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Ammaco Madrid 700c Womens Hybrid City Bike

A Hybrid Bike Combines The Best Features Of A Road And Mountain Bike. The Best Of Both Worlds

 Ammaco Madrid 700c Womens Hybrid City Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Ammaco Madrid 700c Womens Hybrid City Bike




7 Speed Thumb Shifter

Front & Rear V Brakes

700c Wheel Size


Who Are Ammaco?

Ammaco Pride Themselves On Making Affordable Bikes That Offer Brilliant Value For Money


Why Is The Ammaco Madrid Designed For?

The Ammaco Madrid Is Designed Specifically For The City Commute

 Ammaco Madrid 700c Womens Hybrid City Bike Metrics

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 Ammaco Madrid 700c Womens Hybrid City Bike

Women riders require flexibility and soft handling even when on rough terrains. While the choice of biking trail and environment is crucial to your experience, the ultimate fun is dependent on suitability of the bike. Women are less muscular than men and require a bike that fits the soft nature.

Of course, there are tough and expert women in bike riding and will pick up any bike and be the leader in a team of riders. But this doesn’t mean they will be comfortable and enjoy the ride.

Choice of a bike matters, especially to women. Most women will ride to groceries, work, school, or as part of exercise. It may not necessarily be professional riding. It can be a hobby and way of passing time on a weekend. The description of women biking needs makes Ammaco Madrid 700c Womens Hybrid City 7 Speed Bike the best choice. It is the best bike in terms of efficiency, durability, and flexibility.

If you are considering to buy a bike for your teenage girl, the Ammaco product is a great option. It is not only suitable for teenagers but also older women as long as they are fit enough to go out on their own. It is perfect for riding within the neighborhood, to work or class. The bike is fitted with a 7-speed thumb shifter for easy conquering of terrains.

If your way to the grocery is uphill, the Ammaco Madrid 700c will take care of it. The 7-speed gear saves you energy. You won’t have to get home or in class with a sweaty top. Bike riding should be a pleasant option and soft ride, which is made possible by this easy to shift speed gears.

Alloy V-breaks on the rear and front wheel guarantee you safety. The alloy breaks will never fail you. When on a steep terrain, you are guaranteed of control of your speed.

Riding can be risky if you are not sure of the brakes, this is why you should consider this bike for adventure and official use. The low step frame also makes it suitable for office use; you won’t compromise on your official wear because of riding a bike. In fact, it is better than a car seat, where your back is prone to crises.

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Ammaco Madrid 700c Womens Hybrid City Bike


The bike is fitted with a comfortable saddle integrated with spring to enhance your experience on bumpy terrains. One of the main concerns with women riders is comfort of the saddles. The leather and extra padding on the bike saddle makes it the best in the women bikes category. The bottom of the saddle is supported by steel rack and springs that guarantee durability. The bike can be used every day of the week in bumpy terrains and still maintain its comfort.

Unlike most bikes in this category, the Ammaco Madrid 700c has full-length mudguards. If you want some adventure to run into a pool of water or mud for some fun, your outfit is protected. You will only need to wash the bike as soon as you can to avoid damaging the steel with rust. The bike is also a pretty one, you don’t want to compromise on the unique design with dirt.

700c wheel size is more than enough for ordinary bike use. It is safe to ride on slippery pavements and shaky ground. The 18-inch frame size also makes it appropriate for all kind of women; weight or size of the rider does not matter. Any woman enthusiastic with riding will find this bike more than useful.

Black color is not only elegant but also suitable for different environments. It easily blends in with your outfit. It has a single ring chain set with double guard to protect your legs and dress or pants from greasing or chain interference. Alloy wheel rims are also one among the best features of this bike

A distinguishing feature of the Ammaco Madrid 700c Womens Hybrid City 7 Speed Bike is the center kickstand. You can be sure the bike is stable as you walk away to your office or class.


  • 700×38c tyres
  • A double chain guard
  • Center kickstand
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Matte black in color
  • Alloy v-brakes
  • Unique design
  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 94%

” I Am So Excited To Surprise My Wife In The Morning. She Will Absolutely Love The Ammaco Madrid 700c Womens Hybrid City Bike”. Osborne

Customer Satisfaction

Feedback from women riders owning the bike is encouraging. Most of them love the design, lightweight, and durability. Its ability to handle rough terrains also came up in most of the customer reviews.

The bike is light. The saddle is well padded for comfort. It has a beautiful design. However, it is delivered 90% built that some people find assembly challenging, which is not a big issue.

 The Ammaco bike is high quality and less costly. Your teenager girl can use the bike to adulthood. It has the best design for women.

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