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Are Claud Butler Bikes Any Good?


Claud Butler Bikes. Are they GOOD or Bad?  Lets find If Claud Butler bikes are DECENT. 

Values & Beliefs




One of the main aims of the Claud Butler brand is make sure that all the bikes the customer receives are of the highest quality.

Quality tests are done from the beginning of the production process right up until the customer receives their brand-new Claud Butler.

The brand only uses the best materials and components while building the bikes to make sure the customers has the best experience when buying a Claud Butler bike.


Great Value


The Claud Butler brand are aware that one way of staying one step ahead of its competitors is by offering the customer brilliant value for money.

The Claud Butler are always trying to bring down the cost of purchasing their bikes and offer features that are not normally found in bikes at higher price point.

Offering bikes at more affordable prices will hopefully encourage more entry level cyclists to take up cycling for themselves,

Encourage their family and experience the many benefits of cycling regularly has to offer.




Having the best-looking bike in the world is no good if it is not practical.

The research and development team at Claud Butler ensure that they test every single bike to make sure that the bikes can be used in practical situations.

The Claud Butler test the robust of the materials and components against situations and conditions faced by everyday riders and the team spend months putting the bikes under the most intense tests.




One main reason why cycling is a must loved past time is the opportunity to let go of the everyday stresses of life, take a step back and relax.

Claud Butler understands that the best way to encourage individuals to keep cycling for longer and to inspire new members to take up cycling is to have fun.

The Claud Butler team design the bikes with a fresh-looking design that are built and designed for the rider to push their riding skills to the next level and have fun.





The Claud Butler team encourage their customers to contact their local dealer if they have any questions from the point,

They decided to purchase a new bike and they have any questions regarding the best bikes that’s best for their needs.

To any post buyer questions like purchasing a new component or a material.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with your local dealer.

In finding out, Are Claud Butler bikes any good?

We will now look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked Questions



What should I do if there a problem with the Claud Butler bike that I have just purchased?



Firstly, if you experience any kind of problem with your brand-new Claud Butler bike get in contact with the seller were the bike was first purchased.

The seller will then contact Claud Butler for any replacement parts or for any general enquire.



If you have had an accident on your Claud Butler bike what should I do?



Having a crash or accident is not covered by your warranty so any cost for replacement parts will be at your own cost.

Get in touch with the dealer you purchased the bike and they will advice you of the best of solution.

Sometimes Claud Butler don’t have the availability of all spares or components;

However, you may be able to purchase alternative parts. Do check that your warranty won’t be affected.



How quickly will you respond to my enquiry by email?



The team at Claud Butler aim to respond to all emails within two working days.



Choosing A Bike



I have decided to purchase a new bike; however, I don’t know which one suits my needs?



The different types of bikes come with descriptions that what each bike can be used for and what they are suitable for.

However, if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact a seller and I am sure they will be more than happy to help you.


What should I do if I scratch my paintwork?


Contact your local auto car centre where they can mix up paint using a colour chart to match up the paint and this will allow you to buy small touch up sticker or an aerosol spray for the bigger jobs.

To truly, understand are Claud bikes any good?

We will look at a popular selling Claud bike.

Why Should You Buy The Claud Butler

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Claud Butler



Hi Tensile Steel Frame

V Brakes

Shimano Revoshifter


Customer Satisfaction

Five Star Customer Satisfaction


Customer Testiominals

Good Customer Testimonials. Definitely Worth A Read

Claud History


In our investigation into, Are Claud Butler bikes any good? We will take a look at the brands history.

The history of the Claud Butler brand began more than 135 years ago and the brands goal is to manufacture and design bikes for the

Road, mountain biking, gravel and commuting that offer quality, great value, practical, fun and can be purchased at affordable prices.

Claud Butlers research and development team are based in Great Britain and all bikes are manufactured in the United Kingdom and are keen and passionate cyclists.

The brands aim is to build and design bikes that any cyclists would be proud to own.

The new range have been designed using up to date innovative processes and technologies to deliver bikes that stand one step ahead of their competitors.

The Claud Butler brand operate around the Skuthorpe and Birmingham area, and the brand is passionate about providing a brilliant customer experience and the best quality by drawing on its years of experience,

excellent network and knowledgeable staff.

To continue our investigation into, Are Claud Butler bikes any good?

We will look at the beliefs and values of the Claud Butler brand.

 Claud Butler Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Why Should You Buy The Torment?


If your looking for a new bike for your child from a well-established British bike brand then look no further.

The Claud Butler Torment 20″ Boys Bike is designed for using around your local park, family fun days out or going for an adventure with their friends.

The Claud Butler brand may not be the cheapest on the market.

However, you have to pay a little bit extra for quality.

Investing in a good quality bike for your child from a reputable bike brand will allow your child to be able to use the bike with ease, and build up their confidence while riding.

Children are spending more and more time on their computers than ever before.

Regular exercise on their brand-new Claud Butler Torment 20″ Boys Bike is a great way for your child to build up their core muscles and coordination.

Encouraging your child to spend time outdoors exploring your local community is a rather inexpensive past time for you and your family to do at the weekends.

By encouraging your child to cycle at a young age will hopefully increase the changes of them becoming passionate about exercise and keeping fit into there adult life. To answer,

Are Claud bikes any good? We will now look at some of the features and benefits of the Claud Butler Torment. Are muddyfox  bmx bikes any good?

Features & Benefits



Are Claud Butler bikes any good?  we will now look at the main features of the Torment.

The Claud Butler Torment comes with a solid steel frame. Steel is a solid durable material commonly used by manufactures and is designed to with stand the odd bump or scrap.

The frame is designed to give your child plenty of stability while riding and it comes with a fresh modern design,

I am sure your child will love.




Your child will have plenty of options when changing the pace of the bike as the Torment comes with six Shimano gears.

Shimano are a well-known brand in bike industry for good quality components.

The gears on the torment are deigned to be child friendly and are easy to use. Are Claud Butler bikes any good?  most definitely.




Claud Butler have designed the Torment with an impressive 20” wheels that are designed for trekking tyres. The trekking tyres will give your child plenty of grip while they travel offer different types of terrain.

Having a good set of tires will boost your child’s confidence as they offer plenty of support and stability while they explore their local surrounds.

Are Claud Butler bikes any good? 

They certainly know how to design and manufacture bikes.




The Torment comes with a set of alloy V brakes that will allow the rider to perform an emergency stop quickly and safely.

V Brakes are designed to be more responsive an easier to use.

To truly know, are Claud bikes any good?

We will look at some of the frequently asked questions.

  • Features – 92%
  • Value For Money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 97%

” My Son Absolutely Loves His Torment; Its Perfect For Family Days Out.”  Jess

Final Comments

You’re looking for a new bike for your child.

The Claud Torment 20” Boys bike has many features only found in more expensive bikes.

Claud Butler are a respected British brand that are known for their quality, offering great value, practical bikes at affordable prices.

You would be silly not to at least check out the customer testimonials; they speak for themselves.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on, Are Claud Butler bikes any good? and found it helpful and informative. Are silverfox bikes any good?

Common Questions

What is the weight of the Torment?



Is the Clauld Butler Torment Bike durable?

Claud Butler only use the best materials and components so your child will have plenty of support and stability while riding.


Does the bike come fully assembled?

The Claud Butler Torment comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes.

Once you have assembled your bike make sure you take the bike for a little test so that both you and your child ae happy with the bike.


What gears does the Torment come with?


Shimano Revoshift twist shifters.

In concluding, are Claud Butler bikes any good we will now look at the main reasons why you should buy the bike.

You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes.

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