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Are Ancheer Electric Bikes Reliable And Good? (Helpful Tips)


Yes, Ancheer Electric Bikes are good and reliable. Ancheer is a company that sells environmentally friendly bicycles. About 2000 employees work for the privately owned corporation, which has operations in China, Taiwan, and the United States. Ancheer offers a variety of health and fitness equipment, such as e-bikes, mountain bikes, and e-scooters.

Ancheer items may be found at retail shops, health and fitness stores, online, and on their official website all around the globe.

Here’s how good Ancheer electric bikes are:


The Ancheer is a good investment if you’re looking for your first e-bike. Don’t anticipate high-quality components since it’s constructed on a budget.

It is, however, equally as strong as more costly electric bikes, and the battery can power a 30-mile ride if the weather is mild and the terrain isn’t too mountainous.

Electric bikes are available in a variety of styles and sizes. The 36V mountain bike from Ancheer is at the beginner level for electric bicycles, but it comes with a robust 250W motor that makes riding up hills a breeze.

Unfortunately, there is no connection in the cable that can be released when the back wheel is removed.

This is still another indicator of the bike’s low cost, and it may be an issue if you need to repair a puncture or just remove the wheel to transfer the bike into a vehicle. The black plastic box has a connection; however, it is quite difficult to open. Read about are ancheer bikes any good?


A Brief History of Ancheer


For almost five years, ANCHEER has been the leading distributor of high-quality health and fitness goods.

With a warehouse in Los Angeles, California, and a large network of leading manufacturers in Taiwan and China, ANCHEER has built long-term professional partnerships that have allowed us to give you and our clients much lower prices than the typical industry distributor.

Ancheer is one of the fastest-growing firms in the health and fitness equipment sector because of its high-quality products and unwavering dedication to customer service excellence.

Customer service and satisfaction are the main priorities of our huge professional workforce of sales consultants and experts. Ancheer places a premium on ensuring that our number one aim of increasing your profit and efficiency is met on a regular and rising basis.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our great clientele for their consistent support of ANCHEER and our objective of offering superior goods and services.

We urge potential clients to get in touch with us to learn more about the “Ancheer Difference” and why Ancheer is the missing element in driving your company’s success beyond your expectations.


How Reliable Are Ancheer Electric Bikes?


If you are on a tight budget, the Ancheer Pro electric bike is an absolute bargain. It also has a lot of very positive buyer reviews.

The build quality is actually not that bad; the 6061-aluminum frame looks good, and the paint finish is nice. The forks are very basic, but they should stand up to road surface lumps and bumps. The 21 gears work well and use budget Shimano thumb shifters.

As long as you are aware of this bike’s limitations and its budget components, then you can’t go far wrong. I would not advise taking this bike for some serious off-road riding, though, as I don’t believe it would stand up to too much abuse.

But for an A to B commuter bike, it is perfect. The electric motor and battery are water resistant but not waterproof.

You can ride it in the rain, but I would not advise riding through fords or deep puddles.

Another plus is that the Ancheer Pro uses a lot of generic parts, so there shouldn’t be any problems sourcing components, including motor controllers, pedal sensors, etc.

This bike is shipped from within the EU or USA, so you can expect delivery times of 4-5 working days. Read our electric bike guide.


How Durable Are Ancheer Electric Bikes?


The portion of our ANCHEER mountain e-Bike review is dedicated to battery life and charging.

The ANCHEER is equipped with a 36V, 8Ah lithium-ion battery that provides riders with a range of around 25–50 kilometers.

It’s also completely detachable and lockable, enabling riders to charge their batteries both on and off the bike and in a number of settings.

Before any issues develop, the typical lithium-ion battery has a life duration of 500–1000+ charge cycles.

Riders could anticipate 1000+ charge cycles from a high-quality lithium-ion battery before experiencing any trouble.

To put things in perspective, even if you charged and used this mountain bike every day, it would still take you roughly 2-3 years to get to this stage. Find out if giant electric bikes are any good?


What About Older, Ancheer Electric Bikes?


New electric motorcycles’ batteries may last anywhere from two to five years. Three key elements impact how long an e-battery bike lasts:

The battery type and brand that are being utilized


Do they still make parts for older models?


In many situations, historic bike components may be obtained straight from their original producers.

Automakers make a lot of money on components, so they frequently keep creating them for years after a bike has been discontinued.

Even then, third-party businesses often take over manufacturers’ parts supply businesses, resulting in lower-cost components for older cars. Read about the pros and cons of e bikes.


What Are Typical Problems with Ancheer Electric Bikes?


A few highly frequent and reoccurring difficulties that we consider “E-bike maintenance” are mentioned below:

Because of its position and working circumstances, the battery is considered the most important component of an e-bike.

The battery damage that occurs is often the consequence of improper E-bike operation.


Hub Motors


Hub motors are used in electric bikes, and one of the most prevalent problems is hub motor noise.

If the motor’s gears, disc brake, or bearings are worn out, this is a regular problem. A loose bolt might potentially be the source of such sounds.

Extreme vibrations and strains placed on the E-bike may sometimes result in loose connections, which can cause the E-bike to malfunction or become fully unusable.

Due to these concerns, it is advised that the external wiring of the E-bike be checked on a regular basis within one’s intellectual capabilities.

The motor inhibitor switch will kick on if your e-bike has been in an accident and the handlebars have been broken, putting a load on the brakes owing to defective brake levers and keeping them continually engaged.

Before riding your e-bike again, you’ll need to get the brake levers replaced or fixed. In the rarest of circumstances, the cut-off switch must be replaced.




E-bikes that employ a throttle mechanism to propel themselves are vulnerable to throttle damage if the throttle is used incorrectly. The wire connecting the throttle to the engine may break as a consequence of this.

If you want to see if your e-bike problem is caused by an electrical problem, look at the motor and its connection on the chainstay, which is near the frame where your chain is positioned.

This is something that all rear-hub E-bikes have, and it’s a simple remedy if that’s the case. Similarly, check to see whether the chain or belt is properly attached.


How Long Do Ancheer Electric Bikes Last Compared to Similar Brands?


Lithium batteries have an average lifespan of 1000 charging cycles, or 3-5 years before their capacity deteriorates.

Electric motors will often live longer than most other e-Bike components, but good care and maintenance will help them last longer. Normal wear and tear will occur after 1,000–3,000 kilometers on good tires.

Brakes may last a long time, but they are affected by a variety of variables like weather, road conditions, riding style, component quality, and so on.

With average commuting wear and tear, quality rim brakes may last up to 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) before having to be changed, while disc brakes can last up to 6,000 miles (10,000 kilometers).

Chains should be changed every 2,000–3,000 miles in general, but with a mid-drive motor and additional wear on the chain and sprocket, this number will likely be lowered.


Do Ancheer Electric Bikes Hold Their Value?


According to 2,000 UK consumers, electric bike sales will account for over a quarter of all cycle purchases in 2020, and the number of individuals planning to buy a bike or an e-bike in the next 12 months will continue to climb.

Despite this, Mintel estimates that the value of the UK bicycle market will increase by roughly 44% to over £1.2 billion in 2020, up from £825 million in 2019.

Meanwhile, according to figures from the Bicycle Association, £1 billion was added in 2020, bringing the total worth to £2.31 billion.

According to the report, bicycle sales alone reached £1 billion for the first time in recent history.

Using BA data, the association estimates that the UK e-bike sector is currently worth £280 million in sales, with a 12 percent market share.

Based on historical sales statistics, electric bike sales are predicted to increase in the next three years.

Despite market volatility, 160,000 units were imported in 2020, representing a 96 percent year-on-year increase in value.


Are Ancheer electric bikes still being made?


For over a decade, ANCHEER has been dedicated to developing the highest-quality health and fitness products. The headquarters of ANCHEER is in Los Angeles, California.

ANCHEER has built long-term professional ties with a large network of leading Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers, allowing it to provide much lower prices than the typical industry vendor.

Ancheer has had significant success on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, among other online Ancheer platforms.

Ancheer direct online retailers include Ancheer. Shop,, and Ancheer is now looking for offline agents and merchants in the United Kingdom and North America.


Final Thoughts


The 500W motor and 450Wh battery on the Ancheer AM0019079/AN-EB001 provided it with a clear advantage over the other e-Bikes I had tested in terms of raw strength and acceleration.

It also featured a built-in light and horn that were powered by the same battery, and it, like all the other e-Bikes I’d worked with, had a maximum speed restriction of 20 mph to comply with regulatory requirements. It didn’t appear as clean as my own Metakoo Cyber Track 100 since the electrical wiring was routed below the down tube, up the seat tube, and into the hefty control box.


Unlike the Metakoo


However, unlike the Metakoo, the wiring did not pass through a huge side hole in the down tube, making it far more resistant to dust, water, and, by extension, corrosion.

I hoped the handlebar-mounted control device had a digital display that displayed speed, odometer, power-assist level, and other relevant data, although some of that might be solved by installing a third-party speedometer.

Keep in mind that if you wish to connect extra components like those necessary for hauling bike trailers, you’ll need to replace the rear wheel’s skewer with a larger one.

The option to detach the battery for much simpler charging at home or at work without having to carry the complete bike inside was quite useful.

To reduce the possibility of theft, the battery itself might be securely fastened to the frame.

Shimano derailleurs made shifting between the 21 gears a breeze, and the disc brakes provided predictable stopping power.

Despite its flaws, the Ancheer bike was a tremendous machine to ride. Its swift, smooth acceleration made my pulse beat with both thrill and terror of going too fast, and it was just the kind of bicycle that my brother adored.

Even with the small issues that came with it, I remained with my Meta Koo Cyber track.






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