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Are Same Electric Bikes Any Good?


I spent a week researching Same Electric Bikes, studying its history, reputation, competitors, and customer experiences.

Hopefully, this article’s information on the Same Electric Bikes has helped you make an informed purchase decision.

Samebike provides inexpensive mobility goods to individuals worldwide, enabling them to live a more enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

Join the samebike club to develop ebikes and improve our travel experience by making it more pleasurable, fast, and easy.

Samebike appears to be a standard bicycle, but the first thing that strikes your eye is the huge frame that houses the battery.

Are SameBike Bikes Durable & Reliable?


Due to the bike’s weight, the manufacturer considered the consumer’s future operation and included a removable battery.

As a result, you may quickly remove and charge the battery at home without lugging the entire bike into a house or apartment.

A straightforward option and this opportunity have gratified me more than time in practice.

You have the option of two color schemes — white or black.

A headlight with four LEDs is located on the front side, right over the wheel. The light is strong and illuminates the road up to a distance of two meters ahead. Additionally, there is a red LED flashlight on the rear.

What about the wheels? Samebike features 20-inch wheels and fenders to protect riders from sprays of water in rain or puddles.

Of course, these are not 26-inch or even 28-inch wheels, but they are still larger than those offered by some competitors.

As you can see, the wheels are not spoked but are made of robust metal and are designed for urban use – a brilliant solution.

Brakes – disc, both front and rear, and during operation, I had no difficulty braking quickly in response to an unexpected impediment.

Although the bike is intended for teens and adults, the rider’s weight should not exceed 150 kg.

Another critical aspect is rhythmic movement, so the manufacturer equipped the Samebike with multiple shock springs.

The seat is spring-loaded, and the seat mounting rod is similarly spring-loaded. Additionally, the wheel fork received shock-absorbing springs that easily absorb road bumps.

The construction quality and materials are generally excellent. The Samebike has a pleasing design. There is even a trunk for carrying personal things or a passenger.

I’d want to discuss some aspects of the steering wheel. The first item that strikes your sight is a screen displaying the bike’s primary functionalities.

This panel displays the mode of operation, movement speed, the distance covered, and much more.


A Brief History of SameBike


Mr. David Hou founded his ebike manufacturing company in 2004. He has been developing and producing electric bicycles for many years.

David has always believed that electric bikes are the way of the future. Simultaneously, his buddy, Mr. GuiLong Ma, the pioneer, and developer of electric bicycles in China, supports him in his efforts to establish an independent brand.

Then came Samebike, which has grown into a global brand with customers in more than 35 countries enjoying low-cost ebikes with quick delivery and worry-free after-sales care.

As Same bikers, we balance life’s challenges with the discipline of riding. You recognize that sports are not competitions but rather lifestyle choices.

You realize how important it is for our children and us to live in a low-carbon, green environment. Same bike is a green and healthy lifestyle as well as an electric bike. Read about the pros and cons of electric bikes.


Where Are SameBike Bikes Made?


Sameway Group’s headquarters are in Huadu, Guangzhou; in response to China’s One Belt and One Road program, Sameway invested in a new factory in Minsk’s Great Stone Park. You may like to read about are giant e bikes any good?


Are SameBike Bikes Any Good?


The engine performs admirably on any terrain. Additionally, it dynamically refreshes based on the current pedal-assist mode, showing the current battery life level.

The Samebike’s display is comparable to that of most other electronic bicycles. This means it is easy to read even in direct sunlight and contains a wealth of information in an uncomplicated style.

The Samebike provides users with several alternatives for fluidly changing gears. And power modes to suit their requirements.

If you’re too exhausted to bike, you may switch to electric mode, allowing your legs to rest while you enjoy the journey.

Additionally, it features a detachable battery, allowing you to charge it in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, this protects the battery from being taken.


Common Problem & Solutions with SameBike


With a meter, check the battery discharge; a fully charged battery should read 29.4 volts for a 24v model and 42 volts for a 36v model.

If the reading is 0v, a fuse has blown and has to be replaced; the ign and LCD show that the battery is not receiving power.

These bikes frequently have issues with the battery connections in the fold, which do not line up properly.

If anything is noticeably wrong with them, remove the plate with the prongs and personally insert it into the battery to test it. While you’re there, visually inspect all connectors leading from the plates to the controller.


How Does SameBike Compare to Fiido?


Samebike is a lightweight and wonderfully attractive electric bike that is also highly advanced. Shimano automatic transmission is included.

Despite its small size, the bicycle’s most unique component is a tiny electric motor attached to the back wheel axle.

 The LO26 is equipped with a special 350-watt motor. The bike has a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Its aluminum alloy frame enables it to carry a payload of up to 150 kg.

The wheels measure 26 inches in diameter and are constructed of composite materials. Samebike is one of the most intriguing electric bicycles of 2020 from a technology standpoint.

A 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery powers the gadget. The battery is housed in the bike’s frame, beneath the seat, and not obstruct the rider.

As a result, the biker easily covers a distance of 70 kilometers in moped mode or 40 kilometers in a pure electric way. It will take four hours to charge completely.

The Samebike is distinguished by its novel steering & seat adjustment technology. Like bicycles with huge wheels, electric transport provides the same landing circumstances but greater adjustability options for bikers of varied sizes.

The shape of the frame and the saddle fit enable people of varying heights and body types to experience better comfort.

The Fiido electric bike is the company’s latest interpretation of the iconic folding bicycle. These electric bikes are simpler to ride than ever before due to the pedal-assist feature.

Still, they now include sophisticated new locking technology for the unique seat tube battery.

Additionally, the battery is integrated into the seat, eliminating the need for bulky frame components or bolt-on batteries that would otherwise detract from the e-clean bike’s appearance.

Other seat tube e-bikes on the market, like the previous generation of Fiido’s folding e-bike, the Fiido, require an electrical cable to be plugged in or disconnected each time the battery is inserted or removed. That is how the stored energy from the seat tube battery is transferred to the bike.

However, with the Fiido, they created an ingenious rail system that inserts electrical blades into the concealed rails of the battery, engaging it.

The rails are employed by simply locking the seat tube in place using the fast-release lever. The same operation that secures the seat at the specified height also executes the electrical connection to the battery silently.

With non-locking seat tube batteries, you must always bring the seat while parking to prevent it from being stolen.

However, the Fiido has a digital lock that prevents unwanted users from accessing your pricey battery.

The same locking combination is also used to start the bike. It can be initiated only by the owner (or a friend of the owner who is privy to the variety).

The Fiido’s main feature is its seat tube battery, which packs a significantly greater 418 Wh capacity than you might think in such a compact place. Find out are Fiido bikes are any good?


Final Thoughts


From a technological aspect, Samebike is one of the most exciting electric bicycles of 2020.

With a peak speed of 30 kilometers per hour and a range of 40 kilometers in pure electric mode, the bike is powered by a 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery. It may take up to four hours to fully charge.

The integrated battery eliminates the need for bulky frame components or bolt-on batteries, which would otherwise detract from the aesthetic of the e-clean bike.

Arjun Mertiya

Arjun Mertiya


Arjun Mertiya is a top-selling professional mtb and ebikes writer who lives what he writes as an automotive engineering graduate. He have 8 years in hand experience of ebikes and MTB testing in India. Arjun is passionate about technical writing specifically on MTB and ebikes.

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