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Are Felt bikes any good?

Searching For A Brand New Triathlon Road Bike. Find Out More About The Felt Bike Brand.

Why Should You Buy The Felt B14



Carbon Fibre Frame

Shimano Ultegra

Pivot Breaks



A Respected Bike Brand Known For Its Quality.


Customer Testiominals

The Felt B14 Triathlon road bike offers brilliant value.

Felt History


In our investigation into, Are Felt bikes any good? We take a closer look at the brands history. Felt was founded in California in 1991 with the goal of becoming the most innovative cycling company in the world.

The Felt founding principle was to help each rider achieve their own goals, improve personal records and become the next world champion. To continue our investigation, Are Felt bikes any good? We will look at their beliefs and values. Read our road biking guide.

Felt Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

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Felt’s Beliefs & Values

Cycling Experience


Felt aim to provide the finest cycling experience, by cycling enthusiasts designing and manufacturing bikes that will help the rider surpass their expectations. The Felt brand design a variety of bikes for single tracks, alpine climb or racing.  Pros and cons of road bikes

Felts research and development team spend months designing bikes, picking the best materials and testing the bikes in practical situations that the rider is faced with to ensure the best cycling experience. In finding out, Are Felt bikes any good? We will look at their attention to detail.



Attention to Detail


The research and development spend a lot time looking at every detail from the production process’s right through to when the rider receives their brand new Felt bike to ensure that the customer has the best experience of owning a Felt bike. Are Felt bikes any good? They certainly know how to manufacture and design bikes. are road bikes good for exercise?



Staying Head


Felt are aware that rider’s demand’s and commitments are every changing, so they need to invest heavily in the most up to date technology, process’s and materials. Felt are always having a pro active role in the development of the best racing equipment. In truly understanding, Are Felt bikes any good? We will look at their product design. how to chose your first road bike



Product Design


One of Felts principle is to concentrate on the product design. Competitor brands have focused on flashy designs with little substance. However, Felt prefer to look at every detail in order to push the limits of engineering and to deliver the best possible riding experience.

Felt repeat the process of design, engineering, product development, robust testing to deliver the best possible bike. The Felt brand do not offer bikes in every bike category and prefer to focus their attention wesavanre the can offer the possible value to the cycling enthusiast. Are Felt bikes any good? We will know look at the success of the Felt brand. Disadvantages of road bikes

Features & Benefits

Carbon fibre Frame


Continuing our investigation into, Are Felt bikes any good? We will look at the Felt B14. The Felt B14 road bike comes with a felt UHC carbon fibre frame. Carbon fibre is a lightweight, strong and durable material that is ideal for racing.  

If the rider is looking to move up to the next level, the aerodynamic performance will definitely enhance the rider’s performance. Felt have designed the B14 frame to be lightweight and streamlined to assist the riders pedal power and reach higher speeds much quicker with less effort

Carbon fibre is lighter and stronger than aluminium, titanium or steel. When designing a carbon frame, the flexibility and stiffness can be manipulated, offering a massive advantage over other materials. 


Shimano Ultegra


The Felt B14 triathlon road bike comes with an impressive set of Shimano Ultegra speed gears that allow the rider to quickly and safely change between eleven gears. Shimano are a well-known brand within the bike industry of making top quality materials and components. Are Felt bikes any good? They certainly know how to design and manufacture bikes

Pivot Breaks


Felt have equipped the Felt B14 triathlon bike with a set of pivot brakes that will allow the rider to easily and safely control the B14 and get out of any hazardous situation. Pivot brakes offer brilliant braking power with the use of angle adjustable pads to perfect the alignment




The Felt comes with a set of stylish and low weight TTR4 wheels that offers the rider a brilliant grip on the track. Designed to allow the rider to focus on beating their own personal best scores. The rider will have plenty of grip on the track as the TTR4 wheels have under went robust testing to ensure that they offer the rider the best possible riding experience.


Additional Features


The Felt comes with the “ Prologo Finishing Kit” that offers the rider a light weight aero dynamic frame that will help the rider beat their own personal best. In addition, the Felt B14 Triathlon bike comes with a Prologo Tri 40 saddle and will offer the rider a comfortable ride and is ideal for hours of cycling. To find out, Are Felt bikes any good? We will look at customer satisfaction.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 98%



The success of the Felt brand has grown from a garage in Southern California to a recognised global brand known for designing some of the best bikes in the world.

Felts success was recognised in designing frames that offered function over form by designing the bike around the cycling needs and characteristics of the rider. Many manufactures in the 1980’s failed to design frames that offered aero dynamics and focusing on designing frames with different materials rather than designing a bike that fits the rider like a glove and maximising the productivity of the bike and the rider. Are Felt bikes any good? We will know look at the success with Paula Fraser. are road bikes faster than hybrids


Paula Fraser


An example of Felts commitment to designing bikes specifically for riders is Paula Newby Fraser. The triathlete went on to win three world championships in Kona. Fraser was well aware, that she needed an edge over competitors so she needed more speed from her bike. Felt worked with Fraser with the stealth B2 model that offered a better riding position and pedalling interface that maximised aero dynamics and pedalling power resulting in Fraser winning a fourth world championship. road bikes vs mountain bikes difference.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Felts reputation grew and its reputation for designing the finest bikes by maximising the riding experience by using practical engineering and best material and components. The results of Felts engineering can be seen in Felts bikes been ridden in all Grand Tours, World championships and at Olympics. long distance cycling tips by robbi ferri

Felt has remained a small tight group in Southern California built on the founding core principles that to strive to maximise the customers riding experience and design bikes that riders are proud to ride and love to own. common problems when cycling long distance.

South California’s weather and good riding conditions has allowed the in-house engineering team to design, research, test the bikes in the most intense situations to put the riders needs first to develop the best possible customer experience. Are Felt bikes any good? We will know look at Felts love for racing. Read jacks 100 mile scotlands ride to the sun.


Felts Love for Racing


The Felt brand are passionate about racing and the research and development use racing as a way of measuring their bikes and push them to new limits and improve the handling, stiffness, aerodynamics and cycling riding experience.

Riders get a thrill when racing up and down single tracks, competing against their friends bring out one’s inner child and pushes them to beat their personal records, distances, speed and improve your stamina. The Felt team are dedicated in the pursuit of the best design and aerodynamics possible.

All the felt bikes go through robust tests to ensure that the felt bike can handle any practical situations that they face. In continuing our investigation, Are Felt bikes any good? We will look at the popular selling Felt B14 triathlon road bike.

Customer Satisfaction


The Felt brand has been seen as a recognised entry level triathlon bike that offer the rider an ideal bike to get started in the triathlon. B14 triathlon bike offers brilliant value for money and has many features and materials only used in more expensive bikes. The B14 can easily be assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes. Once assembled you should go on a small test run to make sure you are happy with B14 road bike.

Triathlon Bike Advice


In order to be a successful on your triathlon bike, you will need to know the best practices and techniques. We have compiled a list of techniques that entry level riders should be made aware of.


Poor Pacing


One of the most commonly mistakes on a triathlon bike is trashing your run by not pacing yourself for long runs. Learn your functional threshold power, and test it every eight to twelve weeks so you can use these metrics to help you train and beat your personal best. There is no excuse for getting your pace correct.




One of the main reason riders struggle to increase their personal best is not taking good care of themselves due to dehydration or being hungry and pushing themselves to hard. Cycling is a form of exercise and you need to ensure you maintain your energy levels.

Bike Position


If your intending to cycle for long periods of time, you need to make sure you are in a comfortable and sustainable riding position in order for you to be able to achieve your best times and distances.


Varying your changing course


One of the main training mistakes entry level triathlon riders make is not varying their training schedule in training program. Your training should consist of short, medium and long riders at different paces. Changing and varying your training schedule will help you have a better chance of achieving your training goals. We hope you have enjoyed our article on Are Felt bikes any good? And found it helpful and informative.



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