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Are Quietkat Bikes Good?


Obtaining a Quietkat Bike can be accomplished in a variety of ways. I’m interested in learning more about it.

Over a week, I conducted a detailed examination of Quietkat Bikes’ products and services. The brand analysis provided on this page should assist you in determining whether or not Quietkat Bikes are a sensible investment.

QuietKat enables hunters, fishermen, and outdoor lovers to traverse the wild route softly and effortlessly.

QuietKat’s e-bikes are the pinnacle of stealth and performance. Ideal for taming the wilds. QuietKat Bikes have an unmatched reputation for dominating the outdoors.

Ask the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which has been riding QuietKat’s bike, to perform their duties.


Are Bikes Durable & Reliable?


QuietKat’s primary design consideration was to provide an efficient mode of transportation for outdoorsy individuals.

One, the motorcycles should be capable of traversing even the most inaccessible paths, and two, they should cause little disturbance to the surrounding species.

The results were remarkable. QuietKat designed motorcycles with 4-inch wide tires and strong electric motors that remain silent.

The majority of their e-bikes are available with a 1000W engine, whereas most rivals only offer 750W motors.

QuietKat is not kidding around when it comes to power, as the new 2021 Apex E-Bike has a 1500W variant.

Additionally, QuietKat bikes can carry up to 300 pounds of gear, and their lithium batteries have a capability of up to 1000 charge cycles before needing to be replenished.

QuietKat e-bikes are meticulously developed and manufactured to tackle even the most difficult terrain.


True, QuietKat Bikes have an unmatched reputation for dominating the outdoors. Ask the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which has been riding QuietKat’s bike, to perform their duties.

With that said, QuietKat is not for everyone. The following are some of the positive and negative features of QuietKat’s Electric Bicycles.

While QuietKat’s e-bikes are designed for usage in the great outdoors, they operate equally well in an urban context.

Their four-inch broad wheels can traverse rugged, rainy, muddy, snowy, and paved terrain.

QuietKat’s e-bikes are a force to be reckoned with when transporting cargo or equipment. Additionally, it’s ideal for bringing your quest home.

QuietKat is the only company that offers a unique “Ride Now, Pay Later” option.

QuietKat’s high-end e-bikes are at least $1000 less expensive than comparable high-end e-mountain bikes.


A Brief History of Quietkat


QuietKat was founded in 2013 to fulfill the growing need for electric bicycles capable of withstanding the rigors of the outdoors.

Previously, recreational adventurers, law enforcement officers, and farmers discovered that most electric bikes are too impractical for serious outdoor riding.

Jake Roach, the company’s creator, noticed this issue immediately and set out to create bikes that met those demands.

As a more than decade-long veteran of the outdoor business, he is well-versed in the types of bicycle frames, accessories, and parts to bring to the table.

QuietKat is in Eagle, Colorado, and currently offers nine different electric bike types. Read our electric bike guide?



Common Problem & Solutions With Quietkat


Additional to stainless hardware and aluminum, there are no other construction options available, although other bike companies offer carbon frames on their off-road bikes.

While this is a personal taste, carbon frames significantly increase over the materials mentioned above in terms of strength and weight.

Their high-end motorcycles have a striking resemblance. This may seem insignificant in a profession where performance and reliability are critical.

However, for some, this might be a deal-breaker. Additionally, a new appearance now and then would undoubtedly provide excitement, particularly for long-term clients.

  • Owners stated that the Quietkat Warrior’s 70lb weight might make it challenging for smaller riders to ride and lift.
  • A few users and one reviewer reported that their Warrior arrived with broken components.
  • Customer service experiences are varied.
  • The Warrior’s powertrain is equipped with two-piston mechanical disc brakes with big 203mm rotors. The brakes would be more powerful if they were four-piston and hydraulic. Read about the pros and cons of electric bikes.


Where are QuietKat bikes made?


In Eagle, Colorado, QuietKat Bikes are constructed.

How fast will a QuietKat bike go?

To enable the maximum possible accessibility for our electric fat tire bikes, all QuietKat e-bikes will roll at around 20mph (rather fast while dragging through the forest on the route).


How Does QuietKat Compare To Bakcou


When it comes to maneuvering over tough terrain without disturbing the wildlife, QuietKat bikes are the way to go!

With a diverse range of fat tire electric bikes designed exclusively for hunting, you’re sure to find one that meets your demands.

Therefore, one of these motorcycles is ideal whether you prefer hunting, camping, or simply riding off the beaten path.

These bikes, designed to carry hefty loads, are ideal for trail camera installation or surveying the environment.

QuietKat is sometimes mistyped as “silent cat” or “quiet kat” on the internet. However, there is only one Quietkat!

The QuietKat features five assisted pedal power modes and full-throttle capability, allowing the rider to choose between power-assisted and full power without pedaling.

The digital display makes it simple to obtain critical information such as the battery life remaining. Distance traveled power management settings and speed.

 Knobby tread tires with four and a half inches are great for grasping rough terrain.

The simple-to-use throttle makes cruising at a precise pace a breeze, and disc brakes on both the front and back wheels provide the control you need to maneuver over challenging terrain.

The seat is height adjustable to accommodate riders of varying sizes. In six hours, the lithium battery charger entirely recharges an empty battery.

QuietKat comes with a lifetime frame warranty against defective quality. All other components are warranted for one year.




If you want a durable and affordable product, go no further than Bakcou. Bakcou is a relative newcomer to the electric hunting eBike market, but they have accomplished a great deal in a short period.

Each bike they manufacture is constructed from the finest materials and is more inexpensive than QuietKat.

While Bakcou is a lesser-known company, the things they manufacture are gaining traction. Many would say that Bakcou is the greatest hunting motorcycle available today.

Hunters will be pleased to learn that Bakcou offers four distinct versions, each with its unique set of characteristics. You may like to read our are  Ride1up bikes any good?


Final Thoughts


QuietKat allows hunters, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts to go quietly and quietly. QuietKat e-bikes are precisely designed and built to conquer any terrain.

Their four-inch wide wheels can handle rough, muddy, snowy, and paved terrain. QuietKat was created in 2013 to meet the rising need for rugged electric bikes.

Based in Eagle, Colorado, the firm now has nine electric bike models.

Their high-end motorbikes look a lot like carbon bikes. The QuietKat has five pedal help settings and full throttle.

The numerical presentation makes it easy to see vital information like battery life. The lithium battery charger recharges a dead battery in six hours. Each bike is built to last and costs less than QuietKat.

Arjun Mertiya

Arjun Mertiya


Arjun Mertiya is a top-selling professional mtb and ebikes writer who lives what he writes as an automotive engineering graduate. He have 8 years in hand experience of ebikes and MTB testing in India. Arjun is passionate about technical writing specifically on MTB and ebikes.

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