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Are Viking Bikes Good & Reliable (Common Questions)



Yes, Viking Bikes can be considered as good and reliable. Viking bikes have been designing and manufacturing bikes since 1908. A true sign of quality. 

The Viking brand offers good value for money, in comparison with competing brands such as Giant and Trek. 

The last Bike I bought was a Lemon. It only lasted two months. My front wheel basically fell off.

I promised myself that before I purchased my NEXT bike, I would do some proper research. I choose to look at the Viking Westminster Hybrid bike.  

Here’s why the Westminster might not be the perfect hybrid bike. However, it’s certainly fit for purpose. It gets the job Done without spending to many pennies.  

I haven’t bought this bike. However, I spent a week researching the Viking brand. You can SAVE a weeks’ worth of research by reading the article.

How Reliable Are Viking Bikes?


The Viking Westminster Hybrid bike is for commuting to the local shops. The rear pannier is really good for carrying back any shopping.

A Viking bike can be bought for around £270. I would not class it as a premium brand. However, it gets the job done and its ideal for a cyclist looking for new hybrid bike.






Viking bikes offer good value for money and allow you to spend more of your hard-earned money on other cycling essentials




Viking pride themselves on offering good customer service, if you have any queries in relation to which bike to buy or how to get a replacement or a spare, they can be contacted here.




Viking Have been designing bikes for well over 100 years. You don’t get to a hundred years without knowing how to design a bike that’s fit for purpose.




Cyclists who purchased the Westminster stated that it offered great value, it was slightly difficult to put together. However once built it was a comfortable, fun to ride in a cool and classy way. See full reviews.




A Brief History of Viking Bikes


Viking Cycling Company was established in 1908 by Alfred Victor Davies. Alfred started to earn money in his spare time fixing bikes when he was not working for the railway.

However, the railway made Alfred choose between is job as a railway worker and fixing bikes. He chose to follow his passion.

After some time, Alfred acquired a premises in Princess Alley in Wolverhampton to maintain the increasing demand for bike repair and his bike frames. The business model was changed from a bike repairer to a bike manufacturer.

Reg Davies succeeded his farther and became managing director just before the Second World War. The business had grown to producing 20,000 cycles in the 1930’s. Read about are where are viking bikes made?

Fast Forward, to the 21st Centray and Viking has the same qualities and has built up a good reputation within the cycling community of building good quality bikes using modern techniques, technology and using lightweight materials. 



How Durable Are Viking Bikes?


Steel Frame:


When you’re choosing a bike, it’s important to make sure you get a bike frame that is strong and durable.

The Viking Westminster comes with a Steel frame. Now the benefits of riding with a steel over an aluminium frame is that they offer more comfort when riding over rough gravel terrain as it absorbs some of the vibrations. 

Secondly, Steel last longer than aluminium as a steel frame can withstand stress below the fatigue limit.

Thirdly, steel frames can withstand a beating like no other bike frame material


Kenda Tyres


Viking have equipped the Westminster with a set of Kenda 26” tyres. Now Kenda are a well-known brand within the cycling community of manufacturing good quality tyres that are built to last.

Having a set of quality tyres is a great way of boosting my confidence when I am riding my bike in unpredictable British Weather.


V Brakes


Now my Westminster comes with a set of front and back V brakes. Now the main benefit of V brakes are they allow you to perform an emergency stop with less pulling power.

It’s great for getting out of any sticky situations when trying to get to town in peak hour traffic. Make sure you test your brakes before every commute by pulling the brake lever and pushing the bike back and forth.


What About Older Viking Bikes?


Viking bikes can be purchased from market platforms like Ebay and Gumtree.  When you’re purchasing second hand bikes make sure you don’t Send payments before seeing the bike.

You need to be extra careful. Paypal offers real good protection when buying goods online.

Show up when you say you will.  If you’re going to be late make sure you let the seller Know as soon as possible.

Be polite while asking for a discount.  You could save yourself a few pennies or get some accessories thrown in at a discounted price.



Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?



If you’re looking for Viking bike parts, the website Has easy to follow informative guides. You can contact Viking and they will point you in the right direction on how to order a replacement.

Viking parts for older models can be purchased from Ebay.


Here’s a few tips for buying on eBay


  • Read the description of the item
  • Pay using Pay Pal


Check out the sellers rating and feedback. hers a more in-depth article on eBay safety



What Are Typical Problems with Viking Bikes?



Tyre Pressure


Make sure you check the tyre pressure as no one wants to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Try to get into a habit off checking before every commute or at least once a week.

Air modules work their way through the rubber and reduce the pressure overtime.

If you’re riding a Viking Road bike you should inflate the tyre to the maximum tyre pressure.

However, mountain bikes will vary with the terrain.

Soft tyres are more likely to cause damage to your bike rim and cause a flat. Furthermore, they can cause unpredictable handling and patchy tire wear.


Lube on The Chain


Like any other bike, Viking chains need lube. If it dries out, it will slow you down.  Try and find a chain lube that matches your style of riding. 

You can purchase Pedros extra dry for dry riding conditions.  Applying lube by dowsing the chain with the lube and then wiping any remaining lube.

The majority of lubes last for around three commutes.

If you’re going to allow your chain to run dry then you can expect to replace your chain a lot quicker. Your chain may get stretched and your expensive cassette is more likely to become damaged.


Checking the Bolts


Once a month make sure to check the bolts on your Viking bike. By using a torque wrench tighten the bolts according to the manufacturer’s specification. 

Modern bikes should not be over tightened. You should pay close attention to critical bolts like the stem. Loosen bolts could cause an accident.

If a handle bar or crank arm slips it can be unsafe. Loosened bolts can make your Viking bike work harder and increase wear and tear.



How Long Do Viking Bikes Last Compared To Similar Brands?


The Viking Westminster bike comes with a steel frame. Steel is one of the most robust bike frame materials. Viking have equipped the Westminster with Kenda tyres, V brakes, KMC chain a freewheel 6 speed cassettes.

In comparison, with other brands such as Giant and Trek you’re going to be paying a lot more than the average price of the Westminster of around 270 ponds. Read about the pros and cons of hybrid bikes.

A Trek or Giant bike cost 500 pound or more.

You’re getting brilliant value for money. Consider Viking have been building bikes for over 100 years. The Viking bike is well on the way to last the average 5 years. Without the massive price tag.


Do Viking Bikes Hold Their Value?


Viking bikes are a well-known throughout the cycling community. Therefore, Viking bikes have a good second-hand market.

On average a Viking bike will lose 50% of there market value after a year of purchase and then 10% every year.  

Bicycle depreciation is the yearly allowance for wear and tear. In essence the more sort after brands will hold their value the best.


Are Viking Bikes Still Being Made?


Yes, Viking bikes can be purchased through Avocet Sports website, Halfords, Amazon, eBay and other bike selling website. There’s definitely plenty of options to try and take advantage of any Sales.  Find out are hybrid bikes good for long rides


Final Thoughts


We hope you have enjoyed our article on Are Viking Bikes Good & Reliable? And found it helpful and informative. 

Hopefully, it will help you in finding out if a Viking bike is for you or not. 

No one wants to buy the wrong bike so take your time and make sure you read the Customer Testimonials and approach the bike retailer to see how helpfully they are when answering common questions and queries.  Good luck and Happy Riding.