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Are GTECH Electric Bikes Reliable & Good? (Helpful Tips)


GTECH has developed a very novel approach to the e bike, making it more than just another vacuum cleaner business.

In our GTECH electric bike review, we look at both the City and Sport variants. These simple to ride pedal assist bikes provide a cost-effective boost to your natural pedalling power, allowing you to ride longer distances with less effort.

GTECH’s eBikes are intended to make riding as simple and straightforward as possible.


There are no gears to worry about since the bike is single-speed; instead, the strong back hub drive engine propels you over the hills. The battery is simple to charge and has an LCD display that displays how much power is left in the battery.

Here’s how Good GTECH Electric Bikes are:


GTECH’s objective with its first mass market e-bike is to reintroduce riding to the sedentary population.

The Sport’s single-speed design was meant to be low-maintenance and user-friendly in order to attract novice riders.

But what about those who have never lost their passion for their motorcycle? Despite the low price, the addition of a Gates Carbon drive system in lieu of a standard metal chain indicates that the GTECH has been given careful consideration.

The GTECH Sport and City electric bikes are intended to make riding simple, clean, and efficient.

The GTECH’s are lighter than other e bikes, making them simpler to pack and peddle without the engine.

The battery is simple to remove, and the well-designed charging station is a tremendous plus.

With a strong pedal assist motor to aid you, you may enjoy riding without breaking a sweat and easily climb hills.

A GTECH is a terrific place to start if you want to rediscover your passion for riding. Pros and cons of electric bikes.


A Brief History of GTECH Electric Bikes


Grey Technology Ltd, trading as GTECH, is a British firm that designs and manufactures cordless home and garden products such as vacuum cleaners, sweepers, lawn trimmers, and electric cycles.

Nick Grey, a former employee of vacuum cleaner manufacturer VAX, started GTECH.

Nick Grey created the world’s first cordless floor sweeper, the SW01 cordless floor sweeper, in 2002, working from his Worcestershire home.

GTECH has now introduced more floorcare products such as Multi, Pro, and Hyalite, as well as an eBike line, a garden line, and even an automated massage bed.

GTECH has also created a number of ‘white-label’ products for other companies.


  • Our famous eBike collection is quick and cutting-edge, taking you farther and faster without breaking a sweat.
  • Do you want to discover our fast – yet secure – secret? It’s among the high-end features of our electric bike.


  • You’ll adore how easily GTECH eBikes glide through rural riding routes, commuting rides, and everything in between, thanks to their top-of-the-line ergonomic handlebars, puncture-resistant hybrid tyres, and pedal-assistance.


  • Our eBikes won’t confuse you with confusing gears or settings to adjust, either, while our technology propels you ahead.


  • Simply choose your cruising speed (Eco or Max) and begin pedalling; our eBikes will take care of the rest.



  • When your electric bike runs out of power, just remove the little battery and charge it for three hours.


  • Alternatively, pick yourself a spare battery pack to use on longer trips; the LCD display keeps you informed about the remaining duration.


How Reliable Are GTECH Electric Bikes?


If you only have a grand to spend, GTECH’s e-bike is a great way to do it. The engine is rather strong, and the bike is basic yet functional.

At this pricing range, the Gates Carbon belt drive is rare and delivers silent, low-maintenance riding. Overall, it’s a better package with the mudguards and kickstand, and the single gear won’t suit many riders. But it’s a very pleasant and deserving of your consideration as a very inexpensive geatbout.

The GTECH eBike, according to the firm, “will make you fall in love with riding all over again.”

“Ride it like a regular bike, but you’ll notice the difference as soon as you start pedaling, as a strong lithium-ion battery and motor provide a boost anytime you need it.”

With our electric bike, hills will seem easier, you’ll be able to explore longer, and you’ll arrive fresher.” Read Our electric bike guide.


How Durable Are GTECH Electric Bikes?


GTECH is a low-cost e-bike that may be used on a daily basis. Despite its rudimentary brakes, we were mostly won over by its uncomplicated build and functioning.

‘Cheap’ and ‘simple’ aren’t adjectives that come to mind when you think of electric bikes, but they’re the aspects that GTECH has focused on with its GTECH eBike Sport, and with mostly positive results.

Let’s begin with the electrical components. The GTECH’s driving system isn’t as powerful as other options, with a 36-volt motor and 200-watt-hour battery.

This implies that you’ll have to put some effort into the pedals to get it going. The power it does supply is automatically provided through the bike’s built-in computer, which is a pleasant surprise.

The GTECH never seems like it’s going away from you, and the only time we longed for more juice was when we were pulling away from the lights.

While the advertised range of 30 miles only applies if you do a majority of the effort yourself, it’ll get you through both legs of most everyday journeys on a single charge. Find out if electric bikes are good for commuting.

What about Older GTECH Electric Bikes?


The older GTECH eBike employs the same technology as electric automobiles to give you the power to move.

The built-in computer evaluates your effort in powering the rear-wheel motor to give you a boost so you can pull away effortlessly.

It allows you to travel comfortably while still making hills simple. The bike will assist you up to 15 miles per hour. But you may ride faster if you like.

The old oily chain has been replaced with a clean carbon belt, and there are no confusing gears at the heart of the GTECH Eva is our latest lithium-ion battery, which has a single button that selects between two cruising speeds and turns itself off when not in use.

The battery detaches from the frame for easy recharging and locks securely onto the bike. Read about are electric bikes any good?


Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?


Without replacing components or performing maintenance, an eBike may last three to five years.

The amazing thing about eBikes is that, much like conventional cycles, many of the major components can be replaced out and updated over time, saving you money and eliminating waste.

You may use your eBike for over five years if you take appropriate care of it and make the necessary updates from time to time.

You can even use it for 10 years if you take extremely excellent care of it and know which components need to be serviced.


What Are Typical Problems with GTECH Electric Bikes


GTECH eBikes don’t have any of these issues. GTECH is a bike that is easy to live with on a daily basis, and its lack of available frills makes the purchasing process refreshingly straightforward.

Certain users have stated that battery life degrades over time and that some components aren’t very durable.

Although the manufacturer has yet to acknowledge or address these claims.

There’s no digital display here, with simply a small screen on the battery providing a read-out on remaining charge.

It’s not necessary to have a display, but it’s good to watch a live feed of aid levels, speed, and total kilometers travelled.

The technology lags behind more costly competitors in terms of help levels and torque detecting systems, but it works, and all you have to do is pedal softly to maintain a fair degree of aid flowing. Read about Electric bikes in the rain.


How Long Do GTECH Electric Bikes Last Compared to Similar Brands?


By virtue of appearing like a genuine bike, GTECH’s e-bike performs this magical trick even better than others. Some of its competitors embrace the fact that they resemble a moped, with visible batteries and a slew of cables and weight. The GTECH model, on the other hand, has all of that, but it’s all packed inside a chassis that appears like a regular push bike.

Even the battery that powers it is disguised as a water bottle, fitting into the space on the frame where one would typically be kept.

GTECH is arguably more known for its vacuum cleaners and power equipment, but the technology that connects them all is battery technology.

But there’s no denying it’s an e-bike, and although it’s a fantastic example of one, it’s a bit unpleasant to ride as a push bike.

While GTECH claims that the bike is pleasant to ride both with and without the battery installed, it is significantly too heavy and high-geared to ride comfortably without assistance.


Do GTECH Electric Bikes Hold Their Value?


The GTECH is a reasonably priced e-bike that retains its worth thanks to its ability to perform effectively. And does not scare individuals who aren’t familiar with bicycles.

The GTECH deserves to be a tremendous success. It boasts a belt-driven powertrain that is simple, smooth, clean, and quiet; a well-thought-out battery and charging system; and no geeky e-bike aesthetics.


Are GTECH Electric Bikes Still Being Made?


Despite the fact that there are now an increasing number of electric bike competitors under £1000.

The GTECH eBike City remains a good choice for simplicity of usage. Although the battery seems to have been slapped on, the range isn’t very amazing, and the number of help levels is restricted, it’s a simple and inexpensive bike to live with. Find out if Giant electric bikes are any good?


Final Thoughts


Overall, the GTECH eBike is an excellent value for money electric bicycle. It may lack the complexity and range of more costly devices, and its functions are rather limited.

It is, however, a beautifully built and well-thought-out ride that performs well on the road and seems more sophisticated than other inexpensive eBikes.

It’s a smart place to start if your budget won’t go much farther than £1,000 and you’re eager for a little additional help on your commute to work.

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