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Are Electric Bikes Any Good?    

Thinking Of Buying And Electric Bike. We Look At Why You Should Buy An Electric Bike

Are Electric Bikes Any Good?

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Electric Bike



You Will Have So Much Fun. You May Find Yourself Making An Excuse To Go For A Ride


You Will Never Dread A Hill Again



Explore Your Local Community

Commute For Longer, Faster And With Less Effort

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Why Should You Buy An Electric Bike

Thinking of buying an electric bike and need to find out, Are electric Bikes any good? We will look at the main reasons to buy an electric bike, the most frequently asked questions and a look at the LANKELEISI XT750. Read our e bike guide.




Electric Bikes have an on-board motor that assist the rider when they are getting tired as they can just switch on the motor and lower the pace of the commute. Having an on-board motor is ideal for people that may have had some time off keeping fit and will allow them to build up their fitness.

Cycling is a low form of exercise and is great for individuals who want to explore their local community. Commuting on an electric bike on a regular basis will be sure to help you burn off some extra calories and boost your confidence. are electric bikes good for commuting?


Save Money


An electric bike is a big investment, however nothing worth having can be bought cheaply. If your thinking of buying an electric bike for commuting to work then you will be saving on fuel, parking and public transport costs. The increasing cost of parking, fuel and public travel costs could mean that in the long run you would be saving money.

Furthermore, commuting regular on your electric bike may mean you no longer need your gym membership. In considering, are electric bikes any good? Yes, in the long run they could save you a lot of money.




One of the main drawbacks of a standard bike is when your faced with a dreaded hill. One of the main benefits of having an on-board motor is that you can switch on the electric motor and it make your commute much more easier and more enjoyable. You may find that your friends cycling on standard bikes get a little angry as you easily go past them without breaking a sweat. how to climb using an electric bike?




Have you ever been out walking, running or cycling and a gush of wind comes along and makes you wish you had something to help you battle the bad weather elements. There is no need to worry when your commuting with an electric bike as the electric assist will make sure you are fully equipped to combat the ever-changing British weather.

The pedal assist is quite magical as you can quickly and easily switch on the pedal assist to help you. The pedal assist will also help you if you want to get out of any hazardous situations quickly and most importantly safely.  


Explore Your Local Community


When your commuting on standard bike you must consider a lot more. How far is the destination? , are there any steep inclines and will I be sweaty and tired when reach my destination. However, with an electric bike I am excited about travelling and finding any reason to go out for a little ride and show off my new electric bike. Pros and cons of cycling


Different types of electric bikes


The definition of an electric bike is a bike with an electric motor. There are three main types of electric bikes pedal assist bikes, power on demand and speed pedelecs.

Pedal Assist Bikes – the electric assist can be activated by pedalling

Power On Demand – The electric system can be activated by pedalling or by a throttle.

Speed Pedelecs – the electric bike can reach an amazing 28 mph.

Common Questions

Do you have to pedal an electric bike?


There are three types of electric bikes. Pedal assist, power on demand and pedelecs.



Are electric bikes safe?

Research has shown that accidents with bikes have taken place at junctions and at cross roads. Having an onboard electric assist with help you manoeuvre out of any sticky situations.


Do you burn calories on an electric bike?

Cycling is a form of exercise and commuting on your e bike will help you burn off some extra calories.

Are electric bikes good for hills.

Electric bikes are brilliant for hills and inclined slopes.

Are electric bikes fun?

You may find yourself making any excuse to go for a ride on your new electric bike.


Do you need a licence to drive an electric bike?


No, you do not need a driving licence to use your electric bike.

Electric Bike


An electric bicycle or e-bike or ‘pedelec’ is a normal but specially engineered bicycle that has been fitted with a battery-operated electric motor.

You can choose to pedal exclusively (pedals only) or switch to the motor when you have to climb up slopes or feel tired (electric only), or use a combination of electric and pedal power (pedal assist)!

E-bikes have pedal-activated or throttle-based controls.

They can reach speeds of up to 20 mph or 32 kmph. A full charge can take you from anywhere between 30 and 70 miles or 48 and 112 km depending on the capacity of the motor and battery and of course, terrain and usage. As well as your own weight!


Types of E-bikes


There are two basic types: road e-bikes for commuting in the urban environment, transport of light goods and for pleasure riding or exercise.

There are also mountain e-bikes that have more sophisticated suspension, gears and brakes than the road e-bike. There are also differences in the kinds of motors and batteries, where the motor and battery are located in an e-bike.

The motor can be either in the crankset or chainset (the assembly with the chain), or in the rear hub (the central part of the rear wheel) or in the front hub, (the central part of the front wheel). The hub motor is more commonly used in e-bikes.


Crank Motors 

Crank motors, also called mid-drive motors, work in concert with the gears, giving you a smoother ride. They have a torque sensor to sense when you are pedalling and produce less drag. It doesn’t get overheated as a hub motor might as the heat is dispersed through the fanned casing. A crank motor is generally more efficient even at lower power.

The main disadvantage of a mid-drive motor is their efficiency is dependent on the quality and strength of the chain, cogs and sprocket. This will lead to increased overhaul and maintenance of the chain system.

Hub Motor

A hub motor is not only costlier, it renders the bicycle less easy to handle because it makes the wheel heavier. It also makes changing punctured rear or front tyres more of a chore. It is not directly connected to the bike’s gears, which may make traversing hilly or rough areas a tad tougher.

However, the advantages are that since it is completely sealed, it is protected from the vagaries of the weather. When it needs repairing or replacing, it is easier to access, since it is unconnected to the e-bike’s other parts unlike a crank motor.

The motors range in capacity from 200W to 1000W, though an e-bike that generates more than 750W is legally classified as a moped or scooter in many countries. A more powerful motor literally pulls more weight, but also drains the battery quicker. So your choice of motor is dictated by what you will use your e-bike for.




The battery is located on the carrier in most e-bikes and in the down tube in mountain e-bikes.

The battery that was once popular in e-bikes was the Lead Sealed Acid or LSA battery, which is less expensive. But it has its downsides. It is heavier, the charge lasts for fewer hours and it requires more maintenance. Modern e-bikes have therefore switched to Lithium batteries, which though more expensive, are way lighter, give more mileage per charge and are easier to maintain.

Pros of an E-bike for cummuting

  • It is environment-friendly as one can stop using a fossil fuel powered vehicle, at least for short distances.
  • It is more suitable than a normal bicycle for slightly hilly terrain or rough roads.
  • It is easier to use in windy conditions.
  • It is good for older people, those with a disablility and those who are less fit. They can switch to electric when their legs tire of pedalling or they can use a combination of both manual and electric power.
  • It can be used to commute to work as it takes less time (if there are dedicated bike lanes) and one can arrive at work feeling fresh.
  • It is useful for transporting light goods as well as taking children around.


Cons of an E-bike cummuting

  • It is much more expensive to buy, ranging from 250-pound sterling to 400-pound sterling. A good normal bicycle ranges in price from 50-pound sterling to ₹130 pound sterling.
  • The battery needs to be recharged periodically and replaced after a few years.
  • The motor may degrade with use and age and need to be replaced.
  • It may not be suitable if one has fitness and exercise in mind.
  • An e-bike may lead to accidents, if an e-biker loses control while in electric mode. Read about the pros and cons of electric bikes.




Your choice is of course dependent on your budget, needs and the state of traffic and condition of roads in your city! If you are worried about global warming and climate change, an electric bicycle is a much more apt choice than an electric car at any rate. It doubles up as an exercise machine, costs much less and is easier to park! Find out are electric bikes any good?

LANKELEISI XT750 E Bike Review

XT 750 


In evaluating Are electric Bikes any good? We will look at the popular LANKELESI XT-750. If you are looking for reliable and high-quality mountain bike that can withstand difficult conditions of the road – The LANKELEISI XT750 – 26Inch Folding E-bike is the perfect choice for you. The LANKELEISI XT750 – 26Inch Folding Ebike is an excellent choice for any off-road task.

It doesn’t matter is it going down or up the hill, XT-750 won’t let you down at any moment. This bike is excellent choice for teenagers and young adults who enjoy in nature and isn’t afraid of some off-road, mountain challenge


Benefits & Features


LANKELEISI XT750 – 26Inch Folding E-bike is one exceptional bike. Its sporty exterior design comes at many variations, such as white-blue, black-blue, green, black-yellow, and every single one is looking just astonishing. It only weights 22 kg (48 lbs) so for a folding type of bike this is very acceptable and practical. Are electric Bikes any good? We will look at the features of a top selling e bike.




However, real beauty of this model is what it packs. This upgraded version with 17 Inch aluminium alloy folding frame is power by very powerful battery and motor that allows him to cover great distance with only one charging. Frame 6061 aluminium is marked as GB anti-Fatigue Test PAST, which gives us some insight of how much work and effort has been put in this model. Battery that this model possess is Samsung cell 48V 10AH.




This power-giant of battery boosts the performances of XT-750 and grants the mileage of 28 miles with only just one charging. That is if you ride power-only.48V*10HA Lithium batteries that this model packs can be charged over 500 times, thus making this bike one of the best choices on the open market.

However, this upgraded version is boosted with QH4GV 48V*240-Watt Brushless Hub electric power motor that can get you up to speed of 18 mph/h. This bike is suitable for riders anywhere from 165-190 cm (5.5″- 6.3″) of height and can withstand weight of 150 kg (330 lbs.).




Dimensions of this model 172x106x85 cm go down to 100x95x45 cm, in a matter of minutes. If you are worried about charging then take a look at this. The LANKELEISI XT750 – 26Inch Folding E-bike is equipped with AH Smart Charger, including overvoltage, over-current and short circuit protection that protects your bike of all dangers.

Charging usually last somewhere between 5-7 hours, depending on the battery status. Hitting that top speed and making all the corners is a simple task, since the XT-750 is equipped with Microshift TS 70-7, RD45- 7 speed and Radius Aluminium Alloy Mechanical Disc Brakes/ Power off Lever, that will help you achieve that.




Given the importance of handling the ride itself, XT-750 model’s Pro Aluminium Crown Lockout Suspension Front Fork, and ST 31.8 Aluminium 61cm Sports MTB Bike Handlebar – gives excellent control of the bike behaviour at any situation. Unlike other models, full experience of riding this bike is completed with installed USB smart phone holder and battery LED indicator.




Common Questions


How reliable is this model? T

LANKELEISI XT750 – 26Inch Folding E-bike is designed and formed so its reliability and endurance is its main goals. Endurance of tough terrain and difficult conditions of road isn’t any problem for this model, due to great characteristics of materials used for creating. Therefore, this

is an excellent choice if you are looking for reliable and tough bike.

Is it hard to find replacement part for this bike?

The XT- 750 is well recognized and and respected manufacturer of bikes, thus searching for needed parts is a piece of cake. Simply contact your supplier or contact The LANKELEI online and you will be provided with service for your bike. Also, all customers get one year-warranty on frame, motor and battery. Is it comfortable to ride this bike? Of course, XT-750 is equipped with Prowell Aluminium MTB Saddle that and ChaoYang 26*1.95 tires, all terrain effect and ensures your comfort while riding on a rough terrain.

Aluminium alloy folding frame is designed in such way that is very light, but also excellent absorber of surface-impact, thus comfortable riding is guaranteed. 


Customer Satisfaction


LANKELEISI XT750 – 26Inch Folding Ebike is perfect and very quality bike that is excellent for outdoor-loving people. Its light weight allows it to easily be transported to anywhere it suits you, and compact size doesn’t take much of a space in your garage or car.

Regardless its light weight, this beauty can withstand many difficult conditions: impact, water, dirt, dust, and still there wouldn’t be any change of its performances.

Sporty exterior design is very eye-catching and most of the people would like it. 26 Inch wheels in combo with MH Magnesium Alloy 3 Sprong Spokes gives him tough and futuristic look. Motor power is exceptional with the battery quality, resulting in high withstanding of long trips and multiple charging. Are electric Bikes any good? You will be sure to have plenty hours of fun




Given all specifications and characteristics that this model packs, durability of long rides comes at very ease, quick shifting, acceleration, breaking, everything seems so natural and without much effort or problem for the rider.

Parts of the XT-750 are made from very sustainable materials that can withstand most difficult conditions without any loss of quality.

Maintaining and servicing can easily be ordered online and regulated at the supplier of this model, plus great benefit of purchasing this model is durability and one-year warranty on motor, frame and battery. We hope you have enjoyed our article on are electric bikes any good? and found it helpful and informative.



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