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Are road bikes good for exercise?


Looking to find out more information on how good are road bikes for exercising? The most frequently asked questions answered. 

Why Should You Buy A Road Bike



Losing Weight

Road Biking is a great way to lose weight.  




Mental Health

Cycling is a great way to improve your mental health  



There has been many studies that have highlighted the benefits of road cycling

Why Road Biking Is One of the Best Forms of Exercise


Since biking as a means of exercise has proven to be very effective for centuries now, it’s no wonder that whenever fitness enthusiasts or trainers decide to embark on a journey towards weight loss, biking is one of the first few things that come to their mind.

However, they are often left wondering as to which kind of bike they must choose from for maximum benefit.

While some diverge towards stationery bikes, many others are learning that actually road bikes may be the better fitness option for many reasons, all the while their added benefits of killing boredom and improving your social life. Let’s look at some facts and figures to decide are road bikes good for exercise?  Road cycling for beginners.


Road Bikes Are Low Impact and Fun!


Have you ever wondered why most stationery bikes or other indoor gym equipment ends up just sitting and collecting dust in your garage?

Simple, BOREDOM! There is really a limit as to which a person can enjoy exercising on a stationary bike and reach their workout goals.

Most you can do on a stationary bike is watch TV or listen to music. There is always that unavoidable feeling of moving and yet not moving.

Road bikes, on the other hand, are not only structured in a way to help you achieve fitness goals faster but also kill boredom by getting you out of your house, and letting you breathe fresh air and experience natural serenity, thus proving healthy for your body and mind both! Once you start, you will see for yourself why are road bikes good for exercise?. The pros and cons of road bikes.


They Let You Train Long Distances


The best thing that sets the road bikes apart is the fact that they are designed to be smaller and lighter than mountain and hybrid bikes.

The high pressure thin tires allow for less friction on the road, thus increasing speed considerably and allowing for long distance travelling. Disadvantages of road bikes.

The movement is swift and you enjoy the entire process of pedaling. The fact that these bikes don’t absorb a lot energy while you pedal allows you to instead use that energy and move faster, even surpass your goal for a certain day. Having many gears also allows you to move on uneven road surfaces and complete long distance training. The best road cycling tips and techniques. 

Road Bikes Improve Your Mental State


Many studies prove that individuals who chose road bikes for exercise and general movement score 32 percent higher on the well being scale! The rush of adrenaline and a rapid release of endorphins (the happiness hormones) once you get on that road bike.

Additional benefits include improved mood and better confidence, and increased motivation levels. Outdoor cycling lets you experience the nature and aids as a relaxant.

It can help reduce cycles of depression as was the case with record holder Graeme Obree who had suffered from clinical depression throughout life and used cycling as a means to control it.

He said, “Getting out and riding will help people suffering with depression, without cycling, I don’t know where I would be”.  Are road bikes good for exercise? We will look at the immune system.


They Boost Immunity and Fight Disease


This is particularly beneficial during the current Covid  19 pandemic. A study was conducted in Appalachian State University where 1000 adults up to age 85 were tested. are road bikes good for commuting.

The results showed that exercise benefits the respiratory system and reduces chances of getting sick by 40 %.

Another study conducted in the University of Cape Town by Professor Tim Noakes who concluded that even mild form of exercise increases protein production and activates healthy white blood cells, thus boosting your immunity system. Are road bikes faster than hybrids.

Moreover, the fact that road bike significantly lower the time it takes to travel to work and protects you from exposure to germs in public transport is another reason why road biking is a good form of exercise.   

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Speeds Up Weight Loss


Road biking can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour, or more, depending on the level of intensity and riding time.

Any exercise that burns more calories than what you consume throughout the day aids to faster weight loss, thus helping you reach your goal weight in a short period of time.

Riders have achieved their target weight faster and are always generally fitter than the non active population.

If you want to see if road bikes are a good form of exercise, try coupling it with a good diet and lifestyle and see the change for yourself!  In answering are road bikes good for exercise? We will look at how road biking builds muscles.


Lets You Build Muscle


As mentioned above, road bikes come with an element of resistance that lets you build muscle over time.

Burn fat and get stronger muscles, what a bonus! As soon as you choose road bikes as your mode of exercise you will start to notice a great of difference in hamstrings, glutes, calves and quads.

Because muscle is way leaner than fat is, once you build muscle you will be better able to burn more fat even when you are inactive!  are road bikes good for exercise? We will look at heart disease.


Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer!


Biking increases blood flow in your body and boosts heart rate, thus burning more and more calories. Not surprisingly, NHS has voted biking as one of the best forms of exercise and the best way to cut down risks of cancer and heart disease.

University of Glasgow conducted one such study where they observed more than 26000 individuals for five long years and finally concluded that individuals who cycled reduced their risk of cancer and heart ailment by half!

Another affirmation came from Dr Jason Gill from Institute of Cardiovascular and medical Sciences who said that cycling to work is a key to better heart health and general wellbeing.

Just another solid evidence to conclude why road bike is a good form of exercise! are road bikes good for exercise? We will look at how they improve sleep.

Road Bikes Improve Social Life


Getting outside and riding on bike usually involves having buddies to ride with, riding hours on end at a pace that allows you to chat, having workout friends and challenging one another to reach or surpass milestones, the feeling of togetherness and excitement, and not mention, stopping for quick snacks and drinks.

Cyclists have clubs now that they can join and meet fellow cyclists, new riders can learn training from mature cyclists there, and most importantly, once you join and get the motivation you need there, you will find yourself fitter and healthier in no time!

Increases Your Spatial Awareness


When you ride a bike, you don’t just raise your heartbeat or pump good blood around your body, you also engage in controlling body weight to direct the bike where you want to go.

Using body weight to balance yourself while you climb, descend, and shift to corners teaches your body amazing balance and improves overall posture.

Also, you experience a great boost in your confidence once you master these navigational skills and your movement becomes swifter.

Fun fact: you’ll find yourself managing those dodgy grocery trolleys at supermarkets like an expert!  are road bikes good for exercise? Most definitely. Drawbacks of road biking




Because purchasing a new road bike does not come very cheap and you might have to give it a lot of thought and savings to get yourself to buy one, you may find yourself asking, are road bikes even a good form of exercise?

Having read so many facts and studied physical elements and benefits in so much detail above, we can safely conclude that road bikes are indeed a great form of exercise, if not the best.

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