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Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting?



Trying To Find Out If Road Bikes Are Good For Commuting. The Most Common Questions Answered.

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Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting?

In finding out, Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting? We will take a look at commuting by bike. If someone questions you about the bike commuting, says a loud yes to him. Road bikes good for exercise?

I will tell you all about how road bikes are good for commuting? If you noticed, the shape and performance of the road bikes have been so changed that now everyone desires to have his/her own bike so that they enjoy the weather and also the journey. Pitfalls of road cycling.

Road bikes are nowadays so upgraded that they have become the alternative of four wheelers transportation. It is a one user transport that saves your time and will help you to reach your destination on time and also you have no tension of parking it as it is adjusted in a small corner.

In Europe, road bikes are used as a necessity and also due to the climate changes, most of the time the weather is so awesome that the rider enjoys the commuting of the road bikes.

While using a road bike, you gain two things at one time. Your exercise and your transportation to the workplace which will ultimately save your cost of gym and also you gain physical strength.

Commuting on road bike will help you in losing your weight and a source of digestion. You can do a lot of work yourself if there occur some problems with road bikes, like puncture of tyre, washing and other minor maintenance. Road bike vs mountain bikes hills

Your little bit maintenance will keep your road bike healthy and it will not disappoint you in the journey. To really understand, Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting? We will look at commuting by road.

If we look on a large scale, commuting on road bike will also affect your surroundings. As there is no fuel required in it, so there will be no pollution in the air, which is, I think, a great advantage of a road bike. 5 long distance cycling tips by Robbi Ferri

Most of the routes are made in such a way that if one goes on a fast car and other on a road bike, the bike will arrive first to the destination as the cars have their own driving zone on the road which is busy most of the time due to increase in population and also transportation. Road bike vs mountain bike difference

The bikers easily and smoothly go in their own zone without any hesitation on the way and hence will reach first most of the time. 

If you start to go to your work on the commuting bike, you will see an obvious difference in your work. You will show more output because of your active muscles while riding on a road bike.

You will be active and fresh for the rest of the day. Are Road Bikes Any Good For Commuting? We will look at the advantages of commuting using a road bike.  Read the road cyclist beginner guide.


You have gone with your friends or family a lot of time on a trip by cars and jeep. But have you ever noticed that going on a trip on a road bike has a lot of fun? If you haven’t had such an amazing opportunity, make a plan and go for it.

You will enjoy the whole travelling talking with your friends or family over the road in a fresh air seeing the busy traffic and you will be comfortable in this situation as you will be on the bike. Read Jacks Martins South downs adventure.

On the trip, you will not worry about the parking or any harm to your vehicle as you can stand it with yourself anywhere you are staying even in your room.

You can go where you want as there will be no tension of fuel or hot engine that normally occurs in other petroleum vehicles. In our investigation, Are Road Bikes Any Good for Commuting? We will look at the safety of commuting using a road bike.


Commuting By Road Bike


Road bikes have been around for a long time and are known as an excellent fast machine. Road bikes have been designed in a unique way just in recent decades. They are built for lighter in weight and higher in speed.

Therefore, if you have your own or would like to own one or planning to purchase the one for commuting you may be wondering if it is the right choice. Ares road bikes being good for commuting?

Road bikes are the excellent commuters and since they are fastest way to commute yet the is fragile appearance, they take high on maintenance cost. Read our beginners guide to road biking. 

Here are certain points we will go through to understand that bike commuting

Health Pathways Related to Cycling:

The main health pathways are described based on studies of health impact. These indicate that on pollution level benefits of physical activity from cycling outweighs the risk of air pollution as well as a reduction in motor vehicle use. However, the image is not as gloomy as it looks, yes it reduces a large part of your safety and freedom of riding with a companion.


Physical Activity from Road Bikes:

From psychological studies bike riding is equivalent to other physical activities with equal intensity and duration and frequency.

Bike riding improves cognitive function, reduces the risk of depression and there are indirect benefits of reducing motor vehicle use when road bikes replace other pollution-causing vehicles. negative pathways are the crash risks and risk of increased exposure to air pollution while riding in traffic.


Road Bikes are known for speed:


Road bikes are designed and been recognized for their speed. You can easily maintain the speed with relative ease. The advantage comes from the riding position it offers and its components, which are built for speed.

The components of road bikes are designed for speed they offer a variety of gears. On the contrary study says when you plan to ride long-distance it may cause you pain.

Since you are in a forward-leaning position and if you do not have a strong core your arms will support some of your body weight which can cause numbness in your hands after a certain period.

 Road Bikes commuting is fun:

If you want to enjoy the fresh air and want to feel full of energy bike riding is recommendable. Bike riding as we discussed earlier increases your energy level as paddling increases the heart pump velocity which regulated your blood flow in your entire body from tip to toe.

The negative count comes while riding in the traffic. The rider’s position and narrow handlebars make steering at low speed is a challenge. Also, in traffic it can be a real frustration, even if you are good at riding, at traffic jams and signals in the city. How to plan a cycling adventure.


 Parking Benefits:

Parking a road bike is way easier than parking a car. Some workplaces let you bring in your bikes. There are bike racks or nearby signposts or even trees that you can lock your bike to.

So the days of circling around the parking lot trying to find the parking place these time guzzling movements thankfully do not come with road bikes.

Here comes the served platter of major fallback with road bikes, a shiny new road bike draws in attention not only when you are riding it but also when it is parked. So, while locking your bike you need to think about your frame and wheels too.


 Time Maximization:

Commuting to work by bike is a nice way to eliminate going to the gym to work out. And if you are a cyclist it is a sure way to add up more miles and fitness without setting up more time for a dedicated workout.

Whereas while commuting on-road bike for short to medium distance is appreciable but if your workplace is far then riding for a long distance can be challenging. Your leaning position can cause you pain in your hands or your shoulder or even in your calves.


Explore new areas, routes, and roads:

So, if you are bored passing the same ally or same road or stopping at the same signals as that one turn takes forever, the inevitable slowdowns when the roads merge, road bikes are best in avoiding all those hazels.

You can explore the new ally, new street and the new road does not matter if they are narrow because nothing can be narrower than your Road Bike, but here you are exposed to many threats of being crashing or skiting or even theft while exploring the new route. 

Pros And Cons 


 Bike commuting is good exercise

We all are aware about the health benefit. Whether it is a block away or mile ride bike commuting offers a good cardio work out as you travel to work. Read on indepth guide on the pros and cons of road bikes

 Road Bike commuting helps the environment

By not driving the car or taking bus for work, you are helping the environment. Bike commuting does not contribute to the harmful emissions that pollutes air. Through this you are contributing to the greener community. are road bikes good ffor exercising?

 Road Bike Commuting allows you to enjoy the Outdoors

Whether it is breezy or sunny or springs, bike commuting allows you to take advantage of being outdoor till you convert your status to indoor. Riding allows you to enjoy the scenery, smell and sounds.

It can be a Social Experience

If you choose to ride with your buddy, you can enjoy the company on the way to work or way to your destination engage in socialization and share all the plus points of commute ng with a person.


The advantage that come from the riding position it offers and it is competent, which are designed and built for speed. The more you are in forward leaning position the most favourable position it considered as it easily offers the drag.

Road bikes are Light Weight

Road bikes are light. Even more budget friendly road bikes are lighter than the others. This has a two fold advantage. There is less weigh to carry when it come to climb the hill as it has less weight to lift if required to carry on shoulders.




 Road Bike restricts your Wardrobe

You cannot wear a skirt or heels while commuting through the bike. In fact, you need to bring the change of clothes and yet that presents another issue.

 Bike Ride is not commutable in Inclement Weather

When it weather don’t support you my be its breezy, rainy or snowy commuting through bike should be kept on hold. Your commutation may not be pleasant as you cannot predict the weather. Read about the pros and cons of mountain bikes. 

 Commuting may Involve travelling through Rough or dangerous Terrain:

If your route involves highway with no bike lane or narrow or bumpy road commuting through road bike is not advisable. For this it is always goes to map our other route especially those that includes bike


Since road, bikes are designed for speed more than comfort, and you can feel the same. The lack of suspension forks and wider tries means that you will feel the slight road imperfection while riding. Since you are in the forw2ard leaning position if you do not have a strong core your arms will support some of your body weight which can cause numbness in your hands.

  They became barebones

When you buy a road bike you get surprised at how little you get for your money in terms of components. Most of road bikes do not come with the pedals you need to purchase them separately. Accessories comes with the additional cost.



Weighing the above content, you can decide whether the road bikes are for you as your commuting partner. It is best to have prior riding experience before taking the fall. You will sacrifice some comfort against speed, but it can be a rewarding experience. Check out our road cycling tips and techniques

Happy Riding!!!



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