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In our investigation into are Pinarello bikes good? We will now look at the Pinarellos history. The Pinarello brand was founded by Giovanni Pinarello who was born in Catena di Villorba in 1922. Giovanni came from a large family and had twelve brothers. Growing up through two World Wars had taken an impact on how Giovanni and his family and influenced how they lived their life’s. Surviving two World Wars had given Giovanni a strong work ethic and he choose to focus on his passion for bikes.




With Giovanni passion and love for cycling was shown at an early age when he competed at an early in the junior category at the age of seventeen. Giovanni soon had won over sixty titles as an amateur and he soon took his first steps into racing at a professional level. By 1953, Giovanni had five wins to his name. Once Giovanni had finished his cycling career. he focused on designing and manufacturing the ultimate racing bike which lead to the birth of Pinarello.



The Pinarello brand first began in the late 1940 at Catena di Villorba. However, Giovanni had been making bikes since the age of fifteen and continued designing bikes throughout his amateur cycling career. Manufacturing can be traced in the Giovanni family as far as back as 1922, as Alessandro one of Giovanni cousin was making bikes in a small factory.

Giovanni success in the manufacturing bikes was shown with him earning a honouree Gold medal and a diploma in his names at the Milan Bicycle Fair 1925.

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With Giovanni not competing as a professional cyclist he starting working in the well-known bike shop called Treviso. His sponsor Bottechia replaced Giovanni with an upcoming star Pasqualino Fornara at the well-known Giro d’Italia.

Pinarello lived in a prosperous area of Italy that shared Giovanni passion for bike racing and owning the best racing bike. Giovanni used the community’s passion for cycling to his advantage and started working with small teams to help them gain more publicity.

In addition, he worked with the small team to help them participate in the expensive and competitive world of bike racing. In finding out, Are Pinarello bikes any good? We will look at the La Padovani.




The first Pinarello bike to be used at a national competition was the La Padovani in 1957.   Pinarello’s popularity and reputation within the biking community of designing quality racing bikes was largely down to the success of the La Padovani.

Furthermore, the bike shop was becoming more popular and well known on the place to purchase the best racing bike. Are Pinarello bikes any good? They certainly know how to design and manufacture bikes.

Features & Benefits

Pinarello Anlgliru 2016 Road Bike



If your looking for a new racing bike from a world-renowned bike brand known for its quality then your search is finally over. The Pinarello Anlgliru road bike comes with a variety of high-end features, components and materials. Are Pinarello bikes good? We will look at how they only design road bikes with finest materials.




The Anlgliru comes with a carbon frame. Carbon is a lightweight, strong and durable material that will allow to rider to concentrate on beating their own personal best time. Carbon is known for being one of the best materials to use when designing a bike frame is lightweight. Having a lightweight frame allows the rider to reach their best possible time as heavier frames will slow the rider down.

In addition, the carbon 24HMUD frame is designed to ensure the rider is aero dynamic and help to reach the maximum possible speed of the Anlguru as quickly as possible. Carbon is one of the most commonly used frame materials on higher priced road bikes and that includes the majority of bikes raced at a professional level.

A Carbon fibr frame is made from sheets of carbon moulded together using resin. The main benefit of carbon fibr is the stiffness is much lighter than other materials like steel, aluminium or even titanium.

Having a lower density allows carbon frames to absorb road vibrations and not transmitting the vibrations. Furthermore, carbon fibr can be easily moulded into different shapes that offer the best latitude that maximise the aerodynamic efficiency of the frame.




The Pinarello Anlgliru road bike comes with Shimano group 105 Mix of 2×11 that gives the rider plenty of options to match the pace of the bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider. Shimano are well known within the biking community. One of the main benefits of the rider having a shifting mechanism is so the rider can choose the best gear ratio for comfort or efficiency.




The Pinacello Angliru comes with an impressive set of Fullcrum racing seven wheels. Fullcrum are well known throughout the racing community of design good racing wheels that are hard wearing and offer the rider plenty of grip while they compete for their best times. Are Pinarello bikes good? The features of the Angliru would suggest they know how to design and manufacture bikes.



The Angliru comes with a Selle Italy X1 Saddle. One of the main drawbacks of buying an uncomfortable bike seat. However, there is no need to worry about that with the Pinarello Angliru road bikes as the bike seat is specifically designed for racing and for riders to be comfortable for long periods of time. Designed for the rider to be able to focus on the competition or race and beat their personal best time.

In addition, the Pinarello bike road bike comes with a Tiger Alu handle bar that offers the rider the maximum aero dynamic possible. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of road bikes.

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Fast forward to 1960 and Pinarello landed its first sponsorship for the professional racing team. Mainetti helped develop many cycling champions in the area. The success of Guido de Rosso win in the Tour d’Avenir in France made a massive difference to Pinarello reputation within the cycling community and helped put the Treviso shop on the map.



Faro Bertoglio part of the Jolly Caramica team success in 1975 at the Giro d’Italia boosted reputation of Pinarello and becoming the number one cycling brand within the racing bike community.



After the success of the Pinarello bike at the Giro d’Italia resulted in the Pinarello name having a massive exposure throughout the media, on television and in the newspaper. The continued success of the Pinarello bike with many victories in the eighties made sure that the Pinarello brand was well associated with success and the bike brand to own if you are a serious about having any kind of success. Are Pinarello bikes any good? We will look at their partnership with Inoxpran.



Moving forward to the 1980s and Pinarello partnered up with Inoxpran who specialised in stainless steel. The Inoxpran brand was behind the success of the Jolly team and its athletes. They started a promising season, with experienced riders and the Pinarello logo was seen for the first time on the team’s official jersey with the Inoxpran brand. The team had a variety of successes at an international basis. Furthermore, by 1981 the team had success at two of the most recognised international races, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta di Spagna.



Success continued for the Pinarello brand in the 1984 Olympics as Alex Grewal won a Gold medal while riding a Pinarello bike. The success of the Pinarello bike allowed them to partnership with a variety of teams like Banesto. One of the team members called Miguel Indurian who won the Tour de France five times, an Olympic victory and two Giro d’italias times riding a Pinarello bike.

Fast forward t 1996- 1997 Pinarello success has continued with a Pinarello bike been ridden for the sixth place in 1997 Tour de France and second place in the Tour de France by Jan Ullrich.   In continuing our article, Are Pinarello bikes any good? We will now look at the Pinarello Anlgliru 2016  bike.



If your looking for a brand-new road bike from a well-established bike brand with a great reputation. The Pinarello Angliru road bike is an ideal bike for any cycling enthusiast wanting to take the next step in their cycling carrier.

Whether it be at an amateur or professional level that are passionate about cycling and owning the best possible road bike that offers the best value. We hope you have enjoyed the article on are Pinarello bikes good? and found it helpful and informative.

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