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Are Rooster Bikes Any Good?

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Are Rooster bikes any good?


In our investigation into are Rooster bikes any good? we will first look at the Rooster brand. The Rooster name is well known and respected throughout the BMX community.

Rooster pride themselves on distinguish colours, detailing, having a solid design and professional finish to allow the rider to push their riding skills to the next level.

Roosters design team focus on designing action bikes for entry level riders that have a professional look.

The Rooster brands strong and selection of bright colours make the Rooster BMX collection easily recognisable. The Rooster brand is owned by the Insync brand. To continue our investigation into are Rooster bikes any good? we will take a look at BMX history.

How Did BMXing Become So Popular?


The term BMX stands for Bicycle Motorcros and are known for performing tricks and stunts. BMX was established in the 1970’s when children would pretend to take part in in motor cross races by placing a number at the front of their bikes. The popularity of BMX started to develop with more demand for street and freestyle BMX’s.

Moving forward to today and there are national championships, the Union Cysliste international government body and a place in the Olympic games. One of the main categories in BMX is freestyle.

The freestyle BMX is designed for performing tricks and stunts in the street. The frame, wheels, parts and components are designed for strength. In addition, offering the rider total freedom in the street and in air to allow the rider to master and practise their tricks and stunts.

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Features & Benefits Of BMX Bikes




BMX bikes come with a shorter tube that allow the rider to easily control the bike, perform stunts and tricks. The smaller frame has the benefit of reducing the weight of the BMX in half and allowing the rider to quickly pick up speed between tricks.

The materials and components of a BMX make it easier for a rider to have full control of the BMX. A lightweight frame with a strong and durable material that offers the rider plenty of support while riding.

Durability & Strength


BMX bikes need to be strong and durable. A rider practicing new tricks and stunts will be sure to have the odd bump or scrap. Therefore, BMX’s need to be able to withstand a harsh bump. Having a strong and durable BMX will be sure to boost the rider’s confidence in taking their BMX skills to the next level.

Wheels Built For Grip


BMX tyres are designed to be small and knobby to allow the rider to have plenty of grip. When you take A BMX off road they need to have plenty of grip. Having a set of good quality tires will allow the rider to have plenty of grip when trying to control and change the pace of the BMX.


Less Components


An added benefit of BMX bikes is that they come with less components than traditional bikes. Making them easier to repair and maintain. Having less parts on the BMX reduces the changes of them braking. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of BMX’S. To consider, are Rooster bikes any good? we will know look at why you should you buy as BMX.


Why Should You Buy A BMX


BMX Biking is not only fun but has a variety of health benefits.


Healthy Heart


Regular exercise on a BMX is a great aerobic workout that allows the rider to improve their heart rate and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the rider will increase the oxygen levels to their skin tissue.


Build Muscle Strength


Riding a BMX on a regular basis is a great way of building muscle and strengthen their body. A bunny hope is basically A dead lift, accelerating to perform a trick or a stunt is similar to an exercise bike in a gym. BMX biking allows riders to build strength in their lower body and is ideal for individuals with joint diseases.


Lose Weight


Using a BMX on a regular basis is a brilliant way of burning some extra calories and losing some weight. In comparison to working out in a gym, BMX riding is fun and an individual will not get as bored. A great way of losing weight without thinking about it.


Improving Mental Health


Research has shown that regular exercise has shown to improve an individual’s health and wellbeing. In addition, BMX riding is A great way of allowing an individual to forget about the pressure that life can bring and use their mental and physical strength to master or learn a new trick. In turn boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

BMX ridding was introduced in the 2008 Olympics, the exposure, increased its popularity and skateparks were incorporated in the majority of towns and cities. Riding A BMX is a great way to meet new friends and join the BMX community.


Strengthen Lower Back Muscles


Riding a BMX is a brilliant way of improving an individual’s posture and lower back muscles. BMX riding doesn’t allow you to slough, so it will strengthen your back muscles over time. To further understand, are Rooster bikes any good? we will now look at how to maintain a BMX.

Maintaining A BMX


Once a rider has purchased their brand-new BMX, there are a new maintenance checks that can keep your BMX in check for longer and get the full potential out of the BMX.


ABC Check:


A good habit for a rider to get used to doing, is performing the ABC check. A rider should check the air in the tires to make sure they’re at the required PSI level. Check the brakes are working effectively by slowly applying the brake levers and rolling the BMX back a forth. In addition, the chain should be checked to make sure it is greased.

Having the correct tire pressure is important to make sure that the BMX does not work too hard. It is not possible to fill your tires too much. Look for the required PSI level in the instruction manuel. In looking at, are Rooster bikes any good? we will now look at the popular Rooster children’s radical bike.


Features & Benefits

Rooster Children’s Radical Bike


Teaching your child to ride is an exciting time for any parent and a big milestone in their lives. Cycling is brilliant way for a child to take their first steps in being independent. The Rooster children’s bike is a good entry level bike with many features only found in more expensive bikes.




The Rooster bike comes with a 20-inch steel frame. Steel is a strong and durable material often used by manufactures when designing children’s bikes. The radical BMX frame allows the rider to easily control the BMX. the BMX comes in red and black.

V Brakes


The BMX comes with a set of V brakes. The main benefit of V brakes is that it allows the rider to control the BMX with less braking power. Having A good set of brakes will boost the rider’s confidence as they can easily and safely bring the BMX to a stop.



Rooster have equipped the radical with a pair of 20-inch BMX tyres that offer the rider plenty of grip while learn and perform new tricks. A good pair of BMX tires will allow the rider to take their BMX skills to the next level. To fully understand are Rooster bikes any good? we will now look at the common questions

  • Features – 98%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 96%

” I Cant Wait To Surprise My Little Boy With His New BMX” Kelly 

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