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Are Reid Bikes Any Good?


There are several methods to get Reid Bikes, and I’m curious about their quality. I spent a week researching the Reid Bikes brand, including its history, reputation, competition, and customer experiences.

Hopefully, my brand analysis will assist you in determining whether Reid Bikes is worth purchasing.

Reid bikes are equivalent to those manufactured by brand-name rivals. Still, they are significantly less expensive because of the brand-name tax exemption.

They are, on average, far better than department store bikes and nearly as good as those built by well-known companies.

Does Reid Make Good Bikes?


Reid bikes are just as excellent as identical brand-named bikes and are less expensive due to the lack of brand-name tax.

They are often superior to department store bikes and nearly as nice as those brand name bikes.

Reid is well-known throughout the country as the most excellent value for money bike builder, and it’s always a good idea to support a local business that manufactures the bikes they offer.

I purchased the bronze level to ensure that my bike is properly maintained.” Charile Darcey – 15 January 2020. At Reid Cycles Balcatta, I had a fantastic experience.

Reid Mountain bikes are more challenging to paddle and accelerate more slowly on the pavement. However, they offer a plush ride and an upright riding position.

They are capable of traveling across a broad range of terrain. Reid hybrid or cross bikes are nearly as quick and straightforward to pedal as road bikes. Still, they are nearly as comfortable and flexible as mountain bikes.

Reid’s commuter bike collection also includes an industry-leading Reid Lifetime frame and fork warranty, a two-year parts warranty, and 12 months of free service to ensure you receive a fantastic value.

14.70 kilograms Double Wall Alloy Wheelset / Rim 14.7 kg (Medium Frame) 170mm Alloy Chainset 24/34/42T Mud Guards Yes


A Brief History of Reid


Reid Cycles was formed in 2008 in Australia by James Reid. The goal was to import bikes directly from the factory and sell them to the general public.

The firm quickly expanded, and by 2014, they were selling 50,000 bicycles annually in Australia.

Reid Cycles was founded in 2009 to offer the most excellent affordable bikes in Australia. This is accomplished by eliminating mediators and selling high-quality bicycles directly to the consumer.

Australian-designed for Australians, we set trends by fusing fashion, function, and quality. Over 400,000 Australians ride their bikes to this day.

We sold our first bike worldwide in 2013. Reid bicycles are now accessible in more than 20 countries worldwide.

“Reid Cycles was founded after I purchased a bike for exercise and was astonished at the prices stated in several bike stores.

This started me thinking about the prospect of developing my brand of bikes that were high-quality, stylish, and, most importantly, inexpensive.

I reasoned that if I was surprised at how costly bikes were, there must be many other people who felt the same way.” – Founder James Reid To ensure that our consumers receive the best value for money, they established Reid as a ‘direct to the general store.

Traditionally, motorcycles were manufactured by the manufacturer and then sold to a brand, which sold them to a local distributor, who in turn sold them to a store and sold them to a consumer.

Each individual along the road must cover their overheads and earn a profit, so bicycles are so expensive.

Customers pay an additional premium for huge multinational companies to offset the millions spent on supporting pro riders and advertising.

They operate under a ‘direct to the public’ business model. They perform all labor, keep their expenses low, and eliminate intermediaries.

Consequently, their bikes and accessories are up to 40% less expensive than those sold by other dealers.

This model is a fantastic fit for our mission to deliver Australia’s most good value bikes.

To back up its tagline of ‘Australia’s greatest value bikes,’ Reid offers a lifetime frame and fork guarantee, a two-year warranty on all other components, 12 months of free servicing at any Reid store, a dedicated customer care staff, and the choice to buy in-store or online.

Today, almost 400,000 Australians ride their bikes. They sold our first bike globally in 2013. Reid bicycles are now accessible in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Where Are Reid Bikes Made?


Reid Cycles was established in Australia by James Reid in 2008. The idea was to import bicycles from the manufacturer and sell them to the general public.

Eventually, the firm expanded to the point where we were selling 50,000 bicycles each year in Australia by 2014.

Reid has a full-time Quality Control crew and a Supply Chain Administrator at our China branch.

Their crew is in charge of overseeing each output at all of the manufacturers they collaborate with.

In the center of the road bike spectrum, Reid has a robust and trustworthy workhorse that he relies on.

A bike that is not going to be broken, the bank capable of managing the everyday commute, and that can also serve as a stepping stone into triathlons or cyclosportives is ideal.


Are Reid Gravel Bikes Good?


It performs considerably beyond its pricing range, and it has a beautiful appearance.

Whatever your motives for deficient to get into gravel grinding or simply wanting a budget-friendly rider that can handle everything from dirt roads and bump-sharing pavement to the flawless tarmac, the Granite is a machine that is well worth considering. Find out the best gravel bikes.

The gravel grinder category is difficult to break into since the motorcycles that fall into this category are expected to perform equally on paved roads.

As they do on dirt, gravel, and any other type of terrain that you could face after you leave the comfort of sealed highways.

At first appearance, the Reid Granite all-road adventure bike appears to be a high-end model from a well-known company that will set you back your left arm and your firstborn kid.

You’ll soon discover that it’s from Australian consumer-direct business Reid. Despite its $899 (£600) or $799 (AU$799) price tag, the Granite is a severe piece of kit.

Reid has improved significantly over the previous few years, and the Granite is another example of this.

The Granite is a perfect road bike while riding on smoother asphalt. Still, when the pavement stops, the Granite truly demonstrates its value. You will feel the bumps and holes because you’re still riding a rigid drop bar bike.


Reid vs. Trek


Our test bikes ranged in price from $300 to over $2,000. More money gets you a lighter carbon fiber, aluminum (or both), or steel frame with better components. But a solid bike can still be had for under $200.

Trek Bikes is a well-known American bicycle company. Trek makes a broad selection of road, mountain, e-bikes, women’s, and hybrid bikes, often seen in professional competition.

Trek’s road bikes include the aero Madone, the light Émonda, and the endurance-focused Domane with IsoSpeed decoupler.

The Boone and Boone Disc are carbon frames, whereas the Crockett is alloy. The Checkpoint also has 44c tire clearance and stranglehold dropouts for light touring.

The Speed Concept platform covers Trek triathlon and TT bikes, which includes water storage, energy gel lockers, and aero fairings for Ironman events.

Trek mountain bikes span a wide range of pursuits: the Fuel EX all-mountain bike, the Slash 29er, the Stache carbon-framed hardtail, and the Farley fat bike.

In addition to the Top Fuel full Susser, Trek offers the Superfly alloy hardtail 29er and the Procaliber carbon hardtail. Trek’s Session downhill bike platform.

Trek also makes the Powerfly electric mountain bikes, available in hardtail and full suspension, for both men and women.

“This bike is packed with well-considered touches that you don’t typically see at this price point.” – Reid, Stu Moysey.

Reid was particularly taken with the braking mechanism. In particular, the mechanical control that actuates the hydraulic chamber is less expensive than a complete hydraulic system and considerably more accessible for the home mechanic to work on.

Additionally, they remarked on the bike’s acceptable comfort, despite its race-ready shape. Find out if Trek bikes are any good?


How Much Do Reid Bikes Cost


Less expensive than brand-name bikes, Reid motorcycles are as excellent as the name-brand bikes. They are usually better than dept store bikes and nearly as lovely as name-brand bikes.

The Reid bikes will be specced similarly to a branded bike but at a lower cost. Frames and parts are likely from the same factories as famous brands.

However, there are real reasons why riders wind up paying more and more. To gain an incremental improvement, you must spend more money on a bike.

Depending on the condition of your used bike, modest repairs or improvements may be worthwhile.

I’ve bought several excellent bikes for about $100 and set them up to be entirely usable for very little money.

Many sellers merely want to get rid of their old unusable bikes regardless of their condition. Don’t bother upgrading if it’s a cheap and filthy department shop bike. Read about are Narco bikes any good?


 Where to Buy Reid Bikes


Reid Cycles has the best value bikes online and in-store. Reid Cycles invests in what matters most: manufacturing superb quality bikes at the best prices.

Reid is currently Australia’s largest independent bike brand, available in over 20 countries. Shop online or in-store in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane & Adelaide.


Final Thoughts


 Reid bikes are brand-name bikes. They outperform department store bikes and are virtually as excellent as well-known brands.

Reid hybrid and cross bikes pedal nearly as quickly as road bikes. Aiming to provide the best value bikes in Australia, Reid Cycles began in 2009.

They operate on a “direct to consumer” business strategy, eliminating middlemen.

Reid bicycles are now available in over 20 countries. Today, around 400,000 Australians cycle.

The Granite from Reid Cycles is an all-road bike that can handle muddy roads, bumpy pavement, and smooth tarmac.

The Granite is priced at $899 (£600) or $799 (AU$799). Trek Bicycles is a well-known American brand.

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