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Are Merida Road Bikes Good?


There are various ways to obtain Merida Bikes, and I’m interested in learning more about their quality.

I spent a week researching the Merida Bikes brand, which included learning about its history, reputation, competitors, and customer experiences, among other things.

Perhaps my brand analysis will be of assistance in assessing not whether Merida Bikes is a worthwhile investment for you.

Merida is Taiwan’s second-largest manufacturer. Having begun as a supplier to well-known brands like Specialized, the company knew precisely what it was doing when it chose to create its line of bikes.

Merida’s portfolio has expanded significantly in recent years, encompassing practically all disciplines. You’ll discover all the most recent Merida reviews and news right here.

Is Merida a Good Road Bike Brand?


Merida manufactures the most considerable bulk of Specialized. Merida owns 49% of Specialized.

Merida also constructed Raleigh, sold to the United States for more than two decades. It is the world’s second-largest bicycle manufacturer, behind Giant.

Numerous versions are similar in style and performance to those offered by Specialized but are often significantly less expensive. They differ in a few things, so it is not simply a badge and logo swap.

Unlike many other manufacturers, steady sales have secured a strong array of bicycle inventory for the UK market, including a good assortment of hybrids, mountain bikes, and high-end racing bikes.

Merida’s dealership and service centre network has expanded, indicating the brand’s accessibility and serviceability throughout United Kingdom.

Bikes have consistently been priced aggressively throughout the years, making this brand a popular choice for the value-conscious rider.

Each of us has a challenging need to pick up a mountain bike. What is there not to admire about them? They’re massive, robust, and incredibly stunning.

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are designed exclusively for off-road riding. A mountain bike is ideal for you if you often ride trails, gravel roads, and off-road tracks.

Mountain bikes’ frame shape, tyres, transmission, and braking systems are optimized for riding off-road situations.


A Brief History of Merida


Merida is Taiwan’s second-largest manufacturer. Having begun as a supplier to well-known brands like Specialized, the company knew precisely what it was doing when it chose to create its line of bikes.

Merida’s portfolio has expanded significantly in recent years, encompassing practically all disciplines.

Merida is a bicycle company based in Taiwan that was founded in 1972. Its objective was to demonstrate that Taiwanese-built motorcycles were of higher quality than their reputation at the time reflected.

That is just what Merida accomplished, beginning by making bikes for other brands until the time came to create its own and growing to become Taiwan’s second-largest bike maker.

Merida co-founded the Bahrain-Merida Pro Cycling Team in 2017, one of the region’s first. It is currently living up to its ultimate objective, with Vincenzo Nibali, Yukiya Arashiro, and Sonny Colbrelli riding its bikes to victory.


Which Is Better, Merida or Trek?


Merida is one of the world’s foremost bicycle manufacturers and a minority shareholder in Specialized. Almost everything with a Specialized badge originates at a Merida facility. Read about are Trek Bikes any Good?

While you cannot comment on specific models, Merida’s production and design capabilities are unmatched in the industry.

The MERIDA bike is a fantastic all-rounder that only displays minor flaws while riding steep inclines regardless of your riding abilities.

The Shimano EP8 motor is cleanly fitted into well and high-quality frame of this mountain bike.

In terms of general value for currency, the MERIDA eONE-SIXTY is the most excellent option for anyone looking to spend € 5,500 on their next electric mountain bike.

Trek Bikes was created in 1976 in a modest shed near Waterloo, Wisconsin. It unveiled its first mountain bike in 1983, followed by its first carbon fibre versions a few years later.

Trek entered the hybrid bicycle and children’s bicycle markets in the 1990s.

Trek has also been a pioneer in female-friendly bike design, creating Women’s Specialized Design bikes & accessories in 2000 and supporting women’s riding for decades.

Trek is unquestionably the superior frame. They possess far more expertise than Merida.

However, Trek offers perhaps the worst after-sales service and support of any brand in this beautiful country. At that pricing range, there is nothing that can go wrong.

We’ve previously suggested the Merida Speeder 400, so you know it’s a good pick. Cannondale is a reputable brand, which means the frame will be of high quality.

Sora’s works are far greater than they used to be (but the 105 should be a lot slicker on the Merida).

If the Cannondale is the bike for you, don’t hesitate to get it if it checks all the criteria and seems like a significant boost above the competition. Additionally, you should include the Giant Cross City 0 disc on your test list. Read about are Norco bikes any good?


Does Specialized Make Merida Bikes?


Merida has also purchased sizable holdings in several other bicycle manufacturers worldwide, the most noteworthy being Specialized.

Special is currently made at Merida’s Taiwanese facilities rather than Giant’s. Thus, Specialized Equals Merida, but Specialized remains Specialized in research and development and total ownership.

While Specialized is a recognized company that produces high-quality bikes, there are a couple of items to consider if you’re considering splurging out on one.

As is the case with most high-end bike manufacturers, they make a very pricey top-end range where you can expect to receive a lot of bikes for your money.


What Is the Price of the Merida Cycle?


In United Kingdom, Merida offers a total of 195 different bike models. It costs Rs. $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000 $12,000 to purchase the Merida Reacto 9000 E with different specifications, the most costly model in the lineup.

Merida 2013 MATTS 10 V is the least costly model, with a price tag of Rs. $429.00. It is also the least fuel-efficient.

These are suggested pricing, which may or may not be accurate.

When it comes to the popularity of Merida cycles, the Merida SCULTURA 400 is the most frequently sought-after model at present.


Merida cycle models                                  Price

SCULTURA 400                                  $2,499.00

REACTO 5000                                    $3206.67

SCULTURA 200                                  $1,170

Crossway 20D                                               $202.10

REACTO 4000                                    $ 2945.15

SCULTURA 300                                  $1026.76

SPEEDER 100                         $879.00


Merida Warranty


A lifetime guarantee covers all frames for the duration of the original purchaser’s ownership.

Specifically, it applies to manufacturing and material flaws for bicycles built after 2011. There are no exceptions for racing. eBikes have a weight restriction of 140kg, whereas regular bikes have a weight limit of 120kg.

Forks: Carbon and aluminium rigid forks are warranted for five years from purchase unless otherwise stated.

Suspension: The rear suspension components are covered by a 2-year warranty from the original purchase date.

All other Merida-branded components, including paint and finish, are covered by a one-year limited warranty from the original date of purchase.

The Merida warranty does not cover the following items:

Componentry that is not associated with Merida

Wear and tear are standard in most situations.

Accidental injury, negligence, or abuse are all examples of property damage.

Assembly that is not up to standard

The failure to perform necessary aftermarket service. An approved Merida dealer must check all motorcycles within six months of purchase. Suspension systems must be maintained by an authorized dealer at least once a year.

Changes made to the frame or original components are considered modifications or alterations.

Including damages for human injury, property damage, and economic loss, these losses are known as incidental or consequential damages.

Labour costs for the replacement or changeover of a component

Replacement components are subject to transportation charges.

Components with a recognizable brand

In the case of issues with branded original components, such as those manufactured by Shimano or SRAM, are covered by the respective component manufacturer’s warranty and are subject to their terms and conditions.

Please get in touch with your local Merida stockist if one of your branded components fails, and they will make contact with the appropriate distributor on your behalf.

You may use the search function to find a retailer near you.

It may be necessary to return the problematic goods to Merida Bicycles Ltd for further investigation if the source of the fault is not immediately apparent based on the information and images provided by your Merida stockist.


Final Thoughts


 Merida is the 2nd largest bicycle creator in the world, after Giant. It produces the lion’s share of Specialized.

Merida also built Raleigh, sold to the United States for almost two decades. Bikes are routinely priced competitively, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious riders.

Merida is a leading bicycle manufacturer globally and a minority shareholder in Specialized.

Almost everything that bears the Specialized logo originates in a Merida location. Trek may have the worst after-sales assistance and service of any brand in this nation. Merida currently provides 195 distinct bicycle models. Read about are Scott bikes any good?



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