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Are GT Bikes Any Good?


Should You Buy A GT MTB Or Not? Is It A Beast? Or Is It Not worth it?



To find out, are gt bikes any good, we will look at the types of bikes GT design and manufacture.

Are you in search of a bike that meets your requirements?

Do you want a bike that is budget friendly and affordable?

Do you want a bike that is multipurpose?


What Type Of Bike?


Do you know what type of bike is good for you and for what purpose do you want a bike.?

It offers all types of bike from road cycles to mountain bikes. I also manufacture hardtail and ebike. It is upon you what type of bike best fits your needs and requirements.

Reports and reviews about gt bikes have been satisfactory though there are some complaints about it.

Gt bikes got a positive review from buyers and customers.


GT Company


GT bicycles are the company that designs manufacture all types of bikes.

These brands include road, mountain and BMX bicycles.GT is the subsidiary of Dorel industries which markets a lot of other brands o bikes.

Gt was founded in 1979. With headquarters in Santa Ana California.

It was a pioneer in BMX bikes and then triples triangle design. It was the sponsor of a lot of sports events and races.

You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes.


Why You Should Choose A GT


Gt bikes have a hand in all types of bikes and these bikes have overall a positive review.

A review point is that gt bikes are now fading out and they could not satisfy the customer but for their mountain, there is an appreciation.

They have given the different brands of bikes and each brand has certain qualities,

but so far as their performance is concerned, they are on crossroads.

Now we will take a review of different bikes by Gt Company.

In our investigation into the, are GT bikes any good? we will look at what the bikes can be used for. Read our mtb guide for beginners.

Why Should You Buy A GT

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A GT


Great Value

Whistle Pride Themselves On Designing And Manufacturing Bikes That Meet The Needs Of Cycling Enthusiasts


Whiste Is Known For Only Using The Best Materials And Components



Respected Bike Brand

GT Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Type Of Riding


Gt bikes are capable and adaptable for all types of riding.

That way they have a place in cycle injury.

First of all, all mountain bikes are adaptable and capable of many different types of riding.

That’s what makes them distinguished from others and so great in fact.

If you want a mountain ride so don’t worry that you’ll never be able to go down hilling. Why your next bike should be a gravel bike.

GT offers you excellent bikes.

GT provides your bikes according to your needs and requirements and according to your profession and type of riding.

Having said that, you’ll have a better experience if you buy a bike that best suits the type of riding that you do the majority of the time.

If you are new rider so don’t buy a gravity sled if you only ride three times a year and spend the other 49 weekends slogging it around calmer terrain.

Are GT bikes any good? we will look at the customer satisfaction.

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Your needs and requirements


Gt fulfils all your riding needs. It prepares bikes for your specific needs and requirements.

If you can’t really answer what type of riding you’re interested in, I shall tell you about what is suited for you.


GT Hardtail Mountain Bikes


In gt,s mountain bikes, there are five hardtail models which include palomer, aggressor, avalanche, Panthers, and Zanskar. These bikes have excellent design and colour.

These bikes are made of aluminium.

That is why they are somewhat light weighted.

The two cheap steel hardtails are the Palomar and the cultish big-wheel BMX GT Performer (which isn’t technically a mountain bike but loads of you will be interested in it anyway. How to set up your mountain bike for cross country.

Customers satisfaction


Customers and reviewers have reviewed gt bikes as excellent and of fine quality.

These bikes have something that other bikes don’t offer.

These bikes are affordable, durable and user-friendly.

It has designed and made bikes for all types of people, there are men,s bikes. There are women’s bikes and there are kids Bikes.

Similarly, gt has designed bikes for all types of terrains.

GT provides you mountain bikes, gt manufactures road bikes also designs ebikes and bikes for kids.

It means that the area of GT,s services is somewhat vast and it has positive and excellent feedback from its customers.

Gt bikes are credited for easy control and navigation.

Another plus point of GT bikes that they are affordable and can be purchased easily.

They have an excellent frame and these bikes combine Shimano and all terra components.

In short, these bikes are excellent. Are GT bikes any good? we will look at the drawbacks of the GT brand

Also, there are some negative features reported.

There are reports from customers who are not satisfied with its structures, weight and some other weak points.

About mountain bikes, it is said that they are not as heavy as they should be and these bikes are only suitable for entry-level bikers.

In short, there are different views about these bikes.

”  My MTB GT Aggressor Is Ideal For Exploring Delamere Forest.” Brian

Why Should You Buy The GT


To consider, Are GT bikes any good we will look at the popular GT Aggressor.

Are you fond of cycling and want a durable, premier quality cycle for your city rides?

Are you tired of low-quality cycles are expensive and liable to be material for your store after a few rides?

Do you want quality, durability and affordability combined in one cycle?

If you are in search of such a bike then you are in the right place with you.

This article is a review of 27.5 ‘Mountain bike MTB GT Aggressor Sport black Model 2016, / orange which is the best for your mountain along with city tours.

This bike has features which give it a good look and a choice for bikers.

When you are in, market to buy a bike, you have to choose from a block of cycles. 7

You have to keep some things in mind when you are choosing a buy a bike. Mountain bike is something that you will surely go for.


GT Aggressor


The aggressor is entry level bike for mountains,

it has all that an aspiring biker needs for mountain sports but also it a great choice for the city around town use also.

It is introduced with both these objectives and it excellently fulfils this goal.

It is aggressor by name and aggressor by nature.

It has something that is enthusiastic and excited. It is racy than its cost.

You have an excellent biking experience with affordable costs.

Fitted with a roomy cockpit, it is long going low bike, the feature which is the characteristics of high budget bikes.

GT having resisted the temptation to go all sit-up-and-beg at the entry level.

Though it is not a supporting feature for beginners, its long cockpit cannot resist the experience building.

It’s short back end as compared to other bikes, its sturdy frame and stretched ride.

But when you develop experience, you will feel comfort and ease.

With its length, you have balance and your weight is centred and it helps you avoid any unexpected happening when you have speed, though its angles are steep.

It is great for climbing for the descent.

You are not fixing in a place while riding and you can move your body to and from helps you weight shifting when and where needed.

It the best for beginners to have a longer cockpit for their mountain bike. Mountain biking advice and tips.




The triple triangle frame design has been used by GT for long.

Along with ride enhancing engineering, it is the most visual trademark of GT bikes. It has a recognizable hardtail.

Though some models have hydro foaming, curved tubes and other dropout systems.

There are straight tubes and plate dropouts.

Conventional headset and cable routing are for shortest routes.

There are real brake and gear cables under the top tube.

The most important thing is the light weighted wheel package.

30 spoke instead of 30, do not have much weight.

Its features make it easy to climb and brake in the mud.

The 27.5 ‘Mountain bike MTB GT Aggressor Sport black Model 2016, / orange really is fantastic and a great bike for riding.

Are GT bikes any good? we will now look at the features of the Aggressor.




Aggressor certainly some distinguishing features that make it a better choice for customers. Bikers recommend this for hiking, camping and city travels. Some important tenial specifications are as under.

Triangle, Aluminium triple frame with replaceable hanger,

Disk brake mounts

All terra cypher tyres

All terra double wall rims

Spokes 14 stainless

Alloy disc QR hub

Shimano gear lever New all terra forged alloy cracker set

V brakes

Cartridge sealed inner bearing

GT slim line flat pedals

Alloy Ahead stem

85 % assembled

You need to assemble its pedals, saddles, front wheel, handlebar.


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