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Are Nilox Electric Bikes Any Good?

Thinking About Buying A Ancheer Electric Bike, Get Your Questions Answered

Why Should You Buy The Nilox



Top Speed 25km

Fold Away Mechanism

250w Motor





Common Questions

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In our investigation, Are Nilox Electric Bikes Any Good? We will take a look at Nilox’s history. The Nilox brand was established in 2005 by the Esprinet group . Espirnet group are one of the top distributers of electronics in Italy and Spain with a revenue of over three billion.

The brand has over 1,000 employees and is well known throughout Europe of a high-tech brand that build and manufacture electric bikes. In considering, Are Nilox Electric Bikes Any Good? We will look at why should you buy a Nilox electric bike

Why Should You Buy A Nilox


Great Value: The Nilox brand pride themselves on manufacturing and designing affordable electric bikes that offer the cycling enthusiast brilliant value for money with features normally only found in more expensive bikes.


Quality: Making sure that the individual who has just purchased their brand-new electric bike has the best experience of the Nilox brand, all the electric bikes are tested from the beginning of the production process right through to the when the customer unwraps their brand new Nilox e bike. Read our electric bike guide.


State Of Art: Nilox are aware of the importance of staying one step away ahead from their competitors by investing in the most up to date technology, innovative process’s and materials to make sure the customer receives an electric bike they are proud to own. Are Nilox bikes any good? We will now look at the benefits of owning a Nilox electric bike. Read our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes.

Nilox X1 Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

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Electric Bike Maintenance


Regular maintenance of your electric bike is not much different that maintaining a traditional pedal bike. An electric bike is an efficient way of getting around. However, not looking after your brand-new electric bike may end up costing you in the long run.


Clean Your E-bike:


Getting into a good habit of cleaning your electric bike on a regular basis is a great way of spotting any wear and tear. Do not use a pressure hose as you don’t want water getting into the sealed electric components. Consider cleaning your brand new Nilox electric bike atleast once a fortnight.


Tyre Pressure


Commuting on under flared tyres is one of the main causes of poor performance. Soft tyres can cause the electric bike to work harder, the battery to run out quicker and the electric bike to feel less stable.

The required PSI level can be taken from the instruction manuel .  A good habit to go is the ABC check before every commute. Check the air in the tires, the brakes and the chain.  are electric bikes any good?


Electric Bike Battery


One of the most important aspects of the Nilox electric bike is the battery in the electric bike. The battery should be topped up after every commute and should never be run dry wear possible. Protect the battery from extreme temperature in the sun or in the freezing cold. Get the battery serviced on a regular basis.   Read our article on the Nilox X3



Benefits Of Riding An E Bike


To answer the question, Are Nilox bikes any good? We will look at the benefits of owning a Nilox bike. We will now look at the benefits of owning a Nilox electric bike. Improvements in technology has massively improved the world we live in.

One of the advancements in technology has seen the development of the electric bike. You may have seen them in your local town, city or on television. A common question, is it worth owning an electric bike?


Electric Bike


An electric bike can be referred to an E-bike, power bike or booster bike. Cycling is known for being green, however the invention of the electric bike has taken it one step further.

If you consider electric bikes to small scooters. An electric bike is cheaper to run, better for the environment and is designed to be easy to use. Here are the main reasons why you should buy a Nilox electric bike. Are Nilox Electric Bikes Any Good? They are certainly better than a traditional bike.


Pedal Assist


The Nilox electric bike comes with a battery powered pedal assist that is integrated into the bike that gives the rider a boost pedalling. The main benefit of an electric bike is that it allows the rider to easily travel much further distances with less stress. Allowing the rider to be less sweaty and lesson the stress on the rider’s knees.

In addition, the electric bikes power assist can help the ridder conquer hills and inclines. An added benefit is that electric bikes are designed for all ages and individuals that may not being physically fit to ride a traditional bike. Are Nilox bikes any good? The benefits of owning an electric bike definitely out weight not owning one. Are Nilox Electric Bikes Any Good? we will look at the health benefits.




A university in Switzerland of Basel did a survey on riding an electric bike and found out that electric bikes are just as good for fitness as a traditional bike. Cycling is good for of exercise and is really good for your health. Commuting our Nilox bike on a regular basis is a brilliant way of burning off some extra pounds.Are Nilox Electric Bikes Any Good? we will now look at the financial savings.  Check out our article on are electric bikes any good for commuting. 




Commuting on your Nilox electric bike is a brilliant way of saving some money. The cost of travelling by car is roughly around forty pence per mile, while using a electric bike costs around six pence per mile.

Not to mention the savings on insurance and parking fees. Owning an electric bike seems like a no brainer. To truly consider, Are Nilox bikes any good? We will know look at the essential electric bike maintenance.

Features & Benefits

Nilox X1 Electric Bike


In truly understanding, are Nilox bikes any good? We will know look at the popular Nilox X1.

If you’re looking for a new electric bike from a well-known bike brand, then the Nilox X1 has a lot of high-end features normally only found in more expensive electric bikes.

he Nilox X1 is ideal for the urban commuter and is an environmentally friendly way of commuting. Here are the main benefits of the X1.


Motor: The Nilox X1 comes with a 250w motor that will help boost the rider performance as they can switch on the on-board motor to help them to travel further and tackle steep inclines.

Tires: Nilox have equipped the X1 with a set of 20” wheels that will allow the rider to have a good grip on the road in the unpredictable British weather.

Foldaway frame: One of the main benefits of the X1 is that that it comes with a foldable frame that allows the electric bike to be easily stored away and is ideal were storage may be limited.

Saddle: Equipped with a comfortable saddle

You may like to READ THE FULL REVIEW. To continue our investigation, are Nilox bikes any good? We will look at the customer satisfaction. Are Nilox Electric Bikes Any Good? The certainly know how to design electric bikes.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 94%

Customer Satisfaction


I bought the Nilox X1 for my husband for an early birthday present and he is over moon with it and it has earned me a few brownie points. The X1 was easy to assemble, and took my husband and his friend no longer than thirty minutes.

My husband has started using the X1 for the commute to work through Windermere and he hast started to loss a few pounds. He is happy with the X1 build and feels comfortable while riding it.

The foldaway mechanism allows him to store the bike at the office easily and he no longer has to pay for petrol or for parking fees.

The X1 has given my husband a new sense of confidence as he is starting to see improvements in his physique and he has had a few work colleagues comment on his weight loss. Can you use an electric bike in the rain.

I have been using the Nilox electric bike at the weekends and I really enjoy having an on-board motor to help when I start to get tired. Are Nilox bikes any good? We will now look at the common questions. Are Nilox Electric Bikes Any Good? Most definitely. How to climb using an electric bike.

Common Questions


What is the battery specification?

Its 36V- 4.3Ah.

Does the Nilox 1 have a throttle?

No, the e bike works by peddling.

Is there a USB Port?

There is no USB port.

What is the range on the Nilox?

Up to 25 KM.

Who is the Nilox bike designed for?

The E bike is Unisex.

What is the voltage of the e bike?


What Watt is the e bike?

250 W.

 Is the Nilox road legal?

Yes, the e bike is road legal.

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