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Are NCM Bikes Any Good?


Do NCM MAKE Quality Electric Bikes. Why Should You Go Electric?



Thinking about buying a new bike. We look at the HOTTEST bike for a 60 year old man. 

In our investigation into, are NCM bikes any good?

We will take a closer look into the NCM brand.

NCM is a bike manufacture from Germany that specialises in manufacturing and designing electric bikes.

that offer the highest quality and riding experience that cycling enthusiasts would love to own.

With sales offices throughout Europe,

NCM pride themselves on short deliver times from the moment the electric bike or part is ordered till the customer receives their brand-new electric bike. They pride themselves on offering a first-class customer experience. Read our electric bike guide.


Materials & Components


Only the best materials and components are used in the manufacturing process and the customer can choose from a wide variety of electric bikes from city bikes, trekking bikes, folding bikes and many more.

The NCM brand are always researching and using the most innovative technologies to deliver electric bikes that the customer is proud to own.

If you are looking for a brand that prides itself on durability, quality and reliability.

The brand takes it customer service seriously and will always to try and help the customer were possible and answer any questions.

NCM have a wide variety of bikes that will allow you to choose an electric bike that meets your needs.

To consider, are NCM bikes any good? We will know look at why you should choose a NCM. Pros and cons of e bikes.

Why Should You Buy The London

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy The NCM



Six Levels Assistance

Front & Rear Mudguards

Fold Away Mechanism



Known For Manufacturing Quality Bikes


What Is The London Designed For?

Urban Commuting

Why Should You Choose NCM


Battery Capacity


NCM batteries are known for their long distances and are powerful.

Having a reliable electric motor will allow you to go further.

Furthermore, having assistance when facing an incline is great for people looking to build up their fitness levels as the electric motor will allow the rider to not use an excessive amount of energy.

Electric bikes have the added benefit of travelling further as the pedal assist will enable you to commute from one destination to another without getting too sweaty. Are electric bikes any good?


Great Value


When NCM are designing and manufacturing their electric bikes they ensure they use the best materials and components.

Made from using the latest innovative technology to deliver an electric bike that a cycling enthusiast will be proud to own.

The NCM brand aim to design good quality bikes at affordable prices and have a lot of experience within the electric bike industry and are a recognised bike brand in the cycling community.

Are NCM bikes any good? We will now look at their customer service



Customer Service


NCM do not just aim just to sell you an electric bike,

they aim to help you from the moment you start thinking of buying an electric bike to providing an excellent aftercare service that they can be proud off.

They encourage customers to ask any questions and try and answer all the questions within a reasonable time frame.

Whether you have a first-time buyer question to were you can purchase a replacement part or a general enquiry.

To fully understand, are NCM bikes any good? We will know look at a couple of customer testimonials.



NCM Customer Testimonials


“ My NCM was easy to assemble and did not take over forty five minutes to assemble. The battery is quite and powerful and there is no more dreading those awful hills. Unless I have forgotten to charge up the battery. I am happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to test ride it out on the weekend around Sefton park.” Matty

“ I was a little apprehensive buying A NCM bike, I have had my electric bike for over one year and I am so happy with purchase as the engine offers extra power and stability. I Absolutely love the rear carrier and the electric bike is brilliant for public transport.” Charley

Reasons To Buy A Electric Bike


Some cycling enthusiasts may consider electric bikes as cheating,

however electric bike gives others the opportunity to travel by bike more accessible and to improve their fitness levels.

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular.

In Wales, Scotland and England a cyclist does not need a license to ride an electrically assisted pedal cycle.

As long as the rider is over the age of 14.

However, in Northern Ireland you will need a moped licence to drive any kind of electric bike




The evolution of electric bikes has changed dramatically from being really expensive,

heavy and not being attractive to being lightweight, more affordable,

to anyone purchasing a new bike considering the benefits of owning an electric bike.




Purchasing A new bike can be daunting as you may be worried about your fitness levels,

however an electric bike with pedal assist can give you the assistance that you require to build up your fitness levels at your own pace.

Commuting on an electric bike you only burn slightly less calories than riding on a regular bike and is a lot more than travelling by car or public transport.




One of the biggest drawbacks of cycling is when you are faced with a hill or the unpredictable British weather.

However with an electric bike you don’t need to burn as much energy as travelling on a regular bike.

One of the added benefits is you can wear more appropriately for the unpredictable British weather and you don’t need to worry about if there is a shower at the end of your journey.

In order to find out are NCM bikes any good? We will know look at a popular selling NCM bike.


 London Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


NCM London Electric Bike

An electronic bike also known as an e bike is a bicycle with an electric motor adjusted under the seats to produce energy to run.

E bikes are now popular as a smoke free bike and also for its cheaper rate.

This budget friendly bike is not illegal and also count as a bicycle. So same traffic rules as bicycles.

So many bicycle and motorbike companies are making their own models with unique design to lead this new market.

Among them, NCM London Electric Bike is one the best seller in 2018.

Here we show you everything you need to know before buying this e-bicycle. can you use an e bike in the rain


Why Should You Buy The NCM London


NCM London E-bike mainly popular for its unique technology.

You can fold this bike without any tools. Anyone can fold and unfold this bike within a minute.

Every part is flexible and removable. This bike is suitable for kids too.

City roaming is also enjoyable with this 20’’ bike.

The high capacity charger is also keeping this bike one step ahead from others.

Removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery is used on this bike.

This bike mainly comes in two colours such as Blue and White.

Both of them are smart and have elegant looks. how to climb in a e bike?

Features & Benefits

First of all, E-bikes are naturally friendly, easy to take anywhere, keep any corner in your room or garage.

Long durability is its key feature. I can be used by anyone, even by your child.

This bike has no risk of a major accident on the road.

This is a great E bike with a cheap prize. A very good choice for daily workers and whose office is nearby.

You can change its battery if you need, so that it can be used for a long period of time.

London E bikes have a flexible body to fold anytime.

It has DEHAWK 36V, 15AH BATTERY. This e bike gives you maximum 15.5mph power-assisted speed and 25 miles of pedalling supported.

There is a USB port attached with this battery that help you to keep your phones on.

It has The Das-Kit L6B LCD display where you can monitor your speed and battery status.

This bike also have LED front and rear lights. Front and rear Tektro disc brakes make this bike more secure.

It is better a V break on the slippery roads. are NCM bikes any good?  The London NCM is a cracking electric bike

The smoothness and comfort is maintained by A Shimano derailleur and suspension.

Both wheels have mudguard to keep the rider clean and dry. A rear cargo makes this bike more useful. There is a metal guard for chains to keep them going smoothly.

You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes. 

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 92%

Customer Satisfaction

The usefulness of London E bike makes customer satisfactory,

you can find many positive reviews on the internet.

People who have concerns about nature, love this bike so much.

They can find a way to help nature with modern speed.

This bike has numerous advantages such as no harmful gas release,

no extra petrol bills, long run with full battery, cheap, easy and quick assembling.



This bike is also safer than any other motor bikes. You can use this bike in any season.

Though it has so many advantages, there are some disadvantages too.

Comparatively high cost as a bicycle is its main disadvantage.

This bike has a high weight that makes difficulty while traveling or hiking.

Charging time is also a great challenge for the riders. It’s not that difficult to maintain, but you have kept that in mind that your bike needs some electricity to run for the next day.

Long time riding is not possible since the charge is decreasing.

Are NCM bikes any good? we will know look at the common questions.

Common Questions


How many hours it needs to be fully charged?


Answer – 6 hours is enough.


Is this bike water resistant?


Answer – the electric motor is not, but guards are used to protect from dart and water.


Where can I find a new battery for this specific model?


Answer – We have assisted about that in this article.


Is there any insurance policy?


Answer – All kinds of bicycle laws are also applicable on E bike.


How many years is this bike run for?


Answer – well it depends on activities and taking care of the bike too. You can grossly run this bike for at least 10 years.

E bikes are really useful in this modern age. It helps you to keep moving with less physical affords. Among all E bikes, NCM London Folding E bike gives you more comfort and flexibility to move anywhere far or near.

This bike has its own class. You should definitely try this bike once in your life. To summarise, are NCM bikes any good? we will now find out the main reasons to choose the NCM London

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