only normally found in more expensive bikes.

Viking are an established bike brand that is well known for making top quality bikes.


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