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Are Haibikes Electric  Bikes Any Good? (FAQ)



Haibike makes electric bicycles that combine human performance with electric assistance to create performance, a brand new concept.

If you’re looking for an electric bicycle that won’t limit you or do the hard work for you but instead improve your physical ability, a Haibike is the way to go!

What is Haibikes Reputation and Popularity?


Since Haibike is part of the Accel Group N.V. bike corporation based in the Netherlands, the company was formed in Schweinfurt in 1995.

Many of  its models were previously sold under the Winora name, as were many of its subsidiaries. However, the parent firm eventually determined that having a dedicated mountain biking trademark was preferable.

It takes pleasure in employing German engineering in its sporty e-bike versions. Its moniker is closely associated with “Performance,” as defined by Haibike.

Haibike is essentially a symbol of strength and creativity. One specific example is that it’s one of the few companies that can legitimately claim to have started the eMTB revolution as one of the first firms to foray into motor-driven mountain bikes.

Expect the majority of Haibike’s models to be eMTBs, road bikes, and hybrid bikes. It has a single model for kids in its Hard line, or the HardFour if we’re going to be particular.


A Brief History of Haibikes


Felix and Susanne Puello established the Puello brand in 1995. Susanne was the CEO of the Winora Group at the time.  

The motorcycles were originally manufactured under the Winora brand, but were immediately renamed Haibike.

In the motherland of all mountain bikes, Haibike makes history. At Interbike, Haibike received the new “eBike of the Year” award.

Gary Fisher, the king of mountain biking, will be presenting the prize. In his address, he refers to e-bikes as the “Next Big Thing.”

One of the most prestigious international design honors, the iF Award, has been given to Haibike five times, a first in history.

This is the first time a single manufacturer has received so many accolades at once.


How Reliable & Durable Are Haibikes?


Yes, Haibike is a high-end company that manufactures motorcycles with long-lasting materials and components.

The majority of their bicycles are composed of aluminum or carbon fiber and feature Bosch electronics as well as Shimano or SRAM components.

These are bikes that are designed to last and withstand everyday use. The company’s headquarters in Schweinfurt, Germany, oversees the entire research, production, and manufacturing methods.

That’s why Haibikes are more expensive than other similar models: they’re not produced with frames made in other countries.

Haibike’s assertion that their e-bikes are capable of true off-road riding It has a RockShox Yari RC fork and a RockShox Deluxe RT Air rear shock, which is a great mid-range combination. Read our Electric bike guide.

Haibikes UK Dealers


Customers can purchase a Haibike online and have it delivered for free the next day. They can also pick up their new eBike completely constructed from one of Haibike partner locations.

Customers can also buy their Haibike in person, which is a great way to have a professional answer all of your questions and get hands-on experience with our bikes through test rides.

In the UK, dealers will manage your new Haibike, as well as fulfill any specific requirements and provide technical assistance if necessary. This is accomplished by direct, one-on-one, and high-quality connections.


Simply use the map  to find a dealer near you. You may search for nearby retailers by entering a town or a postcode.


Official haibike partner


Haibike Partners are dealers who sell a wide selection of bikes from Haibike, including e Bikes and non e-Bikes.


Official haibike expert

As a Haibike Expert, this dealer provides a wide choice of bikes from Haibike’s e Bike and non-e Bike lines, and is properly educated to sell them.


Official haibike Campion


This dealer, as a Haibike Champion, provides a wide choice of bikes from Haibike, including e Bikes and non e-Bikes.  furthermore, the Haibike Premium Servicing network includes highly-trained Champion dealers, who provide full Haibike service. Read about are peugeot e bikes any good?


What Are Typical Problems With Haibikes?


E-bikes are human engineering wonders, and the list goes on.  Haibikes are similar in that they come with operating and maintenance manuals that cover every part of maintaining the bicycle.

If we put “E-bike maintenance” within the umbrella of maintenance, a few highly common and recurring difficulties and problems are listed below:




Because of its position and working circumstances, the battery is considered a key component of a Haibike.

Damage to the battery is frequently experienced as a result of poor E-bike usage; another reason could be the use of unsecured washing methods with a pressurized water source, which results in the accumulation of moisture throughout the E-bike.

It’s important to remember that even if the battery terminals were disconnected before washing it, you shouldn’t put it back together until it’s completely dry and there’s no moisture left that could lead to water damage.

Extremes of temperature have a negative impact on battery life, efficiency, and power output.

 It’s possible that the battery’s lifespan will be shortened as a result. Allowing your charger to remain plugged in and overcharge will shorten the battery’s life because it is harmful to the battery.

It is recommended that you do not leave your charger connected and overcharge your battery, and that you do not expose your battery to adverse weather conditions that could harm it.




Hub motor noise is a prevalent problem with electric bikes. If the motor’s gears, disc brakes, or bearings are worn out, this is a regular problem.

A loose bolt could possibly be the source of the noise. If the problem persists, the motor bearings are likely in need of lubrication, and the noises are caused by friction. Read about the pros and cons of e bikes.


Wiring and Connections Checks


Extreme vibrations and strains placed on the E-bike can sometimes result in loose connections, which can cause the E-bike to malfunction or become fully inoperable.

Due to these concerns, it is recommended that the external wiring of the Haibike be checked on a regular basis within one’s intellectual capabilities. Read about how to maintain your electric bike.

How Fast Does A Haibike Go?


There are now 17 versions in the product line. With its 150mm suspension travel, the first AllMountain eBike will set the standard for future longstroke eBikes.

For the first time, Haibike is introducing the XDURO Trekking S, a fast 45km/h eBike. The name affix “eQ” is eliminated, and the model name “XDURO,” a portmanteau of the phrases X-Cross and Enduro, takes its place.

A newly built speed sensor disc delivers 18 impulses per wheel revolution to the system, allowing it to monitor speed 18 times more precisely than any other device on the market.

As a result, the system can respond to changing requirements more quick and more flexibly.


Do Haibikes Hold Their Value?


The Haibike FLYON is the company’s first ever performance technology, and it sets a new standard for increased value.


Unique design


The Haibike FLYON system design incorporates cutting-edge technology into a high-quality carbon frame that can handle even the most difficult terrain.

The sleek design includes integrated wire routing and space-saving battery placement to keep you riding in style for longer.




The Haibike SkidPlate is a fiber-reinforced plastic motor cover that successfully prevents the motor from direct hits when riding over obstacles, as well as mud, strikes from stones and other trail debris.


Twin tail light


You can ride even after the sun sets with the Haibike Twin Tail Lights! The eBike is immediately visible from all sides thanks to eight high-efficiency LEDs.


Where are Haibike manufactured?


Haibike is known for developing high-quality eBikes. The core of their electric bike facility in Germany is where all of the invention, design, and production take place.


Wheel Building


This section of the facility is dedicated to the production of wheels. Dedicated wheel builders put together hundreds of rims, different sized spokes, and hubs here. Each wheel is checked for tension, rigidity, and trueness by machines.


Haibike Assembly Line


First, the entirely bare frames are organized into lines in preparation for the addition of certain elements.

Each frame already has its frame number stamped on it, as well as a tag associated with it.

The parts and bike are tagged using the barcode at each phase of manufacture.

The highly praised Haibike electric bike’s parts are lined up and ready to be installed. Some parts are already pre-bolted together in order to run efficiently.


Bosch Electric Motor Installation


Each Bosch system is flashed to the eBike after the motor and Bosch components are installed.

So the technician enters information such as the date of production, wheel size, gear ratios, and frame number into the Bosch electric bike’s software.

After this stage, the final touches and wheels are applied in order to ensure that the bike functions well before it is completed.


Haibike AllMtn 3 vs. Haibike Trekking 5


The Haibike AllMtn 3 is a bike that has no bounds. This is the kind of bike that will put a big smile on your face if you desire only one two-wheeler to explore the entire mountain—climb, decline, and pedal.

The AllMtn 3 is equipped with a top-of-the-line Bosch Performance CX motor and a large 650Wh battery that will give you ample range to ride all day.

SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed transmission and Shimano MT420 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes round out the AllMtn 3. This combination will improve your pedalling capabilities while also giving you dominance and control when downhill.

The Haibike Trekking 5 is a bike designed specifically for that purpose. It comes in both a step-over and a step-through frame, making it suited for both men and women.

A fun tidbit about this bike is that it was used by Maximilian Semsch to travel throughout Australia in 2021, travelling over 10,000 km.

That alone is sufficient evidence that this is a true ePerformance bike. The Haibike Trekking 5’s components include a versatile Shimano Alivio 9-speed gearbox and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

With a heavy-duty rear rack that can hold saddlebags or a child seat, this bike is ready for an expedition or everyday commuting.

It has 27.5-inch wheels with 2.4-inch rubber that can travel on both paved and dirt roads. It also features fenders and brilliant lights on top of it. Check out are brand reviews of Giant, Ribble, Gtech, Fiido, Decathlon


Final thoughts


Overall, the Haibike factory is a buzzing, busy environment with a lot going on. E-bikes built in other countries are flooding the market, making it difficult for European and American producers to compete.

Haibike, on the other hand, has stayed in the game by providing something unique: tradition, innovation, and the assurance that comes with complete control over the manufacturing process.

If you’re looking for a genuine European bike with a proven track record, a long warranty period, and guaranteed good performance in the real world, Haibike is the way to go.


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