Are Strider Bikes Any Good?


Should you buy A Strider? Are they Worthy of your little ones time?



In our article into Are Strider bikes any good? We will take a look at the Strider brand and why many parents and guardians choose a Strider, as the go to brand when buying their children’s first balance bike.

To continue our article on are Strider bikes any good? we will look at the Striders history


Striders History


Strider was founded by Ryan Mcfarland who had a passion for dirt bikes and mountain bikes. Ryans farther owned a motorbike shop and raced dirt bikes.

Cycling has been in his blood ever since. With the birth of his son and when he turned two, Ryan was keen to share his passion of cycling with his son.

Ryan got frustrated watching his son struggle with the complexity and weight of his child bike. The racer in Ryan wanted to build his son a better a bike. The farther in Ryan wanted to help his son succeed.

Ryan stripped down a bike to two wheels, a seat and a handlebar. The Strider was born.

Ryan formed Strider Sports International in 2007. The strider brand offers a way to motivate a child with enthusiasm.

To continue our article on are Strider bikes any good? we will take a look at some of the pros and cons of balance bikes. Are Strider bikes any good? We will look at the pros and cons of balance bikes. Pros and cons of cycling


Why Should You Buy The Strider



Easy To Assemble

Puncture Resistant



Customer Satisfaction

A Cool Four Stars


Common Questions

Over Sixty Four Ratings

Pros and Cons Of Balance Bikes




Improving Confidence


A growing number of people have been using a balance bike to help them teach their child how to ride a bike.  

One of the main benefits of using a balance bike is that it helps boost the toddler’s confidence when the start learning to ride a pedal bike.

Fear is the most common reason why a toddler struggles to pick up riding a bike. The strider balance bike helps reduce a child’s fear to where they feel confident being able to ride an ordinary bike.




A second benefit of using the strider balance bike to help them learning to ride a bike.

Offering a safe environment for them. Teaching a child on a traditional bike can sometimes be difficult as any initial bad experiences may cause them not wanting to learn to ride a bike.

There is no pedal, crank shaft or chain for the child to fall on. That’s the beauty of the strider.


Wide Range


A third benefit of using a strider balance bike is that they have wide range of balance bikes for all ages between eighteen months to six years old.


Different Styles


Strider have designed a wide variety of balance bikes for every toddler.

The research and development team pay close attention to current trends. To make sure any child owning a strider balance bike is known as the cool kid on the street.

A parent or guardian can choose a balance bike that best fits their child’s personality and one they know their child will love to use.




Is the Strider worth the Investment?


One of the biggest drawbacks of balance bike is the high success rate of teaching a child to ride a bike. Results in the child outgrowing them in months. Balance bikes make it easier to learn how to ride a bike.

Offering brilliant value for money. Read the Pros and Cons of cycling.

To truly know are Strider bikes any good we will now look at some of the common questions.

Strider Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Common Questions


What are Strider bikes designed for?


Strider bikes are designed to help teach a toddler how to ride a bike. After using a balance bike, a toddler finds it much easier to learn to ride a traditional bike.


Who makes Strider bikes?


Manufactured in South Dakota


Who designed the first balance bike?


Karl Drais designed the first balance bike in 1817.


The recommended age for a balance bike?


The recommended age of a balance bike is around eighteen months to two years upwards.


Are balance bikes any good?


Balance bikes are really good for small children. They are child friendly. Riding a balance bike helps improve coordination and balance.


Who is Strider?


One of the most respected bike brands known for designing quality bikes. Strider prides itself on being the best brand to teach a child how to learn to ride. Learning to ride a Strider bike is a brilliant way for a child to improve their self-confidence. Are Strider bikes any good? They certainly know how to design and manufacture balance bikes.


What if my child is less than two?


If your child is walking, then they can ride a strider. The design offers the best combination of seat level, gravity and being easy to handle.


How do they make it go? Or stop it?


Children put their feet on the ground. Similar to Fred Flintstones.

The toddlers are stronger this way. The strider bike is designed to handle uneven terrain.

To stop the strider, the child will put their feet on the ground. Young riders require simplicity to be able to learn to ride. Keeping it simple is the key.


What are the tires made from?


Striders tires are made from EVA polymer. They are extremely lightweight, easy to control and are half the weight of an air-filled tire and inner tube.


My child does not want stop riding his Strider?


The most important factor is that your child is having fun and they feel comfortable. The majority of pedal bikes are twice the weight of a traditional pedal bike.

In addition, pedal bikes are ridden on flat or smooth surfaces. The strider is designed for uneven terrain.


What height should the handle bars be?


The handle bars should be at the lowest setting for children aged between six to twenty-four months. Medium height for children aged six to twenty-four months. Strider have the XL handlebar for bigger children. To evaluate, Are Strider bikes any good? we will look at the Strider Balance Bike.

Strider 12 Sports Balance Bike

The strider sports bike has revolutionised how a child learns to ride a bike. Offering the child so much fun.

One of the main benefits of the Strider 12 Sport is that it can be adjusted as the child grows. The Strider 12 can also be upgraded with a foot brake or heavy-duty tires.




Strider have equipped the balance bike with a variety of safety features that make it easier for a child to learn to ride.

Having little grips that are designed for little hands. Allowing the child to easy control the bike. Here of the safety features included:

Lightweight rubber tires with puncture proof tires. Having a good pair of quality tires offers the child plenty of support while learning to ride.

Strider are committed to helping maintain a child’s health and safety.

Before the Strider reaches the customer, it goes through a robust testing to make sure it adheres to all safety and regulation legislation. Striders mean goal is to encourage children to cycle at the youngest age.




The Strider only weighs an impressive 3kg that offers the child a lightweight balance bike that is easy to control.

A Low seat and a Footrest that is integrated. Ideal for toddlers.

The Rocking base allows a child to sit on a child’s seat swinging their legs and practising balancing.

Kids will be able to easily push themselves a long with their legs while holding on to the handlebars. Are dino bikes any good?

To find out, are Strider bikes any good? we will look at how to teach a child how to ride a balance bike. Are Royal baby bikes any good?



  • Features – 92
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 95

Teaching A Child How To Ride A Balance Bike


There are four stages a child must go through to master a balance bike.


Stand & Walk: Around 18 months to three years old. The child will tend to stand over the bike as their first step. It will take a while for them to get confident in sitting on the seat.

Some children will just walk the Strider a few steps. Others will ride walk a lot further. The process can take a while. However, every stage off learning to ride a balance bike can be fun.

Sit & Walk: Between two & Three. The child will learn to sit on the bike and walk. By this time, their enthusiasm will build up and they will begin to realise what the strider bike can do

Sit, Run & Balance (Between two & Five) During the next stage of learning to ride the Strider. The child will start to run and master balancing on the strider

Sit, Run & Glide: The final part of learning to ride the strider is the glide. The most exciting part. In looking, are Strider bikes any good? we will look at how to set up a balance bike.

Setting Up A Balance bike


Before a child goes on the Strider bike. The bike needs to be checked to make sure both the parent or guardian; and child are happy with bike. All safety apparel must be worn at all time. ]

The child’s feet must be able to push off the ground while they are sitting on the bike.

Wearing a good pair of gloves will help to protect the child.

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