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Are Dino Bikes Any Good?

Trying To Find The Perfect Balance Bike For Your Child. You Will Love Strider

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Are Dino bikes any good?


In our article on Are Dino bikes any good? We will take a look at the Dino bike brand. Dino have been designing and manufacturing bikes since 1920.

The brand has been refining their production process over the years and focusing both on quality and safety.

Dino bikes pride themselves on commercial fairness and offering a children bike that meets all the needs of the modern chid.

The design and style of Dino bikes are easily recognisable for their cool and fresh look. Dino bikes are recognised throughout the world as one of the best brands when buying a children’s bike.


Why Should You Buy A Dino




Dinos brands mission is to always reinvest the company profits in designing innovative products that use the most up to date technology and innovative processes.



Dinos brand represent its Italian heritage of only designing quality children bikes. All Dino bikes go through an in-depth check to make sure that only the finest materials are sourced and used.

Their research and development team make sure all the bikes go though robust testing. To ensure they can be used electively in practical situations.



The Dino brand make sure all their bikes adhere to European safety regulation. All the bikes go through an internal check from the components and materials used, right through to the assemble and shipping.

Dinos goal is to make sure that their childrens bikes provide the customer with an outstanding customer experience.





With over a century of expertise designing children’s bikes. The experience gained in designing and producing good looking bikes that offer the best quality has become part of the companies mission statement.

Having an Italian heritage gives the Dino bike an extra edge. The design team are always keeping up to date with current trends. If you look through the Dino bike range you will see a wide variety of bikes that cover current trends like Barbie, Spiderman right through to Frozen. There a children bike for every personality.

Assemble line


The Dino production line adheres to current safety regulation, order and cleanliness. Having a refined production line ensures that Dino can design children bikes at affordable prices. Offering the customer brilliant value for money.



The Dino warehouse in Borgo in San Dalmazzo has an impressive capacity of 90,000 items. Designed for distribution, handling, storage and shipments.

Who Are Dino


“You need to Move to Keep Your Balance. Right From When You Are A Child.”


Dino have a wide variety of bikes for children. Dino bikes are practical, comfortable and safe. All the bikes are colourful, bright and sophisticated. To continue our article on Are Dino bikes any good? we will now look at the main health reasons for encouraging a child to ride a bike


Benefits Of Cycling


One of the main benefits of cycling is that it is considered as a low form of exercise that allows a child to have fun while building up their core muscles and stamina. Cycling allows children to take their first steps in independence. We have compiled the main reasons to encourage a child to take up cycling.


Cardiovascular Muscles


Cycling is A great way of building up an individual’s leg muscles. Working out the legs, increases the heart rate, accelerates the bodies stamina and helps a child attain their ideal weight.

Muscle Mass


Cycling is commonly known for being a good form of exercise for the legs. The whole body is strengthened and allows a child to build up their core muscles at their own pace


Less Stress


Cycling on a regular basis is a brilliant stress buster. Children can feel stressed after a long day at school. Going out for a bike ride is a great way of rehanging their energy. Stress levels are reduced as they go out an have a little bit of fun.

Improves Emotional Wellness


Cycling has been known to improve a children’s confidence level. Learning to ride is a great way of a child becoming more independent and allows them to get to know their local surroundings. Going out for family fun days out allows the child and their parent or guardian to build up a bond.



Cycling on a regular basis allows a child improve their socialising skills. Improving their communication skills and giving them an opportunity to make new friends. Going for a bike ride as a group can sometimes be more rewarding than going out for a bike road alone.

Staying Active


Spending time at home can sometimes lead to children becoming in active and lazy. In turn, leading to obesity. Cycling on a regular basis is a great way of reducing a child’s obesity and help them keep active. Owning a bike allows a child to get outdoors and be totally active.




Children are encouraged to go out of their home and have some sunlight. A good source of Vitamin D. Getting some fresh air and helping them sleep at night.

Children that go out more; are not engrossed in their gadgets. Going out of the house for a bike ride helps them improve their co ordination and balancing. Teachers have noticed that children that cycle to school are more active and more willing to learn. Read our article on the pros and cons of cycling.


Cycling Safely


A Child should wear a good quality helmet from a reputable brad with good reviews. The best bike helmet in the world is no good if they are not wearing it.

Making sure that the child has an active role in choosing the helmet and feels comfortable wearing the helmet.

Cycling is a form exercise and a child must wear clothing that has plenty of room and a pair of good quality shoes. In considering are Dino bikes any good? we will take a look at the popular Dino Peppa 12” bike


Dino Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Peppa Pig

If you’re looking for a good quality bike from a reputable bike brand. Then, the search may be over. The Peppa comes with:

Steel Frame: Dino have deigned the Peppa with a strong and durable steel frame that offers the rider plenty of stability.

Having a good quality bike frame, that can withstand the odd bump or scrap is a great way of boosting a child’s confidence level.

Brakes: The Peppa comes with a front brake that is designed to be chid friendly with minimal braking power needed. A child friendly brake allows a child to control the bike and perform an emergency stop easily and safely.

Tires: Dino have equipped the with a pair of good quality EVA tires that allow the rider to have plenty of grip while cycling. The EVA tires are designed to give the rider the maximum amount of grip while learning to ride.

Additional accessories: the Peppa comes with a pair of removable stabilisers that will assist the child learn to ride independently. The bike comes with a rear doll carrier and a front basket.


  • Features – 91%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Common Questions


Does the Peppa come fully assembled?


The Peppa does not come fully assembled. However, the bike comes with a helpful instruction manuel.

The bike should take no longer than thirty minutes to assemble. Once assembled, the child should feel comfortable on the bike. Go on a small test run.

Before allowing a child to ride independently they should learn the rules of the road and be aware of other rad users.

All bikes need to be maintained on a regular basis. Getting a good habit of cleaning the bike on a regular basis will help spot and wear and tear before it gets more serious.

Perform the ABC check. Check the air in the tires. The required PSI level can be taken from the instruction manuel. Test the brakes by applying the brakes gently and rolling the bike back and forth. The chain should have plenty of lubricant.


What age is the bike suited for?


Between the ages of 3-5.


What is the height range?


Between 87-120 ccm.


What is the frame size?


Frame size 57 cm


Is the Peppa lightweight?


The bike is lightweight.



Customer Review


I purchased the Peppa for my child’s birthday. My daughter is over the moon with the bike. The bike was easy to use and took no longer than thirty minutes to assemble.

I happy with the quality of the bike, its solid and offers my daughter plenty of support while learning to ride.

My daughter has been using the bike for the last three months and there has been no big issues. She loves going to our local park on the Peppa and loves the girly design, colour scheme and accessories.

The Peppa offers brilliant value for money and is a fraction of the cost of other children’s bikes with the same features.

Leaving plenty of money left over for a good quality helmet. We have noticed our daughter becoming more active, growing in confidence and even suggesting that we go out to the local park.

We hope you have found our article on are Dino bikes any good? helpful and informative. Please support our website by sharing the article. If you would like to write an article for our website. Please get in touch.

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