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Are Decathlon Electric Bikes Reliable & Good? (Common Questions)


Europe is now the world’s second-largest electric bike market, with Germany leading the way with roughly 40% of all-electric bikes sold.

Decathlon aims to make sports more accessible to everyone. The bikes you’ll discover at Decathlon are almost always composed of aluminium.

Which is the greatest material to use when looking for a budget-friendly bike.

In comparison to an aluminium frame of the same price. Inferior carbon will not provide a pleasant ride and will be much more vulnerable to damage.

They’re a wonderful bike for commuting to work on.

Here’s how Good Decathlon Electric Bikes are:


Bicycles with electric motors. This entertaining means of transportation, sometimes known as e-bikes, are quite popular right now. They’re also environmentally friendly.

Many people will dismiss the electric bicycle as a pointless development that will go away quickly.

The market, on the other hand, is still booming, as Decathlon has realized. The previous few decades have seen significant changes, and the next few years will see much more so.

Riverside “E” is a mountain-specific Decathlon e-bike. Riverside has taken over its whole cross-country train fleet in order to convert them to electric power.

For the time being, the Riverside 500e and Riverside 920e are the only references available.

One of Decathlon’s greatest achievements is the Rockrider mountain bike. The engineers of the company have strived for a high level of production quality and adaptability.

The Decathlon Rockrider mountain bike, on the other hand, is a stylish machine.

The Rockrider’s electric version retains the classic design while also using top-of-the-line material for electric assistance, similar to the electric ELOPS.

Its detachable battery, for instance, which is cleverly incorporated into the frame, does not disappoint. This is the version for cross-country travel.

The Riverside e-bike from Decathlon is a huge hit with explorers and is widely available on the bike market.

The Riverside is a decent compromise between a mountain bike and an urban bicycle.

The Riverside, like the other Decathlon electric bike models previously mentioned, and specifically the Rockrider, takes the classic design of its traditional form and incorporates the removable battery into the frame. This, like the mountain bike, adds to the bike’s flair.

So far, we’ve seen that electric bikes may resemble regular bikes in appearance and that you still have to pedal in most circumstances, just like any other bike.

However, there are several benefits to riding an electric bike rather than a traditional bicycle.

You can ride quicker and for greater distances with an electric bike. They’re wonderful for commuting and allowing you to feel refreshed when you get to work.

On an electronic bike, you’ll still get terrific exercise since you must peddle. Not only do your legs receive a workout as you move the pedals, but your whole body does as well.


They may give you the courage to take on uphill routes, which might be tough if you aren’t extremely active.

Electric bikes are much less expensive than vehicles, and if the battery dies in the middle of a ride, you can keep pedaling (unlike a car that has run out of gas).

They’re better for the environment than other kinds of transportation, such as a regular bicycle, since they don’t emit harmful emissions.

It’s a lot of fun. Read about are Giant electric bikes any good?


A Brief History of Decathlon Electric Bikes


Decathlon’s Btwin bike collection has been a huge success since 2006. Decathlon has designed a bike with numerous cap options. Today, the company is continuously active in the industry and is a market leader.

Decathlon’s Elops is a city electric bicycle. The references span from the Elops 120E to the Elops 940E, which are the top of the line.

This electric bike is identical to a regular Btwin Elops with the addition of an electric motor.

In 2006, Decathlon registered the Btwin brand of bicycle. Due to the enormous selection of motorcycles available to the general population, this brand quickly becomes a big success.

The Btwin is a bike with a good look that Decathlon marketing staff have been able to emphasize.

Because of its own success, it’s not rare to see a bike with the Btwin logo nowadays. Decathlon chose to rethink its approach after 10 years and make a number of significant modifications.

Decathlon has gone to great lengths to ensure that the electric bike is well-made. Each of these electric bikes has a motor system that is amazing in terms of both adaptability and sophistication.

The Rock-rider, which has been a popular mountain bike for many years at Decathlon, has, like all the others, been refused in electric form. Find out if GTECH e bikes any good?


How Reliable Are Decathlon Electric Bikes?


Decathlon bikes have a position in the cycling industry as a decent entry-level bicycle that is a good alternative for anybody searching for a dependable and durable first bike at a reasonable price.

It has a good foundation. It’s incredibly fantastic, hefty, and rather stealthy, with two colour variations. The grey and black. Both are attractive. In terms of style, the other baits are much more sophisticated.

The parade is quite comfy. Everything is quite comfy, even the grip seat. These motorcycles are very amazing, as you discovered.

When you’re out in the wilderness, it’s just amazing to be able to go anywhere you want to go.

The motor is the component of the bicycle that provides additional power to your pedalling.

However, using the controls to switch between various modes, you may adjust the help provided by the motor.

It depends on the routes you choose throughout the voyage. If the paths get more rough and sloppy, the battery will be depleted, and the motor will be activated.

The range of your electric bike on a single charge is determined by the capacity of the battery, which is paired with a number of other parameters.

It’s simple to charge your battery; just unlock it and unclip it from your bike, then plug it into a wall outlet. Read about the pros and cons of electric bikes.

Controls are little buttons on the left side of your handlebars that let you choose between the many degrees of help available on your bike.


How Durable Are Decathlon Electric Bikes?


 The electric ranges ELOPS, RIVERSIDE, and ROCK RIDER were created as a result of this.

The ELOPS Decathlon urban e-Bike is a city bike with a simple and unique design. This bike, which is made of high-quality materials, has enticed a large number of urban riders with its style, characteristics, and adaptability.

The ELOPS electric variant has the same design as the classic version, but with greater equipment and electric support.

The electric bike Decathlon’s detachable battery is cleverly incorporated behind the baggage rack at the back.

The Elops 940E is the most powerful in the series. The Rockrider E-ST 500 is a mid-range mountain bike. Read about are electric bikes any good?


What about Older Decathlon Electric Bikes?


The majority of e-bikes are classified as pedal-assist, which means that the power is activated as you pedal.

Some motorcycles have a throttle that moves the bike forward, while others have a mix of the two.

It’s crucial to understand the differences so you can choose the perfect e-bike for you.

 A 36-volt battery will suffice for flat terrain and lightweight riders, while a 48-volt battery will aid climb hills and push bigger riders more readily. The battery capacity is the next factor to consider. You’ll get a longer range with a larger battery. All of Decathlon’s electric bike batteries come with a two-year guarantee.


Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?


A wide selection of bike components is available to make changing broken or worn parts simple. We have everything from pedals and saddles to handlebar grips and electric bike components.

We provide bike components to enhance and modify your bicycle in addition to just maintaining it. All spare parts for all sorts of bikes are available at Decathlon.

You may get your bike repaired at Decathlon. Decathlon is a trustworthy company, and if your accessories are damaged, they will replace them for you. Do Vivi make good electric bikes.


What Are Typical Problems with Decathlon Electric Bikes


  • When compared to traditional pedal cycles, they are more costly to purchase.


  • Due to the added electrical components, electric bike maintenance expenses may be somewhat higher.



  • Because electric bikes are so popular, they’re more likely to be stolen if they’re left on the street.


  • To ride an electric bicycle, you must be at least 14 years old.



  • In certain countries, electric bikes are subject to extra rules, which may limit where you may ride your bike if you want to travel with it.


How Long Do Decathlon Electric Bikes Last Compare to Similar Brands?


The range of an electric bike is highly dependent on the kind of riding and the terrain.

Hills will deplete the battery faster since they need more power from the engine.

While there isn’t yet a completely defined electric bike range measurement.

Many entry-level bikes have a range of about 30 miles or less, so search around to find one that won’t have you pedaling the whole weight of the bike all the way home.

The Decathlon B’Twin Riverside Original 920 E Electric Hybrid Bike is a budget-friendly electric-assisted bicycle.

 It is ideal for daily commutes or leisure outings on highways, towpaths, and bridleways. The bike is equipped with Shimano Tourney and SRAM X3 components and has a 1×7-speed transmission.

The battery range varies depending on the mode selected; mode one has a range of up to 56 miles, mode two 43 miles, and mode three 31 miles.


Do Decathlon Electric Bikes Hold Their Value?


They are both excellent for the environment and enjoyable. You usually get what you pay for when it comes to e-bikes.

You’ll need one for those slopes. We’ve hand-selected a selection of bikes that combine the greatest electric features with traits you should seek for in a bike, such as comfort, performance, adaptability, and value for money.

Hybrid e-Bikes are often the most affordable electric bikes. They are heavier than other electric bikes, but they are sturdy and made to last.


Are Decathlon Electric Bikes Still Being Made?


Decathlon, the retailer of athletic goods, nevertheless sells a modest number of e-bikes in its overall bicycle sales.

Decathlon sells between 60 and 70,000 e-bikes every year. When it comes to the e-bike business, it’s not a huge problem for a large player like Decathlon. More sporty variants, such as e-MTBs, will be available soon.

Decathlon e-bikes (mostly city and trekking variants) sold under the B’Twin brand vary in price from € 699 for the Elops500 to € 1,899 for the Elops940.


Final Thoughts


The Decathlon e-bike and regular bike are still excellent materials in every way. Whether electric or not, the brand has been able to provide extremely low-cost equipment to the general public.

In 2020 and subsequent years, we will see an increase in the number of e-bike Decathlons on our roads and pathways.

Purchasing an electric bike from Decathlon or a standard bike will not be a terrible decision, regardless of the variety of bikes available, electric or not.


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