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Are Emu Bikes Any Good?


Emu Bikes may be obtained through various means, and I’m interested in learning about their quality.

I spent a week researching the Emu Bikes brand, which included learning about its history, reputation, competitors, and customer experiences, among other things.

Hopefully, the brand analysis provided in this article will aid you in assessing whether or not Emu Bikes is a worthwhile investment.

As with any bike, there are some positives and negatives. It accomplishes its goal of increasing cycling accessibility by offering a ‘cheap’ (for just an e-bike) price point. Still, it also falls short in some aspects that, if improved, would make it an excellent bike.


Does Emu Make Good Bikes?


They work well across the board: if you’re looking for something to take the strain out of everyday riding and live in a relatively flat area, this is an excellent bike to cruise around on; the engine isn’t quite powerful enough to be comfy on the steep hills, and the bike is.

Free shipping, a two-year guarantee, puncture-resistant tires, and integrated lighting are included with the bikes. It’s a decent bike at a reasonable price.

However, my secret hope is that when the ebike bubble bursts, many of these new riders will rediscover the joy of pedalling themselves.

Emu combines the Enviolo gear hub with a chain drive rather than a belt drive, which is anticipated at this pricing point.

It operates admirably, silently, and has a chain cover to prevent oil and debris from getting on your clothes. My primary concern is with the brakes.

V-brakes on any bike are obsolete, but they are particularly inefficient on a 24-kg e-bike. It’s a pity because this bike has several fantastic features, but it’s clear the company had to cut corners to keep the price low.

Additional features were mudguards (which were useful), a rear rack, which was ideal for popping to the shops, and a cleverly fitted bell in the back brake lever.

Additionally, it has 38c tires, which provide comfort and stability, critical for riding in the British cold.

Are Emu Bikes Durable & Reliable?


These ‘off-the-shelf’ components have been tried and tested, so they are trustworthy.

Like any bike, it has its advantages and disadvantages. To increase cycling accessibility, it offers low-cost (for an e-bike) electric bike options. Still, it also has flaws that might be remedied to make it a great bike.

Let us start with the features. It is a step-through recreational bike. If you are taller or want a different design, there is a crossbar alternative that is 2″ longer (20″) than the step-through frame (18″.

The Enviolo gear hub is located in the back wheel, making both wheels seem huge. No need to rehash the Enviolo gear discussion from before. Overall, it has more gearing than traditional drivetrains. It worked well with the handlebar’s twist grip. We thought it was a great addition.

The bike is “bright” when you first see it. The frame is a lovely pastel blue. The frame color contrasts nicely with the black battery in the down tube. This contrast indicates a leaner, more streamlined look.


A Brief History of Emu


Emu is a 2014 British start-up financed by Delbanco Meyer & Co Ltd., Like many other electric bike businesses. The company wants to expand access to electric bikes and encourage more people to cycle.

The new Emu brand is from Delbanco Meyer & Co. Since 1936, the company has expanded into textiles, property development, and the Emu electric bike!

In the past, Protonium, a multi-national Dutch firm, utilized the design under the name Diavelo. It was recognized by Eurobike, Taipei Cycle, and IF in 2011.

Emu’s style and ‘Roam Free’ tagline target the younger, trendier commuter demographic.


Are Emu Electric Bikes Any Good?


We admire Emu’s vision for this bike, and it is reasonably priced. The Enviolo hub gears reduce maintenance.

The rear rack and large tires make it suitable for commuting or utility riding. Some components are spot on, but it’s impossible to get everything correct without losing their main demographic. 


Where Are Emu Bikes Made?


Improving the electric bike market with value and style. An 85-year-old British brand supported by Delbanco Meyer, a UK consumer goods innovator.

Experts from the UK and Europe researched and specified the motorcycles for Emu. Emu sells exclusively online. However, our goods are also available at major electric bike dealers. A crew of mobile cycle mechanics may come to your office or home to fix faults and service your bike.


Common Problem & Solutions with Emu Bikes


Between empty (E) to full (F), the battery features its built-in ‘power remaining’ display with four LEDs (F).

The battery has a latch near the stem and is rubberized for easy removal and reconnection. It’s also skinny. The main charger may be used on or off the bike.

This e-bike charger is more like a laptop charger. Carry the charger with you (to recharge the battery at work, for example).

A rubber flap on the battery sideshows this. Recharging took 7 hours. The charger’s top light changes from amber to green when fully charged. While EMU suggests overnight charging, a rapid charger is available.

It’s easy to forget to switch off the small power button above the LED row, so be sure you press it. The winterization of your bike and batteries is essential.

Consistent use can extend battery life to 800 full and 4000 partial charges. Find out the pros and cons of electric bikes.


LCD Screen


The LCD screen is adjacent to the left grip when you get on. The wide, easy-to-read display provides all vital information when out and about. Null.

The upper screen shows the current, maximum, and ‘mode’ or helps level.

A help Emu has 6 levels. The + and – buttons change the help level. The assist level is displayed at the bottom (PAS 1 to 6). City, Tour, Power, and Eco are off (Boost). Initially, the bike’s aid level is 1.

5 bars below the assist level (100 percent,80 percent, 60 percent, 40 percent, and 20 percent ). A wattage meter (to the right) measures the bike’s assistance.

The M button cycles through additional statistics, including max speed, trip, and time.

You may use the Emu to charge your phone when commuting in a congested metropolis. Behind a flap on the Emu’s LCD is a USB connection.

To start the walk-along mode, hit the – button.

In town, the bike accelerates well. It replaces the torque sensor. And then the motor starts in. The bike’s engine failed shortly after reaching peak assist. My Garmin Edge GPS said the top speed was 17mph, just within the 10% tolerance to be legal.

The motor was noisy and wailing as it acquired speed and torque. It’s not a bike to stealth on.

The Emu’s rear wheel is Shimano Nexus 7 with a twist shifter on the right handle. With hub gearing, knowing the gear you’re in isn’t crucial.

If you need to stop suddenly, as at a red light, you can downshift. Although less power is wasted internally than in a high-end derailleur system, you won’t notice it.

The Emu features rim brakes. My testing found decent durability. They were loud yet easy to tune. When pushed, the motor is disabled.

It comes with a standard bell, not an electronic one. The Allen key adjusts the saddle height. The hub gearing inhibits quick wheel release. Read our electric bike guide.

How Do Emu Bikes Compare to Raleigh Bike UK & US


Raleigh has a great reputation today as a reliable bike brand. The brand’s product selection is one of its greatest attributes.

Raleigh’s road and mountain bikes have fantastic reviews, so there’s something for everyone. They have been around for a long time and are an experienced bike brand that always updates its models.

Raleigh has remained a leading bicycle manufacturer despite the modern competition, and its long history has not slowed it down.

Raleigh offers bikes for men, women, and children that can be used on mountain trails, city streets, or as commuter bikes.

Raleigh is an accessible brand for both beginners and expert riders, thanks to its wide range of bikes.

It helps reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, and noise pollution!

Cycling combines physical activity with transportation, making it ideal for those with hectic schedules who struggle to integrate exercise into their daily routine. Electric bikes give 85% of the health advantages of cycling.

Emu Bike is a part of Delbanco Meyer, a British company with 85 years of experience developing innovative and affordable consumer goods.

Why an Emu Bikes makes sense as a mode of travel… Electric bikes are the perfect alternative to expensive and frequently unpleasant modes of mobility like trains and petrol.

So you can arrive sweat-free and dressed for your destination.

Emu Bikes extend your riding range and allow you to cycle to new destinations. It also will enable lovers, friends, and family to bike together. Find out if Raleigh bikes compare to Emu electric bikes.


Final Thoughts


Emu Bikes’ low-cost (for an e-bike) pricing aims to enhance riding accessibility. It privations definite features that would make it a superb bike if improved.

Bicycles come with free shipping, a two-year guarantee, puncture-resistant tires, and illumination. Delbanco Meyer & Co Ltd backed Emu in 2014. Like many other electric bike companies, this one seeks to extend access.

Some elements are perfect, yet it’s hard to please everyone. The Emu e-bike charger includes four remaining LED power displays.

While EMU recommends overnight charging, a quick charger is available. It’s easy to miss the little power button above the LED row. Emu Bike is a British firm with 85 years of expertise.

The Emu’s Nexus 7 rear wheel has a twist shifter on the right handle. It has a normal bell, not an electric one.

Arjun Mertiya

Arjun Mertiya


Arjun Mertiya is a top-selling professional mtb and ebikes writer who lives what he writes as an automotive engineering graduate. He have 8 years in hand experience of ebikes and MTB testing in India. Arjun is passionate about technical writing specifically on MTB and ebikes.

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