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Are Concept Bikes Any Good?


Is Concept A Good brand. Should You Buy One Or LEAVE it on the Shelf

Are Concept Bikes Any Good?


In our investigation into are Concept Bikes Any Good? we will first take a look at the Concept bike brand.

The Concept brand falls under the Insync portfolio who own a variety of brands including Viking, Coyote, Riddick and many more.

Having a variety of other brands under the Insync group allows the Concept brand to take advantage of lower production costs, access to the most innovative technology and processes.

To continue looking at, are Concept Bikes Any Good? we will now look at why you should buy a Concept bike. Pros and cons of cycling.

Why Should You Buy The Little Monster



Hi Tensile Steel

Front & Rear Caliper Brakes

Single Speed

Customer Satisfaction

A Whopping Five Star



Well Respected Bike Brand

Why Should You Buy A Concept Bike


Great Value


The Concept Brand pride themselves on only designing and manufacturing bikes that offer the customer brilliant value for money. One of the main benefits of the Concept brand is that they can take advantage of combining production cost and being able to pass on the savings to the customer.





Concept design team only design their concept bikes with the best quality components and materials. All the materials used by Concept team go through a robust testing right from the start of the production process, right through to when the customer receives their brand-new bike.


Love For Cycling


One of the main beliefs of the Concept brand is that they want to pass their love for cycling to the customer by making sue all the customer’s cycling needs are taking care. Th Concept team test their bikes in all the practical situations faced by a rider to ensure they have a bike they are proud to own. The insync brand are well respected brand throughout Europe. Cycling advice for beginners.


Who Are Concept Bikes Designed For?



The Concept design team ensure their bikes are designed for a wide variety of terrain. All bikes are ideal for recreational use and offer the rider a strong and durable ride that will help them have hours of fun.

The Concept bikes are mainly designed for children, and are well known and respected brand throughout the biking community. In finding out, Are Concept Bikes Any Good? we will now look at the benefits of cycling

Concept Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Benefits of Cycling


To consider, Are Concept Bikes Any Good? we will look at the benefits of cycling. Maintaining a healthy and active life style has been an important aspect of life since childhood, we have put together a list of reasons why you should cycle. Read our article on the pros and cons of cycling.


Healthy Heart


Riding a bike is a brilliant way of strengthening the heart. Research from the American Heart Association research shown that in America, a woman dies every minute from heart disease, stroke or a cardiovascular disease.

Regular cycling as part of an exercise regime is a great way of reducing the chances of a cardiovascular illness.


Less Stress On Your Joints


If you’re looking at way of building up muscles without pounding your joint, then cycling is definitely worth considering.


Physical Benefits


Regular exercise using your bike a few times a week will definitely improve an individual’s endurance and stamina.

Building up a rides stamina and endurance is a great way of improving their fitness levels and in turn boost their confidence.

In addition, the physical benefits of regular exercise will help an individual to starve off germs.

During exercise the body temperature rises, preventing\ bacteria from growing.


Helping You Sleep Better


Research by Stanford University School of medicine found that cycling twenty to thirty minutes a day helps an individual fall asleep twice as quickly and increasing sleep by an impressive one hour.


Boosting Self Confidence


Riding regularly is a great way to boost a rider’s self-esteem and confidence.

When a rider is traveling from one location to another, exploring their local surrounds or having a family day out they will be sure to get a feeling of self-satisfaction and boost their confidence as they take their riding skills and fitness levels to the next level.

In truly understanding, Are Concept Bikes Any Good? we will now look at some good practises while riding.

Cycling Advice


Once an individual has purchased their brand-new bike.

They might seem a little apprehensive if they don’t cycle on a regular basis. We have put together a list of useful tips.


Checking the Tyres


Get in a good habit of checking the tire pressure is and the required PSI level.

If a bike tire is not at the required PSI level then the bike will have to work a lot harder. The PSI level can be taken from the bike’s instruction manuel.


Riding Position & Saddle


Once the rider has assembled the bike, they should make sure they are happy with the saddle before any long commute.

Having a good riding position will allow the rider to travel much further more comfortably.

In addition, a good riding position is vital for maintaining a good posture.

Riding with a good posture will allow the rider to spot any hazardous situations much quicker and manoeuvre out of a them safely.


Comfortable Clothing


The British weather can be quite unpredictable; therefore, it is important that the rider has the correct cycling apparel to make sure their commute is not caught short.

Having a comfortable pair of joggers on with a t shirt that give the riders body plenty of breathing space.

A good pair of trainers with good quality soles. Most importantly a rider should purchase a helmet that fits well with good customer reviews. The best bike helmet in the world is no good if you’re not wearing it.


Eating & Drinking


If a rider is intending to go on a ride for a couple of hours. Taking a small snack and some water to help with rehydration and help the rider keep cycling for longer. A rider can eat and drink while they ride. Aim to eat a little snack every hour. Don’t take fizzy drinks. Take some water.


Don’t Push Yourself Too Much


Cycling is a low form of exercise; however, it can be very strenuous.

Not pushing yourself too soon is vital in ensuring that they look forward not their next outing.

A rider that takes their time in building up fitness, endurance and stamina will have less chance of burning themselves out.




All bikes need regular maintaining, getting a good habit of inspecting the bike after every commute will help spot any wear and tear.

Stopping it from developing into a more serious issue. Carrying out the ABC check. Air in the tires, brakes and chain.




A rider should aim to clean their bike at least every two weeks.

By cleaning the bike, the rider will become familiar with the bike and be able to spot any wear and tear. Are Concept Bikes Any Good? we will now look at the Concept Little Monster.


Features & Benefits

Concept Boys Little Monster


There are many benefits of encouraging a child to exercise regularly by using a bike. Cycling is a massive mile stone in a childs life as they start to take their first footsteps in independence.

Riding the Little Monster will help a child explore their local surrounds while having fin at the same time.

The Little Monster comes with a hi Tensile steel frame that will offer the rider plenty of support and stability while riding.

Steel is a strong and durable material that can with stand the odd bump or scrap.

Concept have equipped the Little Monster with a BMX frame that will allow the rider to have plenty of control of the bike.

One of the main benefits of a BMX bike is it can be used for a variety of uses. Are Concept Bikes Any Good? they certainly now how to design bikes.

In addition, the Little Monster comes with front and rear caliper brakes hat allow the rider to quickly and safely perform an emergency stop.

Furthermore, the Little Monster comes with a single speed gear leaver that allows the rider to easily control the bike. are muddyfox bmx bikes any good?



  • Features – 98%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Common Questions


What is the frame size of the Little monster?


The Deluxe comes with a 16 inch frame.


Does the bike need to be assembled?


The Deluxe does need to be assembled. However, should take no longer than thirty minutes. Once the bike is assembled, you should go on a small test ride to make sure your happy with the bike.


What can the Little Monster be used for?


The Deluxe bike is a great all-round bike that is designed for a wide variety of uses. Ideal for commuting to the shops, around the local park or family fun days out. We hope you have enjoyed our article on Are Concept Bikes Any Good? and found it informative and helpful. Please support our website by sharing the review on your social media.

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