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Are Townsend Bikes Any Good?


Is Townsend A Good Brand. Yes Or No. Lets Find Out. 



Thinking about buying a Townsend bike and need more information on the brand and some common questions answered.

You will absolutely love our latest article. In our investigation, are Townsend bikes any good?

We will now look at the company Falcon Cycles who owns the Townsend brand.


Coventry Eagle


The company Coventry Eagle was established in 1897 and they started adding petrol engines to well-built bike frames.

In 1899 the company designed and manufactured their first motorbike.

The Coventry Eagle company started sourcing engines post World War I.

During the depression the company focused on producing two strokes engines.

The production of motorbikes ended at the start of World War II


Racing Bikes


After World War II, the Coventry Eagle companies main focus was to design and manufacture racing bikes.

By 1930, The Falcon brand focused on manufacturing sporting bikes and in 1950s signed a licensing agreement with Eddy Merck.

Falcon was managed by Ernie Clements who was a successful bike racer.

The Eddy Merck brand specialised in road bikes and the partnership allowed Falcon to expand by selling Merckx bikes in America.

Are Townsend bikes any good? We look at their relationship with Elwick Hopper.


Elswick Hopper


Elwick Hopper purchased Falcon Cycles and the manufacturing production was shifted to Barton upon Humber in Lincolnshire.

Fast forward to 1984, the Elswick Hopperg company had grown with all the engineering, manufacturing and distribution.

However, the group starting losing money and the company was reorganised with the help of a new chief executive to Elswick Hopper Plc and the bike division was no called Falcon Cycles.

By 1987, Falcon Cycles purchased Claud Butler and Holdsworth.

Increasing their brand portfolio allowed Falcon Cycles to take advantage of lower production costs by mass producing bikes.

Unfortunately, by the 1980’s Falcon Cycles was faced with cheaper imports from Aisa being sold in Great Britain.

The Falcon Cycles production process was reliant on importing the bikes and assembling the bikes at the Brigg.

Sales started to fall with only 120,000 bikes being produced a year.

In finding out, are Townsend bikes any good? We will now look at how Townsend began.




Casket LTD purchased a part of the bike division from Falcon Cycles that allowed them full control over the importing divison.

Moving forward to 1995, Falcon Cycles was purchased by the Tandem group in 1995.

Falcon Cycles was manufacturing and producing Falcon bikes and brands that included Boss, British Eagle, Elswick,

Townsend and many more. Are Townsend bikes any good? They have the history of a great brand.

Today, Townsend are one of the most trusted bike brands for children in the UK.

The Townsend aim to meet all the needs of the children’s cycling needs and have a big philosophy on child safety and style.

Townsend offers a massive range of products for all ages.

All the bikes have a strong child, parent appeal and come at affordable prices.

Priding themselves on using quality materials and components designed for your child to enjoy their riding experience.

To continue our investigation, are Townsend bikes any good? We will look at Townsends beliefs and values.

Why Should You Buy The Glitter

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Townsend



Steel Frame

Easy To Reach Brake Levers

Adjustable Stabilisers



Well Respected Bike Brand With Over 100 Years Experience Within The Bike Industry.


Customer Testiominals

Brilliant Customer Reviews. Definitely Worth Reading.

Townsend’s Beliefs & Values


100 Years & Counting


The Townsend brand has an eye watering hundred years plus years in the bike industry.

Being in the bike industry for so long, the Townsend brand has plenty of experience designing and manufacturing quality bikes.

Purchasing a Townsend bike will allow the rider to have plenty of confidence that they are buying a quality bike from a top brand.

Are Townsend bikes any good? We will look at why you should buy a Townsend bike.


British Design


All Townsend research and design team are based in Britain. All the bikes go through a long period of time through the design process and testing the bikes against all the practical situations faced by the rider.

Purchasing a bike from a British bike brand that understands the British cyclists’ needs will allow the rider to have plenty of confidence when buying a Townsend bike.




Townsend believe that their customers should be able to have plenty of faith that their brand-new Townsend bike will be able to handle the different types of practical situations that they find themselves in.

All Townsend bikes goes through a robust testing process in the reliability of the bike in practical situations.




All bikes manufactured and designed by Townsend come with the finest material and components to ensure the customer receives a town send bike that they are proud to own and love to ride.

In our investigation, Are Townsend bikes any good? We will look at the popular Glitter bike.


Townsend Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Why Should You Buy The Glitter Bike?


If you’re looking for a bike for your little girl from a respected bike brand then,

the Townsend Glitter Girls bike is definitely a strong contender. Teaching your child to cycle has many benefits that include:




Encouraging your child to cycle on a regular basis will be sure to help improve their coordination.

In addition, cycling is a great way for your child to build up their strength, core muscles and stamina. Research has shown that children cycling to school rather than car are much more alert in lessons.




By your child mastering a new skill and learning to cycle will be sure to boost their confidence levels.

Cycling is a great way for your child to burn off some calories and become more active. It is becoming more difficult to encourage children to spend more time away from the computer.




Learning your child to cycle and explore your local community and surroundings is a great way for your child to become familiar with their local environment.

Spending time with your child exploring your local surroundings is a brilliant way of spending time with your child that is inexpensive and hopefully help you build up memories that will last a life time. are Muddyfox bikes an good?

Features & Benefits



The Townsend Glitter comes with a stylish black steel frame.

Steel is commonly used by bike manufactures as it is strong, durable and brilliant in the event of a minor bump or scrap.

Your little girl will definitely be known as the cool kid on your road as the frame, wheels, handlebars and saddle are all colour coordinated.




Your little girl will have no problem controlling the bike and performing an emergency stop as the Townsend Glitter bike comes with a single brake lever.

Having a single brake will allow your child to get to grips in controlling the bike and getting the bike to come to a stop.

Always inform your child the importance of applying the brake gently.




The Glitter comes with a set of 14-inch steel wheels that will give your child plenty of grip while they are travelling on different types of terrain.

Having a set of good quality wheels will be sure to boost your child’s confidence and stability as the take their first steps in mastering their biking skills.




One of Townsends beliefs is to manufacture bikes that have top of the range safety features. The Townsend Glitter comes with a chain guard that will protect your child’s legs against the chain.

In addition, the Glitter comes with a pair of child friendly handle bars that will allow your child to firmly grip the bike.

Furthermore, the Glitter comes with a pair of stabilisers that will help your child learn how to ride her bike.

Are Townsend bikes any good? We will now look at customer satisfaction. Pros and cons of cycling.

  • Features – 93%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” I Can’t Wait To Surprise My Little Girl With The Brand New Glitter Bike.” Liam

Customer Satisfaction


I am so happy with the Townsend Glitter bike.

I purchased the Glitter bike for my little girls forth birthday and she absolutely love it.

The bike was easy to assemble, and it only took me twenty-five minutes to assemble.

My daughter enjoys using the Glitter bike as the strong steel frame offers plenty of support while riding.

The 14-inch wheels offers my daughter plenty of stability.

I am really happy with the safety features that are include such as a chain guard, child friendly handle bars and the stabilisers.

We have used the Glitter Bike at the local park and on the New Brighton Sea front.

My daughter’s confidence has massively improved as she is so proud of herself learning to ride her bike.

Are Townsend bikes any good? We will now look at the common questions of buying the Glitter bike.

Common Questions


Does the Glitter bike come assembled?


The Glitter bike comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes to assemble.

Once you have assembled the bike you should make sure you and your child are happy with the bike by going on a test run.


Is the bike durable?


All Townsend bikes are designed with the best materials and components.


What Can the Glitter bike be used for?


The Townsend bike is a brilliant bike for your little girl takes her first steps into the world of cycling.

Your little girl will be able to use their bike around the local park and family days.


What is the age range of the Glitter bike?


Suitable for children between the ages of 4-6.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on Are Townsend bikes any good? An found it helpful and informative.


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