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Are Ecosmo bikes any Good?


To Buy A ECOSMO Bike Or Not. Lets take a look at the PROS and the flaws of the brand. 

Why Should The Ecosmo



Folding bikes have evolved a lot in the last ten years. They are better designed, lightweight and easier to use.

Folding bikes are commonly known as Folders.

Here’s a few reasons why you should buy a folding bike.

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Everywhere You Go


One of the mains benefit of folding bikes is that you can fold them away and take them with you.

Compact bikes can go unnoticed and be stored easily, in the office, on public transport or at home where storage is limited.


Looking Cool


After little bit of practise, you will be able to fold your bike without even hesitating and look so cool.

There will be no need to worry about whether your bike will be their when you get back or where to leave your new pride and joy.


Reduced Maintenance Cost


Looking after your Ecosmo folding bike is fairly easy and is perfect for entry level cyclists.

All you have to do is make sure your tyres have air in them, the chain has lumbercant and maintain your bike on a regular basis.

In addition, there is a reduced maintenance cost as you don’t have to worry about parking fees, insurance and fuel.

Purchasing the Ecosmo folding bike is a no brainer.


Improving Your Fitness Without Thinking About It


If your thinking about buying the Ecosmo bike for the commute to work. You may be question why your are even paying your monthly gym subscription.

Cycling on a regular basis is a great way to burn off a few extra calories and stay in shape without even thinking about it.

There will be no need to go the gym after work. To continue our investigation into, are Ecosmo bikes any good? we will look at how you should maintain a folding bike

Why Should You Buy The Ecosmo



Lightweight Aluminium Frame

Seven Shimano Gears

Folding Mechanism






Customer Testimonals

Over Sixty Seven Customer Testimonals


Common Questions

60 Plus Questions Answered

Ecosmo Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

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Maintaining Your Ecosmo


All bikes, including folding bikes need regular maintenance.

Looking after your brand new Ecosmo folding bike will ensure you don’t have to buy a replacement anytime soon.

Becoming familiar with your bike will help the individual spot any minor wear or tear.

A good habit to get into is to clean your bike atleast once every two weeks.


ABC check


Performing the ABC check before every commute.




Check the air in the tyres are at the required PSI level. The PSL level can be taken from the bikes instruction manuel.

Don’t forget to take into account the weight load and the distance.

Having the correct tyre pressure is vital to make sure the Ecosmo folding bike is not working to hard.




Making sure the brakes are working correctly.

To check the brakes are working efficiently, apply pressure to the brake levers while moving the bike forward and backwards.

Check the brake pads on a regular basis.




Always check that the chain before every commute.

Cleaning A Folding Bike


With a folding bike being low to the ground they can easily get dirty. Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Some Old Rags
  • Low pressure hose or A water spray bottle.
  • Chain Lube
  • Degreaser




For the frame, apply some soap to your cloth or sponge and wipe the frame.

Dry with a paper towel.

The frame is hardwearing so you should not worry too much.




Cleaning your chain for the first time may seem a little daunting.

However, it will soon become second nature with a little practise.

To clean the chain, the chain must be removed using the quick link.

The chain must be soaked in some solvent for as long as possible.

Use an old tooth brush to push all the debris and dirt from the chain links.

The lubricant needs to be reapplied to the whole chain


Secure the Latch or the Hinge


While riding the Ecosmo folding bike, the hatch or latch needs to be kept clear of any grit or dirt.

It is vital that the latch or hinge is closed and secure before every commute.

There should be no movement.




The most important part of maintaining your brand new Ecosmo folding bike is to inspect your bike on a regular basis.

In answering, are Ecosmo bikes any good?

we will now look at the popular Ecosmo Lightweight bike.

Features & Benefits

Ecosmo 20” Lightweight Bike


To fully understand, are Ecosmo bikes any good? we will look at the Ecosmo 20” folding bike.




The Ecosmo folding bike comes with a lightweight aluminium frame. Aluminium is a strong and durable material that is known to outperform steel in laboratory test.

Having a lightweight frame is ideal for the urban commuter as it can easily and quickly be taken off public transport.

Are Ecosmo bikes any good? They certainly know how to design bikes.


Folding Mechanism


On of the main benefits of the Ecosmo 20” folding bike is that it comes with a folding mechanism.

Having a bike that can be easily stored away is ideal for when storage is limited either at home or on public transport.




The Ecosmo comes with an impressive seven gears that enable the rider to quickly and safely change the pace of the bike to their riding conditions.

Shimano are a well-respected brand within the biking community for making good quality bike components.

Read the full review.   In finding out, are Ecosmo bikes any good?

We will look at some of the common questions of the Ecosmo folding bike.

  • Features – 97%
  • Value For Money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Common Questions


What is the weight of the Ecosmo?


12 KG



How many gears does the bike come with?





What type of brakes does the bike come with?


Front & Rear V brakes. The main benefit of V brakes is that allows the rider to control the bike using less braking power.



What colour does the bike come in?





What is the Wheel size?


20” Kenda tyres. Kenda is a well-respected brand in designing and manufacturing bike tyres.



Does it have a kick stand?


Yes, it has a kick stand.



What is the maximum load of the bike?


Approximately 110 kg


What size is the bike when folded?


It’s around 80x30x60 cm


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