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Are Cyrushers bikes any good?

Looking For More Information On The Cyrusher Brand.

Why Should You Buy The XF660



Fat tire Bike

21 Shimano Gears

Aluminium Alloy

500 Watt motor

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Common Questions

Seventy Plus Common Questions Answered

Are Cyrushers bikes any good?


In our investigation into Are Cyrushers bikes any good? we will take a look at the Cyrusher brand. The name Cyrusher comes from combing the word “Cyrusher” and “Rusher.” Cyrusher was established in 2014, specialising in designing and manufacturing electric bikes. Read our electric bike guide.

There are four authorised brands Richbit, Kingttu, VTSP and Cyrusher. Registered in China, the European Union and the USA. The Cyrusher electric bikes were sold online on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, EBAY and Aliexpress. To look at Are Cyrushers bikes any good? we will now look at the Cyrusher beliefs and values. Read our article on are Richbit bikes any good?


Cyrusher Beliefs & Values




All Cyrusher electric bikes are designed with the best quality materials and components. The materials and components are carefully selected to ensure that only the best materials are used. Cyrusher’s research and development team test the Cyrusher bikes right through the production process. To ensure the electric bikes, can be used in all the practical situations all cycling enthusiasts find themselves in. Are electric bikes any good?




Cyrusher pride themselves on only designing and manufacturing electric bikes using the most up to date technology processes. One of the USP of the Cyrusher brand is that is known throughout the cycling community of designing electric bikes with the most powerful electric batteries.

Having a powerful electric battery will allow the rider to experience the main benefits of owning an electric bike that allows cycling enthusiasts to commute further with less effort. 


Cycling Passion


Cyrusher are passionate about cycling and they want all their electric bikes to offer the rider a first-class riding experience. Cyrusher electric bikes are designed with the best materials, most up to date technology, processes. All the electric bikes go through a robust testing, from the start of the production process, right through to when they receive their brand new Cyrusher bike. are e bikes good for commuting?


Great Value


The Cyrusher brand aim to design electric bikes at affordable prices. Cyrusher bikes have the most up to date features. One of the main benefits of owning a Cyrusher electric bike is that It offers the cycling enthusiast brilliant value for money.

In comparison, purchasing an electric bike with the same features would cost considerably more.   To continue our investigation into are Cyrusher bikes any good? we will look at why should you buy a Cyrusher electric bike. Cyrusher electric bike


Why Should You Buy A Cyrusher




One of the main reasons to purchase A Cyrusher electric bike, is that the rider will have so much fun. Once the rider experiences the benefit of having an onboard motor, that allows the rider to travel much further much more easily. They will be hooked.

In addition, owning a Cyrusher electric bike will allow the rider to have hours of fun with their family and friends. Building up memories that will hopefully last a life time.

In addition, having an on-board motor allows the rider to lessen the pace of the commute and allows the rider to take in more of their local surroundings. can electric bikes be used in the rain


Cost effective


The price of running the Cyrusher electric bike is a relatively cheap form of transport. In comparison, to travelling by car or on public transport. The cost of running a car on petrol or diesel is around forty pence per mile, rather than an electric bike costs around eight pence per mile. A know brainer.

In addition, if the rider is thinking about travelling to work on their Cyrusher electric bike then there are further savings in not having to pay for parking, petrol or insurance. Not to mention the health benefits. Read our article on the pros and cons of cycling.


Eco Friendly


Commuting on the Cyrusher electric bike is a brilliant way of a rider reducing their carbon foot print. An electric bike consumes approximately 100 to 150 watts of electricity compared to a car consuming 15,000 watts of electricity. how steep can a e bike climb


Faster Commute


Commuting on the Cyrusher is a great of avoiding delays and beating congestion. The average speed of a car in rush hour is roughly 15 mph. An electric bike can take advantage of a paths and roads that a car cannot reach.


Tackling Inclines


One of the biggest drawbacks of a traditional pedal bike is when you are faced with a dreaded hill. There is no need to worry about steep inclines with the Cyrusher electric bike. Unless you have forgotten to charge the electric bike. A rider can use the on board for assistance. In finding out, are Cyrusher bikes any good? we will now take a look at how to maintain a Cyrusher electric bike.



XF660 Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

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Maintaining The Cyrusher


In finding out are Cyrusher electric bikes any good? we will now take a look at how to maintain a Cyrusher electric bike. An electric bike needs to be maintained like any ordinary bike.

Keeping the Cyruher electric bike in good condition will not only save the rider money in the long run but will reduce the chances of any minor wear and tear turning into more serious problem. On average an electric bike motor should be maintained every six months depending on the distance travelled.


Cleaning The Cyrusher


Getting into a good habit of cleaning the Cyrusher bike on a regular basis will help keep the rider get the most out of their new pride and joy. Cleaning the electric bike atleast twice a week or after a long commute.

Don’t use a jet wash as the high pressure can cause water to get into the sealed electric components or remove the grease from important parts of the bike. Use a cloth and some hot soapy water to clean any dirt or grime off the bike. Cleaning products can be purchased rather cheaply.

In addition, cleaning the wheels, chain and cassette will help prolong the Cyrusher electric bikes life span. Furthermore, using a lubricant is also important. Use a wet one in the summer; a dry one in the winter.

Cyrusher Battery


The Cyrusher electric bike battery should be charged up after every commute and never ran dry were possible. If a rider doesn’t intend to use their electric bike for a period of time, they should keep it away from the unpredictable British weather. In looking at are Cyrusher bikes any good? we will now look at the Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike.

Features & Benefits

Cyrusher XF660 fat tire electric bike



The main benefit of the XF660 is the 500 watts will offer the rider plenty of power and allow the rider to travel around 30-40 miles. Having an impressive four-inch wheels will allow the rider tackle different types of terrain, whether it be sand, snow or rocky terrain. The XF660 can also be used on the road. Read the full review.


The XF660 comes with a dual disk brake. The main benefit of dual brakes, full suspension allows the rider to quickly and safely stop the electric bike with less effort.

In addition, having a set of quality brakes will allow the rider to be confident in tackling different types of terrain. You may like to read our article on are electric bikes any good for commuting? In looking at are Cyrusher bikes any good? we will now look at the common questions when buying the XF 660.




  • Features – 98%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Common Questions


Does the XF660 need assembling?


The XXF 660 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes. Once assembled, the rider should go on a small test run to make sure they feel comfortable riding the electric bike.


Would I be able to attach a bike rack?


Yes, a bike rack can be attached.


Does the XF660 come with mudguards?


Yes, mudguards are included.


How many gears does the XF660 come with?


21 Shimano gears.

Customer Satisfaction


The XF660 was easy to assemble and took no longer than thirty minutes. I absolutely love having an onboard motor and I find it very useful commuting in Edinburgh where we have quite a few hills.

The four-inch tires offer me plenty of grip when exploring my local mountain bike trails. One of the main reasons for purchasing the XF660 was to help me lose weight and improve my fitness levels.

I have been using the XF660 for over three months, my fitness levels have definitely improved as I am not as tired as when I first started.

An added benefit of owning the XF660 is that it allows me to have a fun action-packed weekend with my family and friends.

Furthermore, a rather inexpensive way of spending my weekend. We hope you have enjoyed our article on Are Cyrusher bikes any good? and found it helpful and informative.

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