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Are Retrospec Bikes Any Good?


There are many ways to obtain Retrospec Bikes, including purchasing them online. It’s something about which I’m genuinely interested.

Retrospec Bikes’ products and services were the subjects of a week-long investigation by the team. If you’re debating whether or not Retrospec Bikes is a good purchase, the Retrospec Bikes brand analysis offered on this page may be of assistance.

There is no reason not to try a Retrospec Bike. They specialize in urban bikes with incredible components.

Retrospec is the best hybrid commuter bike brand for a more active and healthier lifestyle. They are known for their fixed-gear bikes, beach cruisers, city bikes, folding bikes, etc. Even though they are new and easily confusing, we encourage testing them out!

Is Retrospec a Reliable Brand?


Retrospec is the premier hybrid commuter bike brand, making it ideal for people seeking a more active & healthier lifestyle. In addition to fixed-gear bikes, they are renowned for their only one bike, beach cruiser, city bikes, folding cycles, etc.


A Brief History of Retrospec


Ely Khakshouri established Retrospec in 2009. Khakshouri, a sophomore at the University of Southern California just at the time, became aware of the increasing popularity of fixie bicycles in downtown Los Angeles.

In those days, fixies were assembled by converting multispeed bicycles. Despite the expressive outcomes, the bikes were pricey and difficult to acquire.

Khakshouri’s answer was to design and assemble fixies from scratch. He started his business as a one-person operation and obtained the necessary components.

He could have the bicycles constructed efficiently and affordably by taking out the middleman.

Selling them from his van on campus, he encountered eager purchasers and continuous demand.

It took him only one year to grow into internet sales. What would the national demand be if the demand was so great in Los Angeles? Khakshouri established Critical Cycles as an online vendor for Retrospec.

It found out that people everywhere were seeking inexpensive fixies that maintained the vivid personal aesthetics of their homebrew beginnings.

Today, both Retrospec and Critical Cycles are owned by Khakshouri’s parent business, Westridge Outdoors.

As the brand name under which the bikes are sold in bike stores around the country, Retrospec is the first and most valuable aspect of the burgeoning business.


Where Are Made Retrospec


Retrospec’s assortment of Chinese-made bicycles includes children’s versions, beach cruisers for $199.99, and an upright gravel/commuter bike for $450.

Khakshouri linked with a China manufacturer “online from my dorm” to create his first bicycle, the Retrospec Alpha fixie.





Common Problem of Retrospec


The combination of average-quality brake pads (which many said wore out rapidly) with painted wheels was a formula for diminished stopping power.

It was usual to hear tales of pedals slipping out of the crank thread after minimal mileage. Plastic pedals are one of the least favored components.

Several cranks broke abruptly.

Some purchasers got packages lacking essential components, including the saddle and pedals.

Riders have reported wheels, hubs, tires, chains, and handlebars breaking in less than two weeks.

Certain individuals found the saddle to be unpleasant.

A significant proportion of reports highlighted a lack of instructions.

Many individuals deemed the Harper to be featherweight and deemed it to be very heavy.’ It is hefty for a fixie yet light for an ordinary commuter.

This Retrospec variant cannot accommodate caliper brakes and a fender simultaneously.

Shorter-statured cyclists were dissatisfied with 49cm sizes. Due to their nonstandard size, they were unusable.

The Retrospec Harper includes a chainguard but lacks attachment points.

The Retrospec Harper is a fixie/single-speed commuter. Riders receive what they pay for: simple, functional components and a durable frame.

The breaking of cranks was a safety problem. However, the basic configuration will certainly get the rider from A to B long enough for them to begin tweaking and enhancing their ride. One could scarcely ask for more at this price.


 How Does Retrospec Compare To Trek & Schwinn


Schwinn bicycles are ubiquitous. You presumably rode a Schwinn as a child or had a buddy who did. And since they are widespread, they sell practically every sort of bicycle imaginable at a range of prices.

Why? If you purchase a Schwinn, it is likely for two reasons. The most typical reason to purchase a Schwinn is that you are acquainted with the brand, value its reputation, and can easily locate the bikes.

If this describes you, then more power to you. The second is that they provide a variety of accessories that may be of interest to you.

Nonetheless, we value the unique viewpoints and bike frames provided by the businesses above.

We recommend Retrospec, Electra, or SixThreeZero if you look for something new and distinctive with a distinct “it” vibe. If you like tried and trusted, then choose Schwinn’s quality assurance.

If you are searching for high-performance gear, Retrospec has some excellent alternatives, but you may want to pick a business specializing in performance bikes.

If you are searching for a performance road bike or mountain bike, we suggest comparing Trek, Specialized, and Giant.

Retrospec is a great brand to start with if you are looking for a sturdy bike for commuting, family fun rides, or even moderate off-roading.

In addition, they provide standard bikes and electric bikes, so there are several options.

Retrospec Bike Pros and Cons: If you seek a high-quality bike with a fun aesthetic and a reasonable price, we recommend a Retrospec model.

If you are searching for a genuine performance bike, you may want to seek elsewhere, but if you want a solid commuting bike or something simple like the Chatham Beach Cruiser, we strongly advise you to get a Retrospec bike today.

We are confident that you will be able to locate a bike that matches your demands among their vast selection.


Final Verdict


Retrospec is the best hybrid commuter bike brand for a more active and healthier lifestyle. They are known for their fixed-gear bikes, beach cruisers, city bikes, folding bikes, etc. Read about the pros and cons of cruisers. 

The Retrospec Harper is a commuter fixie. The basic setup will get the rider from A to B long enough to start modifying and improving their riding. At this price, more is hard to get by.

We recommend a Retrospec model if you want a high-quality bike with a fun design and a low price. If you want a true performance bike, look elsewhere.

We are certain that their extensive assortment will include a bike that meets your needs.

Arjun Mertiya

Arjun Mertiya


Arjun Mertiya is a top-selling professional mtb and ebikes writer who lives what he writes as an automotive engineering graduate. He have 8 years in hand experience of ebikes and MTB testing in India. Arjun is passionate about technical writing specifically on MTB and ebikes.

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