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Are Haibikes Any Good?

Looking For More Information On The Haibike brand. Get Your Questions answered.

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Haibike’s History


In our investigation into, Are Haibikes Any Good? We will first take a look at Haibikes history. The Hai bike was established in a small German city Schweinfurt in 1995.

In the beginning the Haibikes were sold under their parent brands name Winora. In answering, Are Haibikes Any Good? We will take a look through Haibikes history time line.





The Hai bike XDURO is presented at Eurobike. The XDURO offered an off-road MTB. The success of the XDURO, lead Hai bike to create four models (Fully, Hardtail, Cross and Trekking). Read our electric bike guide.

The demand for XDURO quickly out stripped supply, leading to the continued success of the Haibike brand.


Gravity Casting Technology


Haibike success was down to the use of gravity casting that enabled them to produce complex components, that are extremely precise and stable but lightweight. The technology is used on the engine mount at the heart of the frame.

A lot of Hai bikes competitors copied Hai bikes ground breaking technology. Are Haibikes Any Good? They certainly know how to build and manufacture electric bikes. Pros and cons of electric bikes.




Haibike wins a design award for the XDURO RX. The range expands to eleven models, including 29-inch wheels and e bikes.

The success of the Haibikes leads them to start designing a 28mph erunner and a new fast road category.

Are Haibikes Any Good? They certainly have the history of a great brand. In Eurobike the XDURO race is presented.




Sabine Spitz joins the Haibike as a ambassador for the Haibike brand and sucessfully competes in the top elite for the next four years. Sabine has success in the London Olympics wining a Silver medal. are electric bikes any good?

Maximilian Semsch travels around Australia on his XDURO trekking covering an amazing 10,000 miles. Concluding the longest tours in history.

In asking, Are Haibikes Any Good? Maximilian tours strongly illustrates that Haibike know how to build quality bikes.

Furthermore, Maxmilian XDURO doesn’t have much damage apart from two broken spokes and has no visible damage from carrying 18lbs of luggage.




Angela Markle visits the Haibike stand at the Eurrobike and asks Felix and Suzanne Puello to explain the highlights of the brands.  Haibike now have thirty-seven models and are committed to eperformance. In addition, a new drive unit and switching over to aluminium frame takes the XDURO to the next level.

.The Skid plate is introduced by Haibike. An impact resistant helps protect the motor from any damage.

Haibike takes its first steps in manufacturing road models and the XDURO race. The first mass production flatbed runner. To find out, Are Haibikes Any Good? We will look at the brands success in 2014 




The XDURO SDURO is introduced by Haibike that features a brand-new Yamaha drive unit that offers better handling, performance and characteristics resulting in an instant success. SDURO Hardline SL is voted one of the most popular E Bikes in Germany.




Guido Tschugg, a four-time German champion switches to an Haibike and changes the perception of eperformance. Haibike introduce the XDURO Downhill Pro that presents a high-performance drive unit that allows the rider to go downhill and up hill without breaking sweat. An instant success with the biking community. can you use electric bikes in the rain?




Gary & Rachell Corbett, an Australian couple set to beat the Australian Tour to make the longest distance world record on ebikes by travelling around Europe.


The eConnect is born. Haibike introduces a digital interface that is intergrated into the ebike and sends and receives data. Collecting Data like GPS Theft control, riding log and bike location. All the data can be accessed on a smart phone app. Are Haibikes Any Good? We will look at Haibikes continued success in 2017.




Haibike introduces the Modular Rail System that makes it easy to mount different components easily.




Sam Pilgrim, a British freestle champion joins the Haibike family by competing on an Haibike. To look at, Are Haibikes Any Good? We will look at why you should buy a Haibike. How steep can an e bike go


Why Should You Buy A Haibike


To continue, Are Haibikes Any Good? we will look at the reasons why you should buy a Haibike. Engineered in Germany since 1995 with the experience gained from Winoragroup, who have been manufacturing and designing bikes for nearly over 100 years.




Haibike introduced the Haibike XDURO in 2010 with an ePerformance that started the EMTB boom. The main benefit of ePerformance is that it combines both electrical support and performance.    An ePerformance bike offers the perfect balance of freedom, power and balance. An eperformance bike is the perfect combination between a pedal bike and a motorcycle.

Passionate About Ebikes


The Haibike has a passion for bikes and is a leading engineer in designing and manufacturing electric bikes. The Haibike brands research and design team want to ensure that every customer that purchase a Haibike receives a first-class customer experience.

All Haibikes go through robust testing right from the start of the production process to make sure only the finest materials and components are used. Right through to when a customer starts unpacking their brand-new electric bike.


Providing an Opportunity


More individuals need to be encouraged to ride bikes on a regular basis as they help us keep healthy both physically and mentally.

One of the main benefits of electric bikes is that it allows individuals that would normally struggle to ride a traditional bike because of a health condition or a physical disability to be able to join the cycling community. Never mind a riders age or health. Electric bikes are for everyone. Read the pros and cons of electric bikes. To see, are Haibikes any good? we will look at advice on how to maintain your brand new Haibike.



Hardseven Metrics

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Maintaining Your Haibike


To consider, Are Haibikes Any Good? we will look at how you should maintain a Haibike. Your brand new Haibike needs maintaining like a regular traditional bike.

An electric bike is a brilliant way to get from one location to another. However, not maintaining your Haibike on a regular basis could dramatically affect your safety.

Clean Your E Bike


Get in a good habit of cleaning your Haibike on a regular basis every two weeks. Do not use a pressure hose as you don’t want water to get into the sealed electrical components or to wash away the grease on the bearings.

Cleaning the electric bike on a regular basis will help the rider keep debris and dirt from blocking the motor and the chain.


Check the Tyre Pressure


Not inflating your electric bike tyres to the required PSI will make the electric bike work a lot harder and effect the performance of your brand-new electric bike.

Having soft tyres will cause more drag and affect the performance of the electric bike. In addition, the battery will run out more quickly and the electric bike will become less stable.

The tyre pressure should be checked on a regular basis, ideally before every commute and the weight and distance should be taken into consideration.




The battery is one of the most important components of an electric. Make sure that the battery is topped up on a regular basis and never ran dry.

The battery should be kept away from any extreme temperatures, and stored a dry place. A well-maintained battery can last as long as four to five years. You may like to read are electric bikes any good? To summarise, Are Haibikes Any Good? We will look at thee popular Haibike Sdure Hardseven.

Features & Benefits

Haibike Sdure Hardseven




The HardSeven comes with 27.5 wheels that are designed for light terrain and wide and comfortable tyres that offer the rider plenty of support and stability while riding. Having a good set of quality tires will boost the rider’s confidence.


Aluminium Frame


Haibike have equipped the Hardseven with an aluminium 6061 frame. Aluminium is a tough, strong and durable material that will offer the rider plenty of stability while riding.

Aluminium is known to surpass Steel in laboratory tests and is commonly used by bike manufactures. Read our article on Haibike Sduro Yamaha electric bike.




The Hardseven comes with a 250 watts Yamaha motor that will give the rider a boost of power that will allow the rider to travel much further with less effort.

One of the main benefits of an electric bike is its ability to tackle inclines, allowing the rider to relax and take in more of their surroundings. Yamaha are a well-known respected bike brand within the bike industry. Are Haibikes Any Good? They certainly know how to build electric bikes.


Shimano Gears


There will no need to worry about changing the pace of the Hardseven electric bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider as there are eleven gears that the rider can choose from to quickly and safely change gear. Shimano are well known and respected throughout the biking community.


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  • Features – 97%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 96%

” I Absolutely Love Taking My Hardseven On The New Brighton Sea Front.”

Customer Reviews


In considering, Are Mongoose Bikes Good For BMX? We will look at the customer satisfaction from the popular Mongoose 20 U Legion. I am happy with the Legion as its feel solid and is comfortable to ride. I really like the solid grips when I am perfecting a Manuel. I have been using the Legion in the skate park and I often get other BMX enthusiasts asking about my new ride.

The Legion offers brilliant value for money as it has some high-end features only normally found in more expensive BMX’s. I had plenty of money left in the budget to buy myself a new helmet too. I have been riding the Legion for over six months and I can feel my fitness level improving. In addition, I have made some new buddies.

The Legion was easy to assemble and only took twenty minutes with a helpful and informative Manuel. Once you have assembled, make sure you go on a small test run.

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