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Are Kona bikes any good?

Searching For Information Regarding The Kona Bike Brand. Get All Your Questions Answered.

Why Should You Buy The Honzo

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Kona



Alloy 6061 Frame

RockShox Suspension

MTB Tyres

Hydraulic Brakes


A Respected Bike Brand With Over 30 Years Of Experience In Manufacturing Quality Bikes.


Customer Testiominals

Good Customer Testimonials. Definitely Worth Checking Out

Konas Bike History


In our investigation, Are Kona bikes Any good? We will take a look at the history of the Kona Brand. The Kona brand has been established for over thirty years and their bikes are designed by cycling enthusiasts for cycling enthusiasts who are passionate and keen cyclists.

Kona want to encourage individuals to take up cycling and feel the freedom and empowerment that owning a bicycle can offer. The Kona brand is not huge, and they are not small but are a group of cyclists that are passionate about designing and manufacturing bikes for people who love cycling. To find out, Are Kona bikes Any good? We will take a look through Kona’s timeline.




Konas project two began with the creation of the MTB production fork. Today, Konas range contain around ten versions for the 26,27 and 700C. Bruce Spicer made his debut for the Kona Factory MTB team.



Dr Drew joined Kona in July in 1990. Kona introduce the production of eight model new models at the Interbike Anaheim 1990. The production of Kona Hei Hei begins at the Sandvik Special metals with an impressive 4,000 titanium frames produced in the next ten years.

In addition, the US- XC hardtail begins production in August 1990. Max Jones from Narvada joins the Kona factory team in march 1990. To find out, Are Kona bikes any good? We will continue to look at the brands timeline



Fire Mountain and Hahanna are introduced as Konas first alpha model designed as the mountain cross with slick tires. The Kialauea wins the bike of the year from the mountain biking magazine.

An eyewatering twenty models are introduced at the interbike Anaheim in September with the first eastern tubing bicycles.



Kona introduces the sex one and sex too in September, the first Kona dual suspension bikes. Steve Peat races using the Hei Hei frame in the UK. Furthermore, the future NORBA champion Kirk Molday races in Canada using the same bike.


Graham Kuerbis takes part in the Ford Focus promotion tour in Texas and California. The plan on doing a forty-foot gap over a Ford Focus. However, Ford asks for a ring of fire.   Kona hold there first festival in Elba (Italy) for dealers, distributors and dealers. The research and development team at Kora release two BMX models called Kuku and Mama. Kuku is “jump” in Hawaiian and Mama means race.

Tracey Mosely makes her debut for the Kona factory team and goes on to win an eye watering ten races during her career. Are Kona bikes any good? They certainly have the history of a great brand.



The Konas women’s bike team ride three new bikes. Wendy Simms goes on to win three Canadian championships for Kona. Three new cyclists are added to the clump by the end of the year. Grant fielder from Spain, Andreu and Luis were already at Kona.



Kona introduces the Major One designed specifically for cyclo cross. The first electric bike designed by Kona is introduced with the Electric Ute. The riding team at the Kona factory continue with their success by winning the UK cyclo cross nationals. Furthermore. Bertrand wins the Belgium champship, Joe Smith has success at the wales DH. Are Kona bikes any good? Only quality bikes could win this number of trophies. Kona send six hundred and fifty bikes to south Africa from the 2 & 1 program and 2,500 are sent since 2006.




The Kona team announce their new range of bikes called Dirt 100. Grant Fielder wins a bronze medal at the Antoine on a hardtail. Success continues for Helen Wyman as she wins the British Cyclo on her bike called A Major Jake. Her success continues with her winning ten straight CX races. Kona has success in the European Eduro championship with Karim Amour winning on his Abra amour. To find out, Are Kona bikes any good? We will look at the types of bikes Kona manufacture.


The Different Types Of Korna Bikes




Kona have designed a new carbon fibre bike collection called LIBRE. Carbon fibre is lightweight, strong and durable and is used on airplanes and spacecrafts. The 650b and 700c wheels have a good tire clearance that maximises the wheel tread that allows the rider to have plenty of support and stability while exploring their local surroundings.  Road and montain bike guide.Designed to give the rider plenty of storage with racks and fenders. The DEW range has been designed t o tackle a variety of road surfaces. Read our article on the pros and cons of road bikes.


Mountain Bikes


Kona research and development team have designed a collection of mountain bikes that any serious mountain biking enthusiast would be proud to own or perfect for anyone wanting an entry level mountain bike.  MTB Guide. A mountain bike can be used for a variety of purposes whether that be a trip to shops, exploring local mountain bike trails or family days out. Are Kona bikes any good? They have a wide variety of bikes for every cycling enthusiast. Read our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes.


Electric bikes


With the revolution electric bikes, Kona have ensured that they are one step ahead by ensuring that they design electric bikes with the most advanced technologies, innovative process’s, materials and components. e bike guide.

The main benefit of owning an electric bike is they are designed for tackling steep inclines, travelling further and being able to commute with more ease. You will be able to seek bigger adventures with a Bosch powered pedal assist.  To truly find out, Are Kona bikes any good? We will look at the Kona Honzo mountain bike. Check out our article on the pros and cons of  electric bikes.

 Korna Metrics

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Why Should You Buy The Honzo

Kona Honzo MTB 2019


In our investigation into Are Kona bikes any good? We will now look at the popular Kona Honzo. If you’re looking for an aggressive hardtail that offers a bit more versatility. The geometry of the Honzo will allow the rider to get the most out of the terrain.

In addition, the rockshox front suspension will give the rider plenty of support while travelling over different types of terrain as the suspension helps absorb the impact shock of travelling over uneven ground.

The Honzo also comes with an impressive set of hydraulic brakes that will allow the rider to respond to any sticky situations and come to an emergency stop easily and safely. To continue looking at, Are Kona bikes any good? We will now look at the features and benefits.

Features & Benefits


Kona Aluminium 6061


The aluminium 6061 is used by Kora to provide a durable, light alloy that is often used by bike manufactures. Aluminium is known to outperform steel in laboratory test and is designed to with stand the odd bump or scrap.   The majority of tubbing is butted so the frame and ride characteristics can be strengthened.


Headset (internal)

The bearing cups are pressed to the frame so they can be removed with ease. Having an internal headset will give the rider plenty of options to change the height of the stem, bars and will help reduce the stack height. Are Kona bikes any good? They certainly now how to manufacture bikes.


Head Tube (Tapered)

The shock force is dramatically improved with having more girth at the bottom of the head tube that reduces the brake shudder while improving the steering performance.

In addition, having a triangular design means a better steering position that helps the rider have a better balance and more control when tackling different types of terrain in rough terrain. Furthermore, having a zero slack head tube gives the Honzo strength where the load is being carried and maximises the bearing durability.

A zero-stack, tapered head tube also puts strength where the load is going—into the lower headset cup—maximizing bearing durability where it’s needed.



The Kona Honzo comes with an awesome 27.5 + wheels that will give the rider plenty of grip exploring their local community. Having a good quality set of MTB tyres will be able to boost the rider’s stability and confidence while travelling over unknown terrain.




  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 94%

Customer Satisfaction

I needed a bike that I could use for the commute to works, trips to the shop and for family days out exploring Delamere forest. The Kona Honzo is ideal as it is perfect for tackling a variety of different types of terrain.

The Honzo was easy to assemble and came with an informative and helpful instruction manuel. I am happy with how the Honzo rides and it is easy to change the pace of the Honzo quickly safely. Now that I am commuting to work, I am thinking about getting ride of my monthly gym subscription. I am also hoping to join my new cycling friendly for monthly gatherings at Delamore forest. Are Kona bikes any good? We will look at the common questions.

Final Comments


Is the Kona Honzo Mountain bike durable?

The Honzo is strong, durable mountain bike designed with Aluminum Alloy, Rockshox suspension, Shimano gear, hydraulic brakes and a set of good quality mountain biking tires.

Does the Honzo come full assembled?

The Honzo does not come fully assembled, however the mountain bike should take no longer than thirty minutes and once assembled you should always go on a small test ride to make sure you are happy with bike. The bike comes with a helpful instruction manuel

What Can I use the mountain bike for?

If your looking for a type of bike that can be used for a variety of activities and is capable of tackling different terrain. You can the Honzo Mountain bike for commuting to work, leisurely activities such as trips to the shop, a stroll around your local park or for family fun days out exploring your local community. are mountain bikes good for commuting?

Who are Kona?

Konza are a respected bike brand within the biking community and have been designing and manufacturing quality mountain bikes for over thirty years. We hope you have enjoyed our article on Are Kona bikes any good? And found it helpful and informative.



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