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Ammaco Are A Well Respected Brand


Customer Satisfaction

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Ammaco Folding bike


In our article on the Ammaco Folding bike, we firstly take a look at the Ammaco brand. The reasons why you should buy a folding bike. We will review the highly popular Ammaco Pakka.


Who Are Ammaco


Nick Thake in 1968 started on the markets, then moved to his first shop in King Sawbridgeworth. Fast forward to today and Cycle king & Hawks Cycles who manufacture and design Ammaco bikes have over twenty three shops in England and have amassed over fifty years trading experience

Read our article on the pros and cons of folding bikes. To continue our article on the Ammaco Folding bike, we will take a look at why you should buy a Ammaco bike.


Why Should You Buy An Ammaco


Great Value: One of the main benefits of the Ammaco brand is its ability to produce and manufacture bikes at affordable prices. Ammaco bikes offer brilliant value for money compared to other competing brands.

History: Ammaco have over fifty years’ experience within the biking industry.

Design: the research and development team at Ammaco pay close attention to current trends and fashions to make sure that all Ammaco bikes offer a fresh and cool look. To continue our article on Ammaco folding bike, we will now look at the reasons to buy A folding bike. You may like to read our article on are ammaco bikes any good?

Why Should You Buy A Folding Bike


In our exploration of the Ammaco folding bike, we will have a lot at the benefits of owning a folding.

Easy Storage


Owning the Amacco folding bike will reduce the chances of your bike been stolen in comparison to a traditional bike. folding bikes can bee easily stored under the desk, on public transport and do not need to be left as unoccupied as a tradition bike. An ideal bike for the city commuter. In the event you have to leave the ammaco folding bike unoccupied, its small compact design means thieves may not even notice it.


 Folding Bike Are In Fashion


Folding bikes are becoming very popular and are a brilliant conversation starter. Once you have mastered to open and close the folding bike like a pro in less than thirty seconds, you will stroll past other cyclists struggling with their chains, padlocks and looking for a safe place to leave their bike.




One of the main benefits of the Ammaco folding bike is that it can be used in a variety of situations. You can hope on the train, travel to work and use it for a stroll around the local park.

The Ammaco folding bike is ideal for commuting to the train station, hoping on the train and then finishing off the mile commute through the city . Saving money on transport, parking fees and reducing my commute to work by thirty minutes. Having the ability to ride the Ammaco folding bike allows the rider not to get stuck in the rat race and commute around the city quicker.


Saves Space


A second benefit of the Ammaco folding bike is that it can save space. Space can be limited. A folding bike can be fitted in the boot of a car, in a first floor flat and pretty much anywhere. Having the ability to store the folding bike in the cupboard away from the unpredictable British weather, will save money on maintenance and repairs in the long run.


Reduce Maintenance


Folding bikes require less maintenance than traditional bikes. Making sure the tires have air in them, testing the brakes by rocking the bike back and fourth. Checking the bike every couple of weeks is a great way of stopping any wear and tear turning into a more serious problem

Health Benefits


Research has shown that commuting to work on a folding bike is better for your lungs than sitting in a car. Commuting on the Ammaco folding bike will reduce the amount of exhaust fumes. Fresh is really good for you. Drivers and passenger are subject to a lot more fumes than cyclists and walkers.


Not Thinking About Getting Fit


Making the decision to commute to work by Bike is a great way of burning off some extra calories without even thinking about it. The commute to work on the Ammaco folding bike is a great way of getting the recommended ninety minutes of exercise a day. A great way to get ride of the gym membership and save some pennies. Read our article on the pros and cons of cycling.


Pakka Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Ammaco Folding Bike

If your looking for a good quality folding bike that offers brilliant value for money. The search may be finally over.

Frame: The Pakka comes with a lightweight alloy frame. Ammaco have equipped the Ammaco fodling bike with strong and durable frame that will offer the rider plenty of stability.

V Brakes: The Front and rear brakes will allow the rider to easily and safely perform an emergency stop. One of the main benefit of V brakes is that it allows the rider to control the bike with less effort.

Gears: Ammaco have designed the Pakka with a set of Shimano gears six speed gears. Shimano are a well respected brand within the cycling community. The rider will have plenty of options to change the pace of the bike to their riding conditions.

Tires: The Pakka comes with an impressive set of 20” city tires 1.75 tires that are designed to give the rider plenty of grip while they commute from location to another. Having a good set of quality tires will allow the rider to focus on the commute ahead.


Additional Features


Mudguards: To protect the rider against the unpredictable British weather.

Kick stand: Allow the rider to quickly and easily get in and off the Pakka.

Rear Steel Carrier: Brilliant for storage.


If you would like to read the full review.



Common Questions


Does the Ammaco folding bike come assembled?


The Ammaco comes partially assembled and should take longer than twenty minutes. Once you have assembled the Pakka make sure the rider goes on a small test run to make sure your happy with bike.   Don’t forget to practise folding and un folding the bike. You will soon be able to do it with your eyes closed.


What are the folding dimensions?


42 X 60 X 80 cm. Ideal for when storage is limited. Can easily be stored in the back of a car, taken on public transport or stored in he office.


What size are the tire?


20” X 1.75 City tires. Gives the rider plenty of grip.


What weight is the Ammaco Folding Bike?


Approximately 14.6 KG.


What colour does the Pakka come in?


The Ammaco folding bike comes in grey and blue. A


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  • Features – 91%
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 95%

Maintaining The Ammaco Folding Bike


Once you have purchased the Ammaco Folding Bike. It will require maintaining like any ordinary bike. Regular maintenance will increase the longevity off the folding bike.

Folding bikes are lower to the ground than traditional bikes. The chain can be get clogged up and it becomes dirtier.

Getting into a good habit of performing the ABC check. Check the air in the tires. The required PSI can be retrieved from the instruction manuel. Test the brakes by rocking the bike back and forth. Make sure there is enough oil on the chain.

In addition, cleaning the bike every couple of weeks will help the rider spot any wear and tear. In our article on the Ammaco folding bike, we will take a look at some must have cycling accessories.

Helpful Accessories


Rear Cycling Mirrors: A rear cycling mirror is ideal for cyclists who want to focus on the road ahead, but have one eye on what’s going on behind him.

Helmet: Purchasing a good quality bike helmet with good customer testimonials. Read our review on the Prowell bike helmet.

Biking Bag: If your thinking about cycling on a regular basis, it may be worth buying a biking bag with quite a few pockets. Having side pocket allows easy access to the rider.

Bike Pump: The Ammaco folding bike will preform much better if it they tires have the required PSI level. Read our article on the Beto bike pump.

Cycling Shoes: Owning a good pair of quality cycling shoes will make sure that they rider can reach their full potential. Read our article on are muddyfox cycling shoes any good?


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