Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX?

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Are Mongoose Good Bikes?


To consider, Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? We will first look at the Mongoose bike brand. Mongoose have been building and manufacturing BMX’s for over forty-five years.




The Mongoose brand was first established in Simi Valley garage in California were Skip Hess designs the motorMag; the first BMX designed with cast magnesium alloy wheels. The wheels on a BMX were the first thing to get damaged. Th success of the Motor Mag lead Skip to start his own company called BMX Products inc.




BMX products begin the production of the successful Mongoose heli arc welded frames. The traditional cantilever frames couldn’t handle BMX enthusiasts going fast over jumps as the high stress areas would fail. Skip developed the first BMX frame by reinforcing the stress areas. The Mongoose BMX race team began; Including legends like Bryan Curnel.




The Mongoose company set up a shop outside Los Angeles, Chatsworth California.




Motor Mag II was designed to be lighter and stronger for added controllability.



Mongoose start to develop larger bikes for BMX racing. The Kos Kruiser is born with a 24 inch wheeled racer that is used by Jeff Kosmala to beat Scott Briethraucpt. The success of Kosmala increases the popularity of the Kos Kruiser to be the go-to cruiser for racing.




Following the success of the Freestyle BMX, Mongoose launches the “Decade”. The Mongoose freestyle team is created.



The Mongoose hooligan is introduced, BMX designed by Harold Mcgoo and top rider Dennis Mccoy. Mark Noble of ride UK BMX marks the Holligan has the hottest bike of the year.




The Mongoose Amplifier is introduced by Mongoose. A mountain bike with a full suspension and an aluminium frame, Rock Shox Quadra fork, Shimano STX and 600 shifters. Dennis McCoy dominates the BMX series as the overall leader for four years.

Tim Hall “Fuzzy” lands his first ever cover of Ride BMX, a leading BMX publication. Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? They certainly know to make a BMX.




Mongoose is bought by Pacific Cycle, and the brand head quarter is moved to Madison, Wisconsin. Doral industries acquire Pacific cycle; increasing the stability and presence of the Mongoose brand.




Mongoose partner up with Dew Action Sports and continues to be involved in the action sports community.




Mongoose adds to it BMX and mountain bike athletes.




The Mongoose Jam, a BMX contest that features five pro athletes and five Woodward amateurs competing against each other.

In the United States the Jam is considered as one of the top BMX contests. Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? Most definitely.




The success of the mongoose team continues as Pat Casey wins the Vital BMX rider of the year and Kevin Praza is awarded dirt rider of the year.




Pat Casey is invited to join the BMX Olympics team. To see, Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? We will look at why should you buy a Mongoose bike.



Why Should You Buy A Mongoose


To find out, Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX?? We will look at the main reasons why you should buy a Mongoose BMX.




Riding your Mongoose BMX on a regular basis will provide the rider with countless hours of fun. Having fun on your BMX can include performing the same BMX a thousand times, learning a new trick or leaving your house to travel to your local park. Regardless of your skill level, entry level or a seasoned professional. Riding a BMX is fun.


Keeping Fit


Riding a BMX on a regular basis is one of the of the best workouts. You’re working out without releasing it, you’re having too much fun to realise. The bunny hop is essentially a dead lift, pumping to gain speed or jump is in essence a squat.

Pedalling is the same as an exercise bike. BMX racing is one of the most demanding sports a rider can do. Resulting in an individual to question why they are paying for a gym membership. Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? They will certainly get a rider fit.


BMX Buddies


Joining the BMX community is a brilliant way of building friendships that will hopefully last a life time. No matter of your age, wealth, skill, gender, the fact that a rider is riding a BMX will mean that they have common ground. Their passion for riding their BMX.

Challenge (Mentally & Physically)


A common saying; is nothing worth doing is easy. Furthermore, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. BMX riding is a perfect example of being physically challenging and requires a strong mental focus.

One of the main reasons why anyone under takes anything; is becoming better that we were the day before. In looking at, Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? We will look at some advice on BMX apparel.



Legion Metrics

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BMX Advice


To consider, Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? We will look at some advice for what to wear when ridding a BMX. If your trying to master the latest stunt or trick, a crash or a fall is always a possibility for BMX riders. Travelling at high speeds can cause injury so it’s important that the rider follows all the latest safety measures when riding their brand-new Mongoose bike.


All BMX riders should cover up all their skin, wear long sleeved tops, trousers, socks, gloves and a full-face helmet. If a rider prefers to wear shorts make sure they wear shin guards.

In looking at, Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? we will look at BMX apparel. Read the pros and cons of BMX’S.

BMX Apparel


Trousers/T Shirt: Made from nylon or sail cloth as they are more difficult to tear. The knee and elbow areas should be padded.


Gloves: The majority of BMX enthusiasts use Moto-X gloves for protection. Whatever the rider chooses, they must cover the whole hand.


Shoes: a flat or a tennis style shoe will provide the protection to the pedals. More experienced BMX enthusiast uses clipless shoes and pedals.


Socks: a rider must wear full length socks.


Helmet: Choose a full-length helmet that fits comfortable. The best bike helmet in the world is no good if you’re not wearing it.

Make sure the helmet fits correctly, lightweight and has good customer testimonials. Check the bike helmet regularly for any cracks or wear and tear. In order to find out Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? We will look at what at the Mongoose 20 U Legion.

Features & Benefits

Mongoose 20 U Legion L40


To answer, Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? we will take a look a look at the Mongoose 20 U Legion.



The Legion comes with a hi tensile steel frame. Steel is a durable and strong material that will offer the rider plenty of stability. Mongoose have equipped the Legion with a BMX frame that enables the rider to have plenty of control of the BMX in the air.




The Mongoose Legion comes with a set of 20 x 20 tires that will give the rider plenty of grip when trying to master new stunts and tricks.   You may like to read are Mongoose bikes any good?

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 94%

” I Cant Wait To Surprise My Son With His Brand New BMX.” Jennifer

Customer Reviews


In considering, Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? We will look at the customer satisfaction from the popular Mongoose 20 U Legion. I am happy with the Legion as its feel solid and is comfortable to ride. I really like the solid grips when I am perfecting a Manuel. I have been using the Legion in the skate park and I often get other BMX enthusiasts asking about my new ride.

The Legion offers brilliant value for money as it has some high-end features only normally found in more expensive BMX’s. I had plenty of money left in the budget to buy myself a new helmet too. I have been riding the Legion for over six months and I can feel my fitness level improving. In addition, I have made some new buddies.

The Legion was easy to assemble and only took twenty minutes with a helpful and informative Manuel. Once you have assembled, make sure you go on a small test run.

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