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Are Jetson Electric Bikes Any Good?


Jetson Electric Bikes are available for purchase through a variety of channels. I’d be interested in finding out. I conducted a significant study on Jetson Electric Bikes for over a week to understand them.

Hopefully, the brand analysis provided in this post will assist you in determining whether or not Jetson Electric Bikes are a good investment.

The bike is reasonably priced. By connecting the bike to the Ride Jetson app, the rider may modify the speed, alter the LED lights, monitor the bike’s battery life, and track their journeys.

The bike is equipped with a tiny kickstand like that of a motorbike. The footpegs give a pleasant resting area for riders’ feet.

The bike has cruise control, enabling users to take their hands off the throttle during extended trips.

Are Jetson Bikes Durable & Reliable?


The Jetson Folding Bike is a well-made, compact, and economical electric bike that is great if you are still on the market about its features and reliability.

Read our Juiced city scrambler review to discover more about another bike with a wide, comfy seat that may make riding more pleasant.

15.5 mph top speed Design is foldable; it is also lightweight but robust. Affordably priced; excellent for beginners and children

Durability and construction quality might be improved. Its frame is constructed from aluminium alloy, both sturdy and lightweight, like the Jetson Electric Bike.

However, it has rear disc brakes (which work very well) and almost no rear suspension.

The Jetson Bike’s peak speed is limited to 15.5mph. Although it is slower than the Nakto Electric Electric Bike, it is still quick enough for adults and safe for children.

You may choose between cruise control and twist throttle at any time.

Compared to the PRODUCT, the Jetson Electric Bike is somewhat limited in its range. On the other hand, fifteen miles on a single charge is nothing to sneeze at.

Given its peak speed, you can get about an hour of riding out of it before it has to be recharged. The charging duration is adequate; it takes 5 hours to recharge.

The Jetson Electric Bike’s most essential safety feature is its powerful LED headlight. It consumes extremely little power, leaving most of the battery available to power the bike.

If this is what you desire, it is sufficiently light to be used at night. The eAhora X7, on the other hand, includes anti-theft measures such as an electronic lock and complete metal suspension.


A Brief History of Jetson


It had hardly progressed beyond the idea stage when Oprah featured the Jetson Gen 1 on an edition of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.”

Everybody now has a Jetson! Jetson was well on its way to becoming what founder and CEO Josh Sultan had always envisioned: a pioneer in making life more enjoyable, with the added benefit of making eco-friendly look beautiful.

Jetson was formed in 2012 on the conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of joyous riding.

Their objective is to encourage moments of discovery and creativity with their portfolio of revolutionary e-mobility products, including electric scooters, electric bikes, and hoverboards.

They spend most of their time on the go here at Jetson. Their wheels never stop turning as they look for innovative methods to enhance our customers’ experience.

They are a group of motivated individuals that thrive on problem-solving and achieving our objectives. They’ve developed an open and welcoming culture and constantly hunt for new ideas and projects.


Where Are Jetson Bikes Made?


Based in Brooklyn and founded in 2011, Jetson has experienced revenue growth of more than 100 percent year over year.

The firm produces electric bikes and skateboarding and hoverboarding equipment to reduce its carbon impact.


Common Problem & Solutions with Jetson


When ascending, the Jetson Bolt has difficulty maintaining its pace.

Many consumers expressed dissatisfaction with the battery’s ability to maintain a charge after a few months.

The bike’s weight is not evenly distributed when the frame handle for transportation picks it up.

Some customers have complained that the seat is too rigid and unpleasant.

Many customers reported difficulties with adequately using the Ride Jetson application.

The bike is not suitable for taller or heavier people than average.

Riders expressed dissatisfaction with the narrow wheels and lack of suspension, claiming that they could feel every obstacle in their route.



How long does a Jetson electric bike last?


The Jetson Electric Bike is intended for riders above the age of 13. It ranges up to 10-15 kilometers on a single battery charge. Please keep in mind that rider weight, riding style, speed, terrain, and other factors all influence the range of the vehicle.


How long does a Jetson Bolt last?


The amount of time it takes to charge your Jetson Bio scooter depends on the current battery level of your scooter.

When your Bio scooter’s battery is entirely depleted, it might take up to 3 hours to recharge it completely.

The Jetson Bolt e-bike is a fantastic ride, especially for the price ($399). It can perform all of the functions of an electric scooter while allowing you to sit down as you would on a bicycle. This isn’t an imposing electric bicycle by any sense of the imagination.


Is Jetson a Chinese company?


Stockholm, Sweden-based Jetson AB is a member of the Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing Industry, and its headquarters are in Stockholm.


Where are Jetson bikes made?


All Jetson items in Brooklyn, New York, are developed and manufactured in China.

Based in Brooklyn and founded in 2011, Jetson has experienced revenue growth of more than 100 percent year over year.

The firm produces electric bikes and skateboarding and hoverboarding equipment to reduce its carbon impact. The Jetson Adventure is a noteworthy addition to the Jetson family of ships.


How Does Jetson Compare To Fiido


The Jetson Bolt E-Bike is a lightweight and portable machine. It is devoid of pedals, a chain, and a tape player.

It’s fitted with a quick-release rear brake for added convenience. According to consumers, the seat was inflexible and uncomfortable.

This device only has a range of about 17 miles. The battery’s capacity to hold a charge may deteriorate over time.

The bicycle may be folded flat and transported in the trunk of virtually any car. This e-bike is excellent for someone who does not want to break a sweat and is looking for a low-cost alternative to a traditional bicycle.

When making big design decisions for its bike, the Jetson Electric Bike is apprehensive. It isn’t the fastest or most versatile electric bike on the market, but it is enough.

As a result, why are both parties becoming involved? The 15.5 mph top speed and 15-mile battery life are also respectable figures. It’s strong and lightweight, and it’s simple to fold up for storage.

However, with a starting price of $339, it is one of the most affordable electric bikes.

The Jetson Electric Bike earns its stripes as a well-balanced entry-level electric bike with excellent manoeuvrability.

On a good day, you’ll be able to travel at a peak speed of 15.5 mph for the entire 15 kilometers.

After that, it will need to be recharged for the next day, providing you with an hour of pleasure.

Rough terrain is strictly forbidden. Nature trails, on the other hand, are acceptable. Nonetheless, it is a reliable bicycle.

In addition to Rad Power Bikes, Dance, and VanMoof, Fiido ( is a minor electric bike maker that competes with them. View all of the brands that are currently available.

Fiido currently has a Knoji rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 49 reviews. Find out are Fiido bikes any good?



  • It outlines the policies for cancellation and change.
  • Fiido currently has 15 active promotional codes.



This application does not support shop Pay Installments.

Does not have a policy regarding free delivery of goods

Do not accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

Do not accept Google Pay as a payment method.

Shop Pay is not accepted as a payment option.

The company does not accept funding through Klarna.

Gift cards are not supported.


Final Thoughts


The Jetson Folding Bike is a well-made, small, and affordable electric bike that is remarkable for its features and reliability.

Using the Ride Jetson app, users may control the bike’s speed, LED lighting, battery life, and track their excursions.

The Jetson Electric Bike’s strong LED lighting is crucial for safety. Jetson was founded in 2012 on the belief that everyone should have access to pleasurable riding.

The company makes electric bikes, skateboards, and hoverboards to lessen its carbon footprint.

The Jetson Bolt e-bike is an excellent value at $399. It has all the features of an electric scooter yet allows you to sit like a bicycle.

Jetson’s revenue has increased by almost 100% year-on-year. The Jetson Electric Bike has a 15-mile range and a peak speed of 15.5 mph. It’s strong, light, and folds effortlessly.

Users described the seat as stiff and unappealing. The battery may lose its charge capacity over time. Read about are Merida bikes any good?

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