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Are Ancheer Bikes Any Good?

Thinking About Buying A Ancheer Electric Bike, Get Your Questions Answered

Why Should You Buy The Ancheer



Super Lightweight Wheels

Three Modes

Alloy Frame





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Common Questions

Sixty Plus Common Questions Answered.

Ancheer’s History


In our article, Are Ancheer bikes any good? We will look at Ancheer’s history. The Ancheer brand have been designing good quality fitness products for over a decade. The Ancheer’s headquarters is in California, Los Angeles and they use a variety of manufactures in China and Taiwan.

Establishing professional relationships with its manufactures has enabled Ancheer to be able to offer its customers good quality electric bikes at affordable prices with features only normally found in more expensive models.

The Success of the Ancheer brand has been its commitment in wanting to offer the best possible customer experience and is one of the main reasons for a customer wanting to buy a Ancheer electric bike.

Ancheer prides itself in being a brand that encourages its customer to approach them with any queries or concerns from the moment they decide to buy an electric bike to any post sales questions on were to buy a replacement part or component.

Ancheers main goal is that the brand offers customer support and satisfaction. In exploring, Are Ancheer bikes any good? We will take a look at few common questions asked when buying an electric bike. Are ancheer electric bikes any good?


Common Questions When Buying An Electric Bike


What is an Electric bike?


An electric bike is just like an ordinary bike but with a little bit of added assistance with an onboard motor. The rider still has to pedal to keep the bike moving and then the motor will help the rider to travel much further with less effort.

One of the main benefits of electric bikes is that having an onboard motor will allow the rider to enjoy the commute as they have switch on the pedal assist for support. Are electric bikes any good?


How fast can I travel on the Ancheer electric bike?


Currently regulations have restricted the provide assistance of a maximum speed of 15.5 mphs. However, a rider can reach higher speeds if they provide more pedal power. are electric bikes good for commuting?


Who are electric bikes designed for?


Electric bikes can be used by everyone as long as they are over the age of fourteen. A common misconception is that electric bikes are deigned for old people. However, the average age of an individual buying an electric bike is thirty-five. Pros and cons of electric bikes.


The Ancher electric bike is for anyone that wants to enjoy cycling that may be put off buying an electric bike as they feel not physical fit enough to commute from one location to another on a traditional pedal bike. Electric bike guide.


Ancheer Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Why Should I Buy A Ancheer E bike





You can ride your electric bike anywhere you would use a traditional bike. The Ancheer electric bike can be used for commuting to work and for fun days out with their family and friends. Ancheer have designed the electric bike to be able to be used on roads, paths, cycling lanes or in the local parks. 




A rider using their ancheer bike on a regular basis will be sure to lose a few calories and get fit at the same time.

One of the main benefits of electric bikes is that they allow individuals that may not be fit enough for using a traditional bike to be able to use the electric bike because of the pedal assistance. can you ride an e bike in the rain

In addition, electric bikes allow a rider to build up their confidence and fitness levels.


Saving Money


The cost of running a car per mile is around forty pence. In comparison, the cost of running the Ancheer electric bike is around six pence per mile.

Furthermore, the rider will be sure to be able to save money on by saving money on parking and fuel costs. Using the electric bike on a regular basis may mean that the rider is getting enough exercise to be able to cancel their monthly gym pass.  Read the pros and cons of electric bikes.




Electric bikes have grown in popularity in the UK. The advancements in technology and the use of state-of-the-art technology has enabled Ancheer to design and manufacture bikes that give the rider the best possible riding experience that do not comprise on quality.

In addition, electric bikes have become more affordable making them more desirable. Further, Ancheer strive to improve the electric bike by improving the power of the battery, the durability of the materials and the weight of the electric bike. To truly consider, are Ancheer bikes any good? We will look at how to maintain and look after your Ancheer electric bike.

Maintaining Your Ancheer Electric Bike

Cleaning your bike


Cleaning and maintaining your electric bike on regular basis will help increase the self-life of the Ancheer bike. Becoming familiar with your brand-new electric bike will help the rider spot any wear, so they can get it fixed before it becomes more of a problem.

When cleaning your electric bike, put the hose on a low pressure and avoid pouring water directly on any electric components. Do not use a jet wash as the strong pressure can damage the electrical parts and remove essential grease from the bearings.


Can I use the e bike in the rain?


All the electronic elopements of the electric bike are sealed to stop the water damaging the e bike. However, the Ancheer electric bike is not hundred percent waterproof so make sure you keep the bike out of any water were necessary. A rider can safely use the e bike in the rain.

How often should I recharge my e bike?


Getting into a good habit of charging the e bike after every commute. Try not to let the battery run dry were possible.  The distance an individual can travel on a e bike can widely depend on the weight of the bike, luggage, terrain and the bikes range.

Can I use the e bike if the battery runs out?


The Ancheer Electric bike can be used in the same way of a traditional pedal bike. A rider can also turn of the electric assistance off at any point. To continue our investigation into, Ancheer bikes any good? We will look at the popular Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike.


Features & Benefits

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike


To understand, Ancheer bikes any good? We will look at the ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike.




The Ancheer comes with a lightweight aluminium frame that will offer the rider plenty of support and stability. Having a lightweight frame will allow the rider to easily use the electric bike on public transport. Ancheer have used anti rust paint to help protect the e bike against the unpredictable British weather. Are Ancheer bikes any good? They know how to design quality electric bikes.



Charging the Ancheer bkes takes between four to six hours. The rider will love having the 36V/8AH lithium battery to help them out.

Designed, to travel between 20-25 KM on the E bike mode and 45-50 KM. Make sure you protect the battery by storing it in a dry place when you’re not using the electric bike. In addition, make sure the electric bike tyres are at the required PSI level so the bike is not working hard than it should.

Brakes & Gears


The Ancheer electric bike comes with an impressive set of front and rear V Brakes that allow the rider to easily control the bike and perform an emergency stop much easier. The main benefit of V brakes is that it allows the rider to easily and safely perform an emergency stop.

In addition, the Ancheer comes with an impressive set of twenty-one gears that will allow the rider to change the pace of the electric bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider.

Additional Features


The Ancheer electric bike comes with three different types of modes that allow the rider to change the pedal assist to their desired comfort. Are Ancheer bikes any good? The Ancheer electric bike would suggest they know how to design electric bikes.

  • Features – 97%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Common Questions


What is the wheel diameter?

26 inch.


How much weight can the e bike take?


Load capacity of 150 KG


What type of suspension does the e bike have?


Dual suspension. The main benefit of a dual suspension is that it helps absorb the shocks and bumps of going over different types of terrain.


How many gears does the e bike come with?


21 Shimano gears.


Does the Ancheer come assembled?


No, your e bike will need to be assembled. However, a helpful and informative manuel is provide. We hope you have enjoyed our article on are Ancheer bikes any good? And found it helpful. Please support our website by sharing the review on your social media.


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