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Are Cube Electric Bikes Reliable & Good? (Helpful tips)



Yes, Cube Electric Bikes are reliable and good. This German firm is Europe’s biggest bicycle manufacturer, selling half a million bikes every year and producing 800 per day. Cube produces e-bikes in a variety of styles, including urban and touring cycles, as well as a hardtail, fatty, and full-suspension mountain bikes.

Despite the fact that Cube bikes are only accessible in the United States via a small number of dealers, the company has long-term aspirations to grow into the North American market and is also available in Canada through a restricted number of dealers.


Here’s how good Cube Electric Bikes are:


The Cube electric bike line combines excellent value with German engineering. With their vast choice of Bosch-powered eBikes, they have something for everyone. Cube electric bikes are among the most reasonably priced eBike models on the market. Thanks to their German design and dependable Bosch eBike technology.

The Cube Attain is a budget-friendly long-distance road bike. With a 72.5° head tube angle, the bike’s geometry is more relaxed than many other road cycles.

Its ability to be used as a race bike is limited as a result of this. This is a fantastic entry-level road bike. Read about the pros and cons of ebikes.


A Brief History of Cube Electric Bikes


In the continental European riding business, CUBE was and will continue to be a German brand first. The fact that the majority of its products, both bikes and e-bikes, are still built in Germany demonstrates this.

Marcus Puerner founded CUBE in Waldershof, Germany, in 1993, and it didn’t take long for the company to gain a significant following and a good reputation.

Forget about the company’s bike catalogue. Take a look at its extensive e-bike inventory, where each product line is loaded with several versions of a single model.

CUBE’s growth storey, like many other bike brand success tales, began modestly. Its founder got his start in the bike business by physically assembling motorcycles in order to raise money for his undergraduate degree.

During the 1990s, he rode the mountain bike craze and started CUBE, a company dedicated to producing high-quality mountain bikes.

The firm has increased its manufacturing space to 55,000 m2 and now exports to over 60 nations worldwide. Intermarche–Wanty–Gobert Materiaux is their current sponsor.

. Mountain bikes, road bikes, cross bikes, triathlon bikes, e-bikes, and trekking bikes are among the current product offerings.

Women’s bikes with ergonomic fittings, children’s bikes, clothing, and accessories round out the product line-up. Read out if GTECH e bikes are good?


How Reliable Are Cube Electric Bikes?


With superb fenders and lights, this is a versatile hardtail electric mountain bike. It may be used in both urban and off-road settings. The Reaction Hybrid Performance may be utilized for commuting thanks to an optional rear rack from CUBE that supports the rear fender.

The Bosch motor, the integrated battery in the downtube, and small display makes this a dependable and attractive bike. You may like to read about decathlon bikes.


How Durable Are Cube Electric Bikes?


The Bosch 250W Performance CX Motor for the Cube Electric Mountain Bike provided up to 300 per cent assistance with 75 Nm of torque and a big capacity.

The bike functioned well, with the Bosch Purion display displaying a remaining range of 14 kilometers at the end of the journey.

The Bosch Active line motor is a crank-driven motor with a compact 300Wh (Watt-hour) battery.

They were blown away with the ride of almost 70 kilometers (44 miles)! When it came to a halt, there was still one bar of power remaining, despite the fact that it had a 300Wh battery. That astounded me.


What about Older Cube Electric Bikes?


We’ve been using drive systems from our top supplier Bosch since the debut of our 2014 line.

More than 100 different models are now available, ranging from comfortable e-bikes with low-entry frames to enduro-ready e-mountain bikes.

 The whole product line is designed to fulfil the most stringent requirements. Our engineers collaborate with our partners to create innovative technologies and materials as well as manufacturing processes.

They also maintain frequent and close communication with elite sportsmen as well as Bosch experts in order to realise their objective of flawless system integration.


Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?


Cube Bikes, founded during the early mountain bike craze, has developed significantly over the course of its 24-year history to become Germany’s biggest bike brand.

Cube is, in reality, one of the world’s biggest bike manufacturers in terms of volume.

When you consider that Cube Bikes aren’t accessible in North America (yet) and that the company is totally privately held, it’s quite an accomplishment.

Cube flew Singletrack and a slew of other cycling journalists to their spanking new plant in Waldershof only a few weeks ago.

The goal was to view the 2017 bike line up while also seeing the company’s brand-new assembly line, R&D lab, and design studios to learn more about how each Cube bike is created.


What Are Typical Problems with Cube Electric Bikes


The battery life is still rather short


It’s the battery’s rather short life if we’re talking about the primary. That was not just talking about how quickly the battery depletes after each ride.

Rather, it indicates how soon the battery will need to be discarded and replaced.

This might be owing to the fact that its riding range has already diminished significantly.

A 10-mile reduction in range is generally a sign that the battery needs to be changed soon. This is true regardless of how long you go with the battery fully charged.


E-bikes are not inexpensive


E-bikes are undoubtedly more costly than a standard bicycle, and often even a scooter or motorcycle.

Many factors contribute to this, including the fact that technology has not yet achieved its pinnacle, and that most mid-range and high-end models have additional features for user convenience.

Recharging the battery takes a long time

Electric bikes take a long time to charge, and charging durations vary by type. It takes at least 4 to 6 hours for the bulk of them to completely charge.

For riders who know what to anticipate on every route, this may not be a major issue.


Excess weight


Almost everyone who has ridden an e-bike will attest to the fact that they are much heavier than regular bicycles.

This is a frequent characteristic of motorbikes powered by lead-acid batteries, and it lowers the speed and the bike’s ability to tackle steeper roads and terrains.

If the electric bike does not have speed-boosting capabilities, this might be a major problem.


The range of motion is restricted


There aren’t many electric bike models that can boast a range of more than 30 miles (around 48 km).

This average may be extended by more powerful models. However, such attractive electric bikes are likely to be more expensive.

When we look at the exceedingly unfavourable situation of e-bikes failing to provide the exact riding range that was expected of them, the gravity of this problem becomes clear.


Exorbitant Repair and Maintenance costs


The concept of costly electric bike maintenance and repair is based on a range of situations that might occur and harm your electric bike’s performance.

The bike’s from the motor’s sensors burning out and needing to be changed to LCD screens and other techy parts getting broken, you’ll almost certainly need to have them repaired in order to fully use your e-bike.

Another drawback to being aware of is the difficulty in locating an e-bike mechanic if a component malfunctions.

It’s probable that you’ll have to look for a competent expert or repair shop on the internet or in your area, especially if the model isn’t well-known.


Production continues to hurt the environment


Finally, the whole manufacturing process for electric bikes is harmful to the environment. The usage of coal or fossil fuels in the manufacture of electric motorbikes has been demonstrated to be very damaging to the environment.


How Long Do Cube Electric Bikes Last Compare to Similar Brands?


Our passion for bicycles, combined with ongoing investments in our team, research and development, local manufacturing facilities, logistics systems, and an in-house test lab, has propelled the CUBE brand to the forefront of the European bicycle industry.

Bosch has grown into a global market leader in the premium segment with its extensive portfolio of drive systems for everything from leisure bikes to ultra-competitive e-bikes.”


Do Cube Electric Bikes Hold Their Value?


CUBE is one of the most well-known European companies, and its bikes are well-priced, with a two-year Bosch Systems guarantee and a five-year frame warranty.


Are Cube Electric Bikes Still Being Made?


Yes, the new factory was built from the ground up and is enormous. It’s a massive 40,000 square meter space.

Within the facility, Cube has set up a temporary store to showcase their whole 2017 bike range, which includes a vast warehouse for stock storage. Cube Bikes’ collection of road bikes, kids bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, and e-bikes are, to put it frankly, super-doper-massive.


Final Thoughts


Cube Electric bikes, on the other hand, provide many of the same advantages as regular bikes, such as financial savings (no license or insurance necessary), better well-being, and community connection.

The true benefit of eBikes is their efficiency while climbing hills or battling the wind, along with their increased range.

Electric bikes, for example, may revitalize the sport of cycling if you suffer from knee discomfort or exercise-induced asthma.

They could persuade a friend or significant other to join you on the trails more often, or they might let you travel to work without sweating as much in intense temperatures.

I’ve previously owned automobiles and mopeds, but neither felt as safe or invigorating as riding along neighbourhood routes away from traffic.

Electric bikes eliminate many of the hurdles and problems that conventional pedal-powered cycles provide, but they aren’t without flaws.

They may be costly, complicated, and heavy, which can be a big inconvenience if the battery dies halfway through.