If you are thinking of fitting your bike with high-quality headlights? Have you tried 6000 Lumen Bike Light?  The bike light is made up of LED that is capable of illuminating up to 500 feet away.

This light is simply one of the best and simple to use by anyone. its economical ion that one does not need to recharge as often. Stop hovering around and simply purchase 6000-lumen bike light.


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 Benefits and features


6000 lumen bike light has a very bright 5 LED that emits light that can light up to 500 fleets away. This enables you to clearly see your way no matter how dark it is. The lighting can also be adjusted to different mode and brightness in order to save battery.

It has an inbuilt battery which is rechargeable using a USB cable. This makes it easy to charge anywhere anytime you want to. By simply removing the headlight from the bike and inserting a USB cable and connect to a power source such as your PC, cell phone charger.



The battery of 6000 Lumen bike light is excellent in terms of battery life. It has a power of 6000mAh and is rechargeable. This battery can last for up to one hour in high mode and up to twelve hours on low mode.

This makes it perfect for night rides. This battery has a life cycle of up to 1000 times i.e. you can charge the battery for 1000 times every time it runs out of power.

The LED lamps are all waterproof and can survive in rain and adverse weather. This makes it perfect for adventures outdoors. When you think about an adventure outdoor think about 6000 lumen bike light.

Of concern is that in water they can get damaged and thus care should be taken to avoid complete immersion into water, so next time you are going on bike diving in water consider removing the headlight.

It also has an adjustable mode allowing you to adjust to the type of light ranging from low flash to high according to your needs. This feature enables you to save more power for later use.

Interestingly, 6000 lumen bike light is simple to install! you don’t need rocket science to install it and one can do it at home by himself.



 Customer satisfaction


6000 lumen bike light a simple bike light with all you want in a bike light for anyone and any bike. It’s meant just for you. Its high-quality lighting is up to the mark and battery is superb form.

Easy to install on your bike and easy to remove it anytime you want. You don’t need to worry about charging it as you can simply do that at home using your cell phone charger or in the office using your PC.

Also 6000 lumen bike light is durable and one can use it for a long period if taken good care of. The battery has also an 8.4V overcharge protection and thus no need to worry about battery damage due to overcharging. It’s a perfect accessory for your bike!




 Common questions


How long does it take to charge the battery to full charge?

Charging time depends on the mode of charging. If one issuing cell phone charger it charges faster taking about two hours to charge. charging using your PC or laptop may take longer than two hours. when the battery is fully charged the indicator turns green and when low it turns red.

Is the battery pack water resistant?

The battery is not water resistant and may be damaged by long exposure to water thus don’t go sea diving with your bike you may come home with a ruined head light and battery.



 Advise on the use of 6000 lumen bike light?


Before using the head light ensure that all the parts are fully intact and that it’s fully charged, check for the full charge on the indicator when its green it indicates that it’s fully charged.

After you confirmed that it’s intact and fully charged check for the lighting on the all 5 LED by switching it on. Adjust the knob to ensure that all the modes are fully functional i.e. flash mode, low mode, and high mode, if everything is apt then you can install it on your bike and you are ready to go.

Take care of the head light not to expose them to too much water as this may damage them.  You may like to read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.






  • Its brighter and has a longer lasting battery as compared to some other head lights. it’s also uniquely bright and powerful
  • Easy to install head light and doesn’t need scientific knowledge to use and therefore a perfect head light for your bike and for a family bike.
  • This headlight has no specification for a specific kind of people or population group and can be used by anyone be it sportsmen or not.


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