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Are Muddyfox bikes any good?


Looking at the Muddyfox brand. Is it Worth buying A Muddyfox? Lets find out

Why Should You Buy A Muddyfox?


Muddyfox Brand


In looking at the Muddyfox Brand and Are Muddyfox Bikes any good? We take a look at the brand.

Buying a new bike is an important decision. There are many well-known brands on the market. Among all of them, we like MuddyFox.

It is a reliable vendor with 25 years on the bicycle market.

The brand is well known by cyclist all around the world. They have maintained an important position over the years, and you can trust you are getting a high quality product when you get a bike from them.

That is why we have put together this buyers guide.

It has useful information about buying a MuddyFox bike. We will focus on the MuddyFox mountain bike and the MuddyFox road bikes.

In the end, we are going to provide you with additional information about MuddyFox Footwear, which is the perfect complement to your brand new bicycle.

We hope you find our article on Are Muddyfox Bikes any good? helpful and informative


Where are Muddyfox bikes made?


Muddyfox was established in Essex Basildon and specialises in manufacturing and designing mountain bikes with over twenty-five years within the bike industry.

The Muddyfox brand pride themselves on only designing mountain bikes that cyclist enthusiasts would love to own.

In the early 1980s, the company began and specialised in producing BMXs, however a reduction in demand lead them to manufacturing mountain bikes.

Since 2009, the Muddyfox brand is owned by Sport Direct and produces Silverfox bikes.

Muddyfox was the first mountain bike brand in Europe and has branded itself for the adrenaline seeker who have a passion for extreme sports.

The Muddyfox range now include a wide variety of different types of bikes, apparel and accessories.  Found ot more muddyfox bikes made?


Is Muddyfox Clothing A Good Brand?


The Muddyfox brand has a big selection of cycling apparel that any keen cyclist would need.

A brand that offers brilliant value for money cycling apparel that is designed for the adrenaline seeking cyclist.

If you’re thinking of purchasing your first bike and have a limited budget, then the Muddyfox brand is ideal and will meeting the needs of any aspiring cyclist. The brand has many years of experience within the bike industry.

Once you have purchased your brand new Muddyfox bike.

You may want to think about purchasing a good quality helmet, bike lock, cycling apparel and a pair of good quality cycling shoes.

You make like to read our article on are Muddyfox cycling shoes any good?


Are Muddyfox Bikes Worth Buying


The Muddyfox brand offers a lot of monetary worth and is an ideal entry level brand for anyone thinking of buying their first bike or anyone after a bargain.

Muddyfox have insured that all their bikes meet the basic needs of the modern cyclist and will allow the riders to get put their bike through their paces exploring your local mountain bike trails, commuting to work or for commuting around the city.

Check out our beginners guide to mountain biking.


Here are the top 3 reasons to buy a Muddyfox Bike


Muddyfox Brand

A EnBike Brand That Was Established In Basildon Essex 25 years ago.

Good Customer Services

Muddyfox Value Their Customers And Want To Offer  First Class Customer Experience.


Great Value

MuddyFox Design And Manufacture Great Value Road And Mountain Bikes

Muddyfox Bikes Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customrer Sattisfaction

Brand Score

First Class Customer Service


Muddy fox bikes

The main reasons why to buy a Muddyfox bike

The company is a European brand, with headquarters in the UK. Despite they are from Basildon, Essex, they have shops all around Europe. Recently they expanded their reach with an online store. Their website serves as a portal for buying all their products.

The drawback is that you need to create an account to become a customer. Buying a MuddyFox bike is now easy, and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Everybody things that MuddyFox started in the bike commerce with the MuddyFox mountain bike, which has kept on the market for as long as the company has been in business.

This fact is not entirely accurate. The first bike designed and manufactured by MuddyFox was a BMX. However, the model was not very popular. Soon they realized that to stay on business, they needed to diversify their offer.

The next design was the MuddyFox mountain bike. It soon became popular, up to a point in which buying a MuddyFox bike was synonymous of mountain bike.

Over the following two decades, different MuddyFox road bikes were developed. They all had a common denominator. Each new bike was innovative. They pioneered in every new idea that was introduced to the cycling sport between the 80s and the 90s. Then, the brand was prepared to explore new boundaries.

Their next move was in the development of other related goods. They started producing skateboards, scooters, bike accessories, and even clothing suitable for cycling. Women were an inspiration.

There is a full line of MuddyFox road bikes specially for women. In answering, Are Muddyfox Bikes any good? they definitely have the history of a great brand.




The brand continues to innovate every day. Buying a MuddyFox bike is still a trend. They keep it going supporting cycling sports. They got involved with a team for racing called the MuddyFox Race Team.

In fact, this is where the new inventions happen. The team continuously tests the new products before they are available in the market. That is how names like Dan Stanbridge and Rachel Atherton have climbed to the first places on racing competitions.

When buying a MuddyFox bike, you get the latest technology, coming from a reliable brand. This is where the cycling magic starts. With the right gear you can enhance your performance. It is not a secret that technology is part of the accomplishments of sports nowadays. MuddyFox takes a stand for cycling.

The reputation of the brand is breaking frontiers. Now it is well known all around the world. Cyclist from all places prefer MuddyFox bikes, gear, and clothing over their competitors. Due to its good quality, there are no issues and only benefits.

Are Muddyfox Bikes any good? The brand pride themselves on manufacturing and designing bikes that cycling enthusiasts love to ride.



  • Features – 92%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 90%

Cycle Footwear

The right shoes make a world of difference when it comes to cycling.

When you use the right footwear there are many things you can improve. It is technology working for you.

Among other things, the enhancements of cycling footwear include:

The mechanical efficiency when you connect the pedals can be improved if the sole of your footwear is prepared for it.

Specialized shoes have a better system for keeping the shoe on your feet. Velcro straps work wonders on it when combined with laces.

The interior is specially designed for cycling. When you cycle long distances, special shoes for cycling are much more comfortable than any other option on the market.

The shoes have a breathable surface, which is important to avoid sweaty feet when you cycle under the sun.

Some shoes include a clip to enhance the pedal grip. However, this is not common. If you chose a special shoe with a clip, make sure you learn to unclip it instinctively.

As you can see, the most important thing on cycling footwear is the grip.

That is why checking the sole will give you a good idea on how good a certain shoe is for cycling.

If you are buying a MuddyFox bike, go for the footwear too.

Some of their design are matching to their bikes, which is a good detail on their side.



Muddyfox Cyclewear

No matter if you have MuddyFox road bikes or a MuddyFox mountain bike.

The footwear is good for both of them. You can enjoy the best design when you are cycling.

There are cycling shoes suitable for women, men, and children.

All of them have a dual touch system to close them easily.

The upper side of the shoes is vented, providing a seamless comfort.

The best of it is the shaped heel. It is specially designed to improve the grip on any MuddyFox bike.

You will never get such grip with another shoe, even if it is meant for cycling.

Other features include a cushioned collar for the ankle.

That is important to avoid sprinkles in case you make a bad turn, or if you fall from the bike.

Some models have an additional reinforcement at the sole plate.

That makes them more resistant for bikers who like to speed and stop suddenly using their foot.

The style is up to you. Despite all of them have at least one strap, there are some models with a dual strap system.

If you prefer it, you can choose the laced models.

Any model you chose is perfectly secure, but some people feel more comfortable with laces.

The MuddyFox branding is part of the package in all cases.

Designs for women have pink lines that match the women’s MuddyFox mountain bike line.

There’s an option in white and gray that makes use of reflective gray details that match the bike’s reflectors.

The sizes start at 4 and up to 8 in some models.

As for kids, we wished there were more models. You can find sizes starting at 3 and up to 6 ½.

The Junior Cycling Shoes of MuddyFox are suitable for boys and girls, but there are only a small selection of colours and designs.

Men’s footwear has the broadest offer. You can find any colour (except for pink which is exclusive for women) and any style. Sizes start at 7and up to 13 in the most popular models.

If you are a woman with a big foot, then you may find the men’s footwear line more appropriate for you. 

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