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Are Sixthreezero Bikes Any Good?


Sixthreezero Bikes are available for purchase via several channels, including online. My interest in the topic is genuine.

The crew examined the products and services of Sixthreezero Bikes for one week. This page is a Sixthreezero Bikes brand analysis to help you choose whether the firm is worth your money.

Bikes from SixThreeZero are of high quality at a low price but are not created cheaply since they employ low-end components that have been produced and installed with precision. If you are on a limited budget, SixThreeZero is your destination.

Are Sixthreezero Bikes Bikes Durable & Reliable?


Sixthreezero cycling company is at the forefront of manufacturing affordable, stylish, uncomplicated cruiser bicycles that are comfortable, sturdy, and dependable.

We adore our bicycles and are very proud of them, but that will never prevent us from seeking improvement in every way possible.

Despite this, we stand by our products 100 percent, now and forever. Once you join Sixthreezero, we guarantee to do all to ensure your continued happiness.

You will receive not just a stylish bike that complements your lifestyle perfectly but also a fun, high-quality bike that can last a lifetime.

The frame is one of the most vital components of a bicycle. Steel was the most prevalent frame material for a long period. However, with advances in bicycle technology, bikers now have access to lighter materials.

Steel bicycle frames remain popular due to their durability, stability, and resistance to shattering. They are often found on cruisers and comfort motorcycles.

Manufacturers of bicycles have chosen lighter materials since steel is too hefty for bikes designed for speed. Additionally, steel is susceptible to rust, which might destroy the aesthetics of your Sixthreezero bicycle.

Aluminium is another prominent bike material. This is the best material for achieving stability, but, like steel, it is susceptible to corrosion.

Titanium bike frames are an excellent alternative for bikers seeking a fast bike since they are sturdy and lightweight. Due to the high cost, titanium bike frames may not suit many cyclists.

Finally, Sixthreezero offers carbon fiber bike frames. Carbon fiber frames are highly lightweight yet more susceptible to damage during impact than steel frames.

This material is suited for road bicycle frames.


A Brief History of  Sixthreezero


Sixthreezero Bike Co is an American manufacturer. They were founded in 2005 in Southern California, United States.

The first bicycle was manufactured and sold there, and Sixthreezero began to establish its brand and reputation.

After that, they relocated to Torrance, California, to develop an existing warehouse with the expectation of rapid expansion. This is their current address.

First, they designed modest beach cruisers, encouraging people to spend more time outside. Later, they expanded and currently offer primarily beach cruisers and even E-bikes, which are uncommon.

Sixthreezero’s purpose is to provide riders with the safest, most fashionable, and most fun ride possible.

They are currently rising rapidly but steadily in the cruiser sector, realizing what riders value more than a speed bike. They will please all consumers, even the most demanding ones.

Their categories include hybrid, cruisers, comfort, tricycles, fat-tire bikes, and commuter bicycles. You may pick between 1, 3, 7, and 21 speeds.

Don’t forget to select SixThreeZero for riding on the beach, trails, in the neighbourhood, or on the beach.


Sixthreezero on Trust Pilot & Reddit


Sixthreezero o Trust Pilot:


Their objective is to offer novel cycling experiences to all the world’s brave spirits. People are empowered to undertake the most difficult adventures of their lives… one bike and one ride at a time.

The bicycle is both attractive and comfy. My hubby was gifted this bike. He fell deeply in love with this bicycle.

Excellent customer service is provided! They provided emails, including updates about the bike. After acquiring the bike. They inquired through email regarding the bike.


Sixthreezero’s Reddit profile reads:


Their warehouses have been destroyed and will hopefully be recovered by the end of the month, despite the firm being a good one.

It appeared rather tiny. It took me a few kilometers to become accustomed to the handlebars. You will enjoy the bike very much.

It replaces the previous Giant Cypress DX. After minimal installation, the EVRYjourney moved through all gears flawlessly right out of the box. The brakes need some changes, and the fenders were a bit crooked, but they are simple enough to alter to fit. I believe it to be a high-quality bicycle. Find out more on and read the article on reddit.


Sixthreezero Common Problems & Solutions


The most frequent criticism about Around The Block relates to the directions. Customers have complained about obtaining incorrect instructions for their purchased product.

 Others stated that it was difficult to follow even the proper directions.

Some individuals had difficulty using the tools that came with the bike.

Although some purchasers noted that the saddle was pleasant, others complained that it left them sore.

The Around The Block is a straightforward, low-maintenance riding choice. At its most basic, it is a beach cruiser with a single gear ideal for short trips over flat terrain.

Models with additional gears provide greater possibilities, up to the 21-speed, which should be able to handle the majority of inclines.

 It is available in a spectrum of pastel hues and has a basic, unfussy appearance.

The Around The Block is a suitable alternative for anybody seeking an inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing bicycle. Sadly, several purchasers raised concerns about the directions and assembly. Find out the pros and cons of cruiser bikes.


Are Sixthreezero bikes made in the USA?


Their bikes are designed in Torrance, California, but built abroad. China produces around 95% of the world’s bicycles, including renowned American and European brands.

Bicycles manufactured in the United States would be prohibitively costly, as we are subject to the limits of the global economy.

How Does Retrospec Compare To Sixthreezero?


SixThreeZero is pretty intriguing in the cycling industry. Sixthreezero is a U.S.-based bike brand committed to designing comfortable bicycles for all types of cyclists.

Their high-quality bicycles consist of electric bikes, cruiser bikes, tricycles, hybrids, commuters, and electric bikes.

Here is a humorous tidbit that distinguishes SixThreeZero from several of its competitors, including Retrospec: SixThreeZero sells tricycles for adults!

It is an attractive tricycle with a good basket between the rear wheels. It has an ergonomic riding posture that is meant to prevent post-ride pain.

It is the ideal bicycle for people who believe they may want more steadiness (or cargo capacity).

Moreover, whereas several competitors’ bikes include aluminum frames for rust resistance, several SixThreeZero bikes offer lightweight steel frames that optimize longevity and strength.

The EVRYjourney frame includes a lower ride posture and forward pedaling, allowing you to sit lower to the ground while retaining full leg extension.

The innovative design is intended to be more comfortable and alleviate knee discomfort associated with riding. Read out if Emu bikes are any good?


Final Thoughts


SixThreeZero bikes are of good quality at a moderate cost. They use low-cost parts that are precisely manufactured and installed.

This page reviews Sixthreezero Bikes to see if it’s worth your money. Sixthreezero’s mission is to make riding safe, stylish, and enjoyable. They are rising steadily in the cruiser sector.

Bicycles are divided into categories such as commuter and hybrid. The Around The Block is a good choice for a budget-friendly bicycle.

Sadly, some buyers had issues with the directions and assembly. It may be advisable to have this cruiser built and adjusted locally.

American bike brand Sixthreezero designs comfortable bicycles for all cyclists.

Bicycles made in America would be prohibitively expensive due to global economic constraints. Lightweight steel frames from SixThreeZero ensure durability and strength. 

Arjun Mertiya

Arjun Mertiya


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