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Ammaco CS150 Men’s Hybrid Blue Bike

Don’t Know If You Should Buy A Road Or A Mountain Bike. Go For A Hybrid

Ammaco CS150 Men’s Hybrid Blue Bike

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21 Shimano Gears

V Type  Brakes

Alloy Hardtail

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Design Affordable Mountain Bikes


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Ammaco CS150 Men’s Hybrid Blue Bike

Cycling is not only beneficial for environment, but also for your own health. This is one such exercise which is compatible with all age groups. People often ponder over which type of bike to buy.

The best choice is always one, which has versatile usage, like ammaco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike. This hybrid bike brings you the best of both world. It combines designs of a conventional road and mountain bike in best possible way.

Built with care, the Amacco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike  entitles you to a divine experience. In addition to this, the bike is also merciful on your pocket unlike other overpriced bike in market.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Ammaco CS150 Men’s Hybrid Blue Bike

mAmmaco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike has the lightweight characteristic of a road bike. It has a heat hardened alloy hardtail 22” frame. Its light weight helps the rider in gaining speed as and when he wants.

The frame also has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. The bike is also equipped with zoom front suspension fork. This specific feature makes your ride smoother over potholes, bumps and off-road terrains.

700C sized wheels helps you to tread any road with ease. To enhance your riding experience, 21 speed shimano gears are fitted in ammaco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike. Having shimano revoshift gear lever, this bike gives you a hassle-free gear switch.

This intelligently build bike has v-type brake system which are placed on both rear and front wheels. Their efficient working gifts your faultless breaks whenever applied. The wheel rims used in the Ammaco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike are of prime quality.

Tough double walled alloy rims strengthen the life of your tube and bike. To further increase bike’s longevity, a sealed bottom bracket is used. Being sealed, it requires least maintenance and works longer than unsealed one.

It weighs approximately 14.7kg making it easier to handle. Good looks of the Ammaco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike are further enhancing with attractive blue colour. If you feel blue is too loud for you, a white colour is also available.

  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  The Amacco CS150 Men’s Hybrid Blue Bike Is Pefect For Me.” Clarke


Customer Satisfaction

The ammaco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike caters to almost all kinds of riders. With its lightweight body, riding in speed is a joy. The lifetime warranty of its 22” heat hardened alloy frame is an added benefit.

The bike comes in box packing which has to be assembled. Around 85-90% it already comes assembled. Remaining assembly does not take much time and it is ready to go in jiffy.

Thanks to its sealed bottom bracket and double walled rims, this bike lasts long. Its front zoom suspension enhances overall riding experience. It’s an ideal budget buy for a regular above 18 bike riders.

Final Comments


You have decided to buy yourself a new Hybrid Bike. A hybrid bike is a mixture of a mountain bike, road bike and a comfort bike.

The main benefit of the Amacco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike is that it can be used for different types of terrain and riding conditions and offers more versatility.

Offering the best characteristics of all three types of mountain bikes. The up write frame offers the rider a good riding posture.

Designed to carry more weight and is designed to be fast, sturdy and comfortable.

  • This Amacco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike caters to most of the riding needs.
  • Build with top notch quality parts, it gives you an unforgettable riding experience.
  • With its design and suspensions, it can be ridden on any kind of road.

Common Questions

How much time does the assembly takes?

The Ammaco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike comes packaged in a box. Most of its parts come assembled. Only the front wheel, handlebar, saddle and pedals are to be fixed. With a little tuning and turning you can take it on road.

Can it be used to ride in mainland city?

Yes, of course. Its hybrid design allows multi-purpose utility. For heavy traffic it comes with v-type front and rear brakes. Front wheel is fixed with zoom suspension to give you a smooth ride experience.

Is the Ammaco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike high maintenance?

Ammaco CS150 men’s hybrid blue bike is made with good quality material. You won’t need to visit your mechanic very frequently. Once you assemble it properly, it will give you a smooth ride.

It comes with sealed bottom bracket, which is known for its low maintenance. All you have to do is, take general care of the bike and enjoy a trouble-free experience.

Some parts in my package are not fitting with the remaining assembly, what do I do?

We always take care to pack the tested parts. Please check if you have assembled it properly. For the same you may go through some assembly tips on our website.

If everything looks fine and you continue facing this issue, we will solve it. You can contact us and we will help you in every way possible. Read our article on Kryptonite  bike  Locks.

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