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Are Royal Baby Bikes Any Good?


Is Royal Baby A Good Brand? Is it worth of your HARD earned pennies



In our article into Are Royal Baby Bikes Good? we will first take a look at the Royal Baby brand. The Royal Baby Brand is well known throughout the cycling community as one of the best brands when buying a new bike for a young child.

All Royal Baby bikes are designed to meet the needs of the modern child. All the Royal Baby bikes go through robust testing from the start of the production process right through to when a customer receives their new brand-new Royal Baby bike.

To continue our article into, Are Royal Baby Bikes Good? we will now look at why you should buy a Royal Baby Bike.



Why Should You Buy A Royal Baby Bike?


Safety: Is one of Royal Babys main concern. All the Royal Baby bikes are designed with small child brake levers that are easy to use. Wide tires that give the rider plenty of stability and comfort. Strong and durable steel frames that offer the child plenty of support and stability.

Design: Not only are Royal Baby bikes designed with safety in mind. The Royal Baby Bikes are designed to make sure your child is known as the cool kid on the street with the nice bike. Check out the Royal baby bikes. The colour schemes and bike design are visually pleasing.

Extras: The Royal Baby range include additional extras like stabilisers, bells and chain guards.

Great Value: The Royal Baby Bike range offer brilliant value for money. Children’s bikes with the same features normally cost a lot more.

Quality: Royalbaby are committed to maintaining the high-quality children’s bike status. Only the finest materials and components are used to make sure that a Royalbaby offers a first-class riding experience to children.

To continue looking at, Are Royal Baby Bikes And Good? we will take a look at why a child should learn to ride

Why Should You Buy The Mermaid



Pneumatic Tyres

Chain Guard

Front & Back Brake Levers.


Customer Satisfaction

Four & Half Stars


Common Questions

Thirty Common Questions Answered

Royal Baby Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

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Why Cycle


In considering, Are Royal Baby bikes Any Good? We will now look at the main reasons to cycle in a regular basis. You may like to read out article on the Pros and Cons of Cycling.

Boosting a positive attitude by realising endorphins and helping to reduce stress.

Improving the bond between the guardian and child.

Free method of travel around the town or city.

Introducing the child to a health activity while they are young.

A fun activity that’s done while having some fresh air.

Helping the child get their recommended sixty minutes of daily activity.

Teachers have noticed that children who cycle or walk to school are more alert and ready to learn.

Great way to get to know the local area.

Cycling habits that are learnt at a young at a young age will hopefully last a life time.

Cycling as a family could achieve health benefits gym members can only dream off.

Cyclists tend to breath in less pollution than car drivers.


Before we look at the popular Royal baby bike, we will look at some of the most common questions when teaching a child to ride a bike.




Teaching A Child To Cycle


How to hold and supervise a child while they are learning to ride a bike?


Place a hand on the child’s torso or under a child’s arm pit. A common mistake is to hold on the bike’s handlebars. However, these makes it more difficult for the child according to Rowntree. Holding on to the child and not the handlebars allows the child to learn how the bike reacts.


What is the perfect age for a child to learn to ride?


Between the age of four and six. If you wait any longer it may become difficult for them. Children learn by copying others. Do some riding Infront of them so they can see what to do.


Where should you teach a child to ride a bike?


Avoid teaching them anywhere that’s busy. Pick somewhere quietly, preferable on tarmac like a car park.

Don’t teach them on any hills as you don’t want them picking up too much speed too soon. A common mistake is to teach a child on a grass as it has a soft landing.

However, the child will have to work much harder.


After They Start Riding?


Once the child has started riding, don’t leave their side. Stay by their side until they feel comfortable controlling the bike and coming to a stop. To evaluate, Are Royal Baby Bikes Any Good? we will take a look at the Royal Baby Pink Mermaid. Are Strider bikes any good?


Features & Benefits

Royalbaby Pink Mermaid


To truly understand, Are Royal Baby Bikes Any Good? we will take a look at the Royalbaby Pink Mermaid.

If you are looking for a new bike for your child, then a Royalbaby bike is well known throughout cycling community as a quality high end Childs brand that offers brilliant value for money.


Features & Benefits


Frame: The Royalbaby bike comes with a strong steel frame. Steel is a durable material that is known to withstand the odd bump or scrap. Offering the child plenty of support and stability.


Brakes: The Mermaid comes with front and rear brakes that give the rider plenty of stopping power that allows the rider to perform an emergency stop easily and safely. Are Royal Baby Bikes Any Good? they certainly know how to design and manufacture children’s bikes.


Tires: Royalbaby have designed the Mermaid with 12”- 18” wheels that are designed with pneumatic tyres that offer the rider plenty of stability. Having a good set of quality tires will boost the child’s confidence.


Additional Accessories: Safety is one of Royalbabys main concern. The Mermaaid comes with an enclosed chain guard that protects the childs legs.

Establishers’ are also included to help and support the child learn to ride the bike independently. In considering Are Royal Baby Bikes any Good? we will now look at some of the common question when buying the Mermaid. Are Dino bikes any good?

  • Features – 92
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 95

Common Questions


Does the Mermaid come with a stand?


Yes, the Mermaid comes with a stand.


Does the bike come assembled?


The bike does not come fully assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes to assemble. Once assembled; go on small test ride to make sure the parent or guardian and child are happy with the bike. A helpful and informative instruction manuel is included.


Are stabilisers included?


Yes, stabilisers are included.


What type of tires are included?


The tires are made from rubber.


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