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Are Folding Bikes Good For Long Rides?


Find Out More Information On How Good Are Folding Bikes For Getting Fit. 

Are Folding Bikes Good For Long Rides?



Folding bikes are easy to use. 




Physical Fitness

A Great Way to get fit without even thinking about it


Folding Mechanissm

Can be taken in a car, train or a bus. 

Folding Bikes


Being a college student or a fresh graduate may mean for many people in this category, the need for affordable and more accessible transportation.

Thus, it is not uncommon to find many people in this category going for folding bikes. Whether you are going on long bike rides for leisure, exercise or to lose weight, you can never go wrong with folding bikes. It is a convenient means of transportation with many health benefits. After a ride, you are sure to feel agile and refreshed.

The great thing about folding bikes too, is that you can personalize them. They come in different sizes, designs and with different features based on your taste and preference.

If you commute daily to work or school and you use a regular sized bike, now may be the time to consider buying a foldable bike. In fact, with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases world-wide, using a foldable, easy to carry bike, may be the way to go. It will do a lot in reducing bodily contact and transmission of the virus. Our folding bike guide

In this article, I will be discussing everything you need to know about using are folding bikes good for long rides. I will also share ways on how to get the best out of this experience. Read about the pros and cons of folding bikes. 

Why are folding bikes good for long rides?


Most people are accustomed to using the regular bike for long rides and so it is not unusual to have this question pop up when telling someone about folding bikes. Here are some reasons why you should consider using a folding bike on your next ride.


It is more convenient, compared to a regular bike


Folding bikes are convenient in so many ways. In terms of storage, folding bikes are undoubtedly easier to store. They take up little space in the bus, at home and even at work.

One prominent feature of folding bikes, is its portability, making it easy to carry about and small enough to watch over. With folding bikes also, you do not have to worry about paying for bike parking spaces.

Also, folding bikes are convenient in the sense that, they are easy to use. Riding on folding bikes do not require any kind of technical know-how. They are easy to set up, use and pack up after use. Are folding bikes good for commuting?


There is a low risk of theft


Folding bikes are so easy to store and keep around you. This makes it more difficult for it to be stolen by bicycle thieves. Folding bikes are not such that attract preying eyes who may want to steal it.

This gives you as a user some sort of confidence, in the security of your property. It takes away the stress of having to check on your bike at the parking spot sometimes.   disadvantages of folding bikes


Folding bikes are not costly to repair or maintain


Folding bikes are easy to maintain. You pretty much maintain it as you would, a regular bike. All you need are simple maintenance acts like oiling the chain, making sure the tires have air in them and are free from punctures. Even after they become faulty, getting repairs done come at an affordable price.


Long rides with folding bikes keep you fit and healthy


Long rides are especially good for the heart, thighs and legs. For some people it is a kind of cardio workout. It is a great exercise too for people looking to just keep fit and are not really trying to lose weight.

Using folding bikes are also good for your lungs. It exposes you to fresh air as opposed to polluted air in the atmosphere while sitting in public buses. Are electric bikes good for getting fit?




Many people assume that since most bicycles have been customized for urban commuting, they aren’t suitable for commuting for a long while but that is not the case.

People should be aware that distinct bicycles in groups are tailored to meet specific wants. There are several folding bike types and thus you are being able to cycle for long periods or rather distances lie in the type you have laid your eyes on. 




Bigger bikes are quite heavy to carry and worse if they are being carried in unnavigable terrain. Its folding ability lets one do other tasks such as climbing or walking while carrying them.

Regular bicycles on the other hand make it difficult to walk for long periods or distances, as they are cumbersome.



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Defining “long-distance”


I cannot really put a number or a figure and call it long distance as “long-distance” depends on a specific individual level of fitness, his or her age, personal health and the level and stage in their experience as cyclists that is beginner, intermediate and advanced.

However, to answer the question better I can say that generally 5 to 20 kilometers is the average distance to cycle, therefore 30 to 100 kilometers can be said to be a long distance. Some cyclists though depending on their cyclist’s capabilities may disagree with me. Therefore, to put a certain figure on it you would have to go out and experiment by trying different distances.


How to select a good folding bike


Now that you have decided to get a folding bike, fondly called a ‘foldie’, below are some tips to help you select the right one. The market is quite saturated with many brands and all kind sorts of folding bikes. Here are some things to look out for when picking out the right one for you. 


Think about its use and purpose


When picking out the right folding bike, you have to be clear on what you want to use it for. For some people, it could be for leisure and regular cycling, for some others it could be to commute to work. Some other people may need a folding bike for long distances and long rides.

It is also possible to use folding bikes for multi-modal transport – taking a train or a bus in between. Determining what you want to use the folding bike for will give a lot of direction as to the right one to get. Do not get too excited about the variety of designs and features, that you forget the functionality of the folding bike, for what you need.


Look out for the frame size


Another thing to determine, is if you need any specific sizing. Although most folding bikes seem to come in one size, not all of them fit all riders. They usually have adjustable features to fit a wide range of riders particularly in terms of height. So, choose the folding bike that has a frame comfortable and suitable for you.


High-quality components


When making an order for a folding bicycle, ensure that the components of the bicycle you choosing are long lasting, reliable, and most importantly they should be of high quality. The most vital part being the tire, you should ensure that they are of very high quality and that their inflation is always maintained at the pressure that had been recommended. During your ride, you should carry a kit for tire repair and make various stops from time to time to check for any signs of damages or wear off.


Look out for the wheel size


You may also want to consider wheel size when looking for an ideal folding bike. If you plan on taking long rides, 700c wheels will offer a smooth ride. However, it will be a bit heavy when folded. If you plan to ride off-road, then a folding fat bike with 4-inch tires will be most suitable for a bumpy trail.

If you want to get a folding bike for transport/commuting, use the ones with 20-inch wheels. Most folding bikes come with that exact size of wheels. This is to ensure that they fold down to a manageable size and stay relatively light to carry.


Watch the bike’s weight


Also, it is important to check the weight of the folding bike. It should be compatible with what you need the folding for and how much effort is required to transport it. You should equally be mindful of your health conditions if any, regarding how much lifting you can do. If you have back pain or you’re petite/small in stature, you should consider getting a lighter are folding bikes good for long rides. 


Your preferred folding method


There are different types of folding methods. One of them is the half or mid horizontal fold variety, and they include brands like Java, Dahon, and Tern. It is easy to dismantle but not sturdy. There is also the triangle hinge vertical fold, such as brands like Tyrell, Bike Friday, and Birdy. These types of bikes are sturdy, easy to fold but not easy to ride.

One that is not too common is the swivel fold e. g Montague. Some bikes also feature two or three different folds for compactness e. g Brompton. You can also call them breakaway fold bikes. They are the easiest to fold as they can be folded into a very compact size.


Your budget

At the end of the day, your budget will determine what your final choice of folding bike will be. You can get a are folding bikes good for long rides from as low as £250 to as high as £3000. The very pricey ones are probably the electric folding bikes. These ones emerged recently, and add a touch of sophistication to your folding bike. However before you purchase it, be sure that it is the kind of folding bike you need.


How to store and take care of folding bike


After you purchase a folding bike, it is important to store and care for it. After each use, proper storage and care is necessary to prevent any part from getting damaged and to maintain its functionality. Some ways to properly care for your folding bikes are:

  • Clean your folding bike after each use, to keep it ready for the next use. Be sure to take off all dirt and debris.
  • From time to time, use lubrication on all moving parts of your folding bike. This is to reduce stiffness. Parts like the chain, brakes, cables etc. should be lubricated.
  • Please inspect your bike from time to time. Check for cracks, discoloration, deep scratches, and check your brake pads to make sure they are properly aligned.
  • You should equally check the hinge often to make sure it is well fit. It is dangerous to ride with an unsecure or over-tight hinge. It can damage the bike and is dangerous for you too.
  • If your folding bike is a new one, ensure to go for a tune-up after the first few weeks of riding the bike. Also, if you assembled your folding bike yourself, have it checked by a professional before you start riding it.




As everything in life has two sides, that is the good and bad side, bikes too apart from the advantages mentioned above they too have several drawbacks.

Its major shortcoming is its tires. As you are aware these kinds of bicycles contain small tires in comparison to an average bicycle and because of that, you will have to invest to get it customized.

Apart from that since these kinds of bicycles are intended only for on the road purposes, another investment must be made in preparation for the long-distance rides on the different landscapes.

Due to their small wheels, it can be quite difficult for you to ride them down the hill, as they are difficult to control.


Are folding bikes worth purchasing?


Honestly, buying are folding bikes good for long rides is a decision that one must think about very carefully before making it instead of just jumping into it, the reason being regular bikes have greater advantage particularly on the outdoor activities.

Where you are headed will play quite a vital role in the decision-making. People going to areas with the unnavigable ground will get the bike useful as they can be carried easily for miles without one getting tired. They are also suitable for simple tracks as they are comfortable. The versatility they have makes the bikes worth every single dime they cost. Find out the main reason why you should buy a folding bike.



Are folding bikes good for long rides requires one to consume more calories as your body is working extra and as the heart rate goes up, extra calories are being burnt and this is going to leave you quite drained. Thus, make time to eat in between the journey to boost up your body or you may end up collapsing in the middle of nowhere.




Folding bikes are comfortable, portable, and can be customized to meet your needs thus suitable for long rides making them worth every single penny spent on them.

Therefore, if you ever need to purchase folding bikes, I am positive you will make an enlightened decision as this article has provided many insights on them. Folding bikes may be the best option for easy transportation in recent times.

As the whole world continues to work aggressively to reduce the spread of COVID-19, transport options that reduce bodily contact should be encouraged. Are folding bikes good for long rides, convenient, easy to use and have many health benefits for its users.

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