Arden Trail Boys Mountain Bike


Arden Trail Boys Mountain Bike

Looking For A Boys Mountain Bike That Offers Great Value

Arden Trail Boys Mountain bike


Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Arden Trail Boys Mountain bike

Great Value

The Arden Boys Mountain Bike Offers Brilliant Value For Money.


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Customer Satisfaction

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Arden Trail Boys Mountain Bike


You have found the right one if you are looking for a bike for your loved one. First thing that you must keep in mind when you search or purchase a bike is the material of the frame and its durability. I always prefer to go with a size medium/large propel, the large was the size that suited the best for me. I guess you always go down a size with propel.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Arden Trail Boys Mountain Bike


Arden Trail Boys Mountain bike helps you navigate through all terrains and is suitable for muddy places as well. The very first impression of the bike is that it looks fast. This might be because of the muscular design of the frame. The Hi-tensile steel frame not only makes it look fabulous but also makes it highly durable and strong.  The forks are also made up of the same material thus making it strong and rust-free. The wheels are made up of alloy rims and are light in weight. The 24 inch wheels make it look bigger than it actually is.

The 13 inch hi-tensile steel frame makes it stronger and vibration free, and can withstand some heavy uses. 21 Speed Shimano gears help its user to shift gears easily. Twist grip gear levers gives the at most comfort while shifting the gear using the lever. The rear Shimano derailleur improves the shifting, and the performance is incomparable. It is very professional and you can confidently mount your kid on his new MTB. Powerful front and back v-brakes gives full control over the bike and your child will learn to control his bike totally without letting the situation take over.

The most important thing to easily control the bike is its tyres. The tyres of this bike are mountain bike tread to make it fully controllable in both on road and off road rides. This is a very popular choice for beginner kids who are interested in mountain biking, as we have taken into consideration his excitement whilst driving his new mountain bike.

  • Features -85%
  • Value for money – 85%
  • Build Quality – 89%

“I Bought The Arden Boys Mountain Bike For My Grandson. We Cant Get Him Off it.” Barbara

Customer Satisfaction

Advice for using Arden Trail Boys Mountain bike

This bike arrives in almost completed state. You might have to put up some of the parts, namely the pedals, front wheel, handlebars and any other fixtures. You can see the included manual for more information. We use this method of shipping as it is hard to ship fully fixed bicycles. They are bigger when shipped like that and there is a high chance that they may break. It is also recommended to keep your kid by your side whilst doing this. It will help him learn many things and love his bicycle. By buying him a bicycle, you are instilling a very valuable knowledge; the knowledge to love his things.




Common Questions

Will my child outgo the bike so soon?

The  bike  is  specifically  designed  for children  between  the  ages  of  6-9. As long as he falls under this age bracket, its fine. If he grows quickly, he will be able to enjoy this cycle for quite some time. Although, it is not very hard for tall children to ride this, thanks to its aptly sized frame


Is the bike convenient to ride? 

Yes it is. The bike has a firm feel that makes it convenient for anybody.  It doesn’t really

matter whether he has ever ridden before or it’s his first time. In addition to that, it is a good ride for uphill, flat surfaces and downhill as well.  The cycle is designed to feel comfortable while performing well.


My bicycle didn’t arrive completely. What do I do?

We make sure things like this don’t happen. On the completely rare events, you can just call us and we will make sure your missing parts are delivered. If you made an in-store purchase, you can contact an authorised mechanic, and he will be happy

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If you are planning on buying your kid his first big bicycle, you might as well get him involved with MTBs. These bikes are very stylish and help him ride them in more terrains.

Buying your kid a bicycle improves his hand-eye coordination and improves his core stability.

Cycling is a very good way to introduce your child to aerobic activities. You child can explore the outsides and still burn calories at a young age. Cycling is awesome.