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Why Should You Buy The Sava Knight



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Altus Shimano Gears

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Well Known Brand Within The Cycling Community


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In our article into are Rockbros bikes any good? we will take a look at the Rockbros bike brand and why you should buy an electric bi

The Rockbros brand is well known throughout the biking community for designing electric bikes that have an attractive design, great functionality at affordable prices.

Rockbros ensure that all their bikes go through robust testing, right from the start of the production process, to when the customer receives their brand-new electric bike.

All Rockbros electric bikes are tested in a variety of practical situations to make sure they meet the needs of the modern cyclist. The Rockbros brand has a wide selection of bikes.

Rockbro are passionate about cycling and their design team ensure that all their bikes are designed with the modern cyclist in mind. Only the best materials and components are used.

One of the main benefits of purchasing a Rockbro is that their electric bikes offer brilliant value for money.

In comparison, a similar electric bike with the same high-end features would be significantly more expensive. In our exploration into, are Rockbros bikes any good? we will now take a look at why you should buy an electric bike. You may like to read our article on are electric bikes any good?

Why Should You Buy A Rockbros


Cost Effective


In comparison to other forms of transport, the Sava Knight electric bike offers a relatively cheap form of transportation.

The price of commuting by car costs around forty pence per mile. While travelling by electric bike costs around eight pence per mile. There is no need to worry about insurance or getting a licence.

Furthermore, if a cycling enthusiast is thinking about using the electric bike for commuting to work. There is no need to worry about parking fees.

Health Benefits:


Regular exercise is known to not only be beneficial to an individual’s physical health, but also an individual’s mental health. Using the Rockbros Sava Knight regularly is a great way of burning off some extra calories without even thinking about it. Cycling is a brilliant form of exercise as is enables individuals that have varying levels of fitness to build up their fitness levels.

Exercise has been known to help individuals with their mental health. Cycling allows an individual to forget about some of the pressures that life can sometimes bring. Going on a fifteen-minute commute to the local shops, can help clear the mind.

Improving an individual’s fitness level is a great way of boosting their self-esteem and confidence levels. It’s a great feeling, dropping down a jean size. Everyone seems to notice.


At Your Own Pace.


One of the main benefits of the Sava Knight 3.0 is that it allows individuals who would struggle to ride a traditional pedal bike. A disability or illness that has restricted their mobility. To own a bike and be part of the cycling community.

Having an onboard motor enables an individual to control the level of assistance and go at their own pace.

Fun With Family and Friends


Owning an electric bike is a great way of spending more time with friends and family. If an individual may not seem confident on a traditional bike, then an electric bike helps them bridge the gap and gain more confidence.

Cycling is an inexpensive past time that allows individuals to go on an adventure with their loved ones without worrying about spending a fortune. Exploring new places and building memories that will last a life time.

Go Further:


The Sava Knight 3.0 electric bike allows riders travel much further than they would otherwise be able too. Having an onboard motor allows riders to travel much further.

Without getting sweaty. One of the biggest drawbacks of a traditional pedal bikes is causing individuals to get to their destination hot and sweaty.

Electric bikes are designed for tackling steep inclines. Having the extra boost of power makes it possible for individuals to tackle the unpredictable British weather.

To continue our article on are Rockbros bikes any good? we will now look at how you should maintain an electric bike. Checkout our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes.


Sava Knight Metrics

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Maintaining The Sava Knight


The Sava Knight 3.0 electric bike needs regular maintenance like an ordinary pedal bike. One of the main misconceptions of electric bikes is that they are hard to maintain.

Getting into a good habit of cleaning the electric bike on a regular basis is a brilliant way of extending the shelf like of the electric bike. Cleaning the Sava Knight 3.0 electric bike on a regular basis is a brilliant way of spotting any wear and tear and not letting it turn into a more serious issue.

Using a jet wash can drive out the lubricant from the bearings, corrode the internal part of the electric bike and cause water to get into the internal part of the Sava Knight. If you intend to us a jet wash make sure you stand a fare distance away from the electric bike.

Purchasing a bike shine product can leave a layer of protection over the paintwork.   Once the Sava Knight has been cleaned use a chain lubrication. Use a dry lube in the summer and a wet one in the summer. If you don’t intend to be using the electric bike for a while. Keep in a dry place.

The tires should be kept inflated to the required PSI level. Not having probley inflated tires will cause the Sava Knight to work harder. The required PSI level can be taken from the informative and helpful instruction manuel. Are Rockbro bikes any good? we will now look at how to get the best out of your brand-new electric bike.


Getting The Best Out Of The Sava Knight


A rider should take some time to get to used to riding on the Sava Knight electric bike. Commuting on an electric bike is slightly different to commuting on a traditional pedal bike.

An electric bike is more powerful. A rider needs to spend time on their brand-new Sava Knight so they feel comfortable riding the electric bike.

Spending a couple of hours at your local car can be beneficial for an entry level cyclist. Electric bikes travel at a higher speed. Having a good up right ridding position with the correct braking technique is essential.

Traveling at a higher speed means that a rider should be able to react to situation at a moments notice.

An entry level cyclist needs to familiarise themselves with braking and performing an emergency stop at a much higher speed.

Otherwise the rider may be hurled from the saddle. In truly understanding, are Rockbro bikes any good? we will now look at the popular Rockbro Sava Knight electric bike.




Features & Benefits

RockBros Sava Knight


If your thinking about purchasing an electric bike. The Sava Knght has a lot of high-end features that are normally much more expensive.

One of the main benefits of the Knight 3.0 is that the electric bike offers brilliant value for money. You may like to read our article on are Sava bikes any good?

In our exploration of are Rockbros bikes any good? we will now look at some of the reasons why you should buy the electric bike.


 Features & Benefits


Carbon Fibre


The Knight 3.0 electric bike comes with an impressive Toray Carbon Fiber frame that offers the rider plenty of stability while riding.

The research department in Germany make sure that only the best material are used. To give the rider a first-class riding experience.

Carbon fibre is a strong, lightweight material that is even used in space crafts. Are Rockbros bikes any good? They only use the best materials.

Shimano Gears


There is no need to worry about the rider being able to change the pace of the electric bike to the riders riding condition.

The Sava Knight 3.0 comes equipped with a Shimano Altus M200 derailler system that allows the rider to quickly and safely perform an emergency stop.

Shimano are a well-respected brand in cycling community known for only producing the finest materials and components.

In answering, are Rockbros bikes any good? they certainly know how to build an electric bike

250 W Motor


The Sava Knight comes with a powerful 250W gear motor that allows the rider to gain a bit of power at a moment’s notice.

Having an onboard motor allows a rider to travel much further than they would normally. Ideal for tackling steep incline or battling strong winds or rain.

The Sava Knight 3.0 can be used up to 80- 100 km. The battery level, power ratio, speed and mileage can be seen on the display.


Pedal assist


One of the great features of the Knight 3.0 is that it comes with a PAS assist that allows rider to travel further; much easier. There are five cycling modes that give the rider plenty of options in changing the pace of the electric bike.

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  • Features – 92
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 95

Customer Satisfaction


I purchased the Cyclamatic electric bike as an early birthday present for my husband. He has been using it for commuting to work. He absolutely loves the onboard motor and the CX1 offers him plenty of comfort and stability while riding.

The CX1 was easy to assemble and only to took twenty minutes. With my husband using the CX1 to work he doesn’t have to go to the gym as often. We are hoping of testing the Cyclamatic electric bike out in Delamere Forest. I am a little jealous as I only have a traditional pedal bike. My husband’s fitness levels massively improve, he has dropped from a size thirty six jean size to a thirty two size.

Common Questions


Does the Cyclamatic electric bike come assembled?


The CX1 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes to assemble. Once assembled you should go on a small test run to make sure your happy with the Cyclamatic electric bike and feel comfortable while riding.



How many gears does the CX1 come with?


The CX1 comes with an impressive twenty-one gears that gives the rider plenty of options while changing the pace of the bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider. Perfect for getting out of any sticky questions quickly and safely.



What type of riding is the e bike designed for?


The CX1 is designed for mountain biking and is perfect for off roading. Read our article on Mountain bike questions. We hope you have enjoyed our article on Cyclamatic electric bike. Please support our article and share it on your social media.



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