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Are Activ Bikes Any Good?

Searching For More Information On The Raleigh Brand. Get Your Questions Answered.

Why Should You Buy The Activ



Steel Frame

V Brakes

18 Shimano Gears






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Who are Raleigh


In our investigation into are Activ bikes any good? We will first take a look into the history of the Raleigh bike brand. Raleigh was established by Sir Frank Bowden in 1887 who had a passion for cycling after witnessing the positive health benefits that cycling can bring, Is raleigh a good brand




Raleigh became the number one bike manufacturer in 1920 with the capacity of manufacturing 100,000 bikes a year.




During the second war Raleigh was heavily involved in the manufacturing of munitions. Sales of Raleigh bikes increased to an incredible five thousand bikes per week.where are raleigh bikes made?




The popularity of the Raleigh brand increased when Reg Harris won two Silver medals in the Olympic games. One for an individual race and one for a tandem sprint. Harris was signed as a professional rider, fast forward to today and harris bike is still in Raleigh head office. in answering, are Activ bikes any good? they certainly have the history of a great brand. are raleigh road bikes made?




Raleigh introduced the Raleigh Chopper, selling an incredible one and half million bikes.




The success of the Chopper seen the introduction of the Raleigh Grifter.




Joop Zoetemelk won the Tour De France riding for the Ti Raleigh team. In addition, Raleigh launched the Burner which sold a whopping million units and became the bike everyone wanted to own.




Raleigh was the first bike brand in the UK to mass produce suspension mountain bikes.




The Raleigh Chopper was relaunched, thirty year after its official launch and was an immediate success with both children and adults. Are Activ bikes any good? they certainly know how to manufacture bikes.




Seen the introduction of Raleigh re-enter professional cycling and had notable success in the Welsh National Race Championship, British National Climb and the Tour Doon Hame. Are Activ bikes any good? he success of the professional cycling team would suggest so.




The Accell group was purchased by Raleigh who had an incredible eighteen bike brands in its portfolio. Accel has positioned its self as a leading electric bike manufacture, an invaluable source of technology and knowledge for Raleigh. Are Activ bikes any good? they have the history of a great bike brand.


Moving forward to today and Raleigh have an amazing 120 years within the bike industry and are still passionate about designing and manufacture quality bikes cycling enthusiasts love to own.

In exploring, are Activ bikes any good? we will now look at the main reasons why you should buy a an activ mountain bike. You may like to read are Raleigh bikes any good?


Why Should You Buy The Activ



In looking at the, Are Activ bikes any good? we will look at why you should buy a mountain bike Cycling regular on the Activ mountain bike has significant health benefits.

The increasing public health concern over obesity has ensured that physical activity has become important to improve the health of individuals. Apart from the many health benefits of riding the Activ mountain bike, the individual will be sure to have plenty of hours of fun. Read the pros and cons of mountain bikes.


Healthy Heart


Exercising on a regular basis improves your cardiovascular fitness. A study by the British Medical Associate studied 10,000 people and it found out that individuals cycling twenty miles per week reduced the chances of coronary health by almost fifty percent. Mountain biking uses a lot of oxygen, using large muscle groups and increasing heart fitness level by three to seven percent. Are Activ bikes any good? Buying one is certainly good for you. is mountain biking good for weight loss?


Better Joints


Mountain biking on your Activ mountain bike is a low form of exercise and puts less stress on your joints. Furthermore, cycling is known as non- load bearing sport that takes the pressure of the rider’s joints and helps them reduce the risk of injuring them.


Strengthen The Imune System


Mountain biking regular will improve an individual’s immune system. A study by the University of Carolina found out that individuals who cycle thirty minutes a day, five times a week have half as many sick days. Are Activ bikes any good? studies have found that cycling has many health benefits.


Improving Your Mood And Reducing Stress


An individual mountain biking on their brand new Activ mountain bike will have brilliant way of reducing stress as the demanding nature of mountain biking release endorphins. The release of endorphins helps the body feel good and increase their energy levels.

An individual learning to master a new single track is a great way of taking their mind of the natural stress’s that life can bring.

Improving an individual’s mountain biking skills is a great way of an individual building their self-confidence and self-esteem.   To consider, are Activ bikes any good? we will now take a look at what an Individual should consider when riding the Acti mountain bike. Disadvantages of mountain bikes.

Activ Metrics

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Using the Activ Mountain Bike


Looking at, are Activ bikes any good? we will look at the main essentials to consider when riding a Activ mountain bike.

Helmet: Buying a good quality helmet is essential for mountain biking. Having the best bike helmet in the world is no good if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it. An individual should look for a bike helmet from a reputable brand with good customer testimonials.

Mountain Biking Shoes: A rider must think about buying a comfortable pair of cycling shoes. Having a quality pair of cycling shoes will help the rider get the maximum out of the Activ mountain bike. Read are Muddyfox cycling shoes any good?

Hydration Pack:   Dehydration is one of the main reasons why an individuals mountain biking experience may be effected. A hydration pack allows a cyclist to carry up to two or three litres of water without using their hands.


Mini pumps: If your thinking about cycling on a regular basis, it may be worth purchasing a mini bike pump. Mini bike pumps are lightweight, easy to carry and allow a rider to inflate their tyres to the required PSI level on the move.

Having bike tires inflated to correct PSI level will allow the Activ mountain bike not to work too hard. In evaluating, are Activ bikes any good? we will take a look at the Activ Raleigh Mountain bike.


Features & Benefits

Activ by Raleigh Mountain Bike


To understand, are Activ bikes any good? we will look at the popular Activ mountain bike. If you’re looking for a great value mountain bike from a top-quality bike brand. Then the search is certainly over. The Activ Raleigh mountain bike has a lot of high-end feature normally only found in more expensive mountain bikes.

18” Steel Frame


The Active Raleigh Mountain bike comes with a steel frame. Steel is a solid and durable material often used by bike manufacturers as it offers the rider plenty of support, it can with stand the odd minor bump or scrap.


Shimano Gears


The Activ mountain bike comes with an impressive eighteen. Shimano gears allows the rider to quickly and safely change the pace of the bike to the rider’s conditions. Shimano are a well-known brand within the bike community known for producing quality bike components.

V Brakes


Raleigh have equipped the Activ mountain bike with a set of V brakes. The main benefit of V brakes is that it allows the rider to perform an emergency stop much easier with less effort.


Alloy Rims/MTB Tyres


The Activ Raleigh comes with a set of quality MTB bike tyres that allows the rider to have plenty of grip when tackling different types of terrain. Having a set of good quality tires will allow the rider to have plenty of confidence when riding. Are Activ bikes in good? they certainly know how to manufacture bikes. Read the full review of the Activ mountain bike.



  • Features – 97%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Common Questions


Does the Activ Mountain bike come pre-assembled?


The mountain bike needs to be assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes. Once assembled the rider should go on a small test ride to make sure they are happy with the bike.


What is the recommended leg measurements?


Suits inside leg 71 – 84cm or (28-33″).


How many brakes does the Activ Mountain bike come with?


The mountain bike comes with an impressive eighteen gears.


What can the bike be used for?


The Activ mountain bike can be used for a variety of purposes from commuting to work, in the park or family fun days out. We hope you have found out are article on are Activ bikes any good? helpful and informative. Please support our website by sharing the article on your social media.

” The Activ Mountain Bike Is Ideal For Commuting To Work.” David 

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