Recommendation: Racing weight by Matt Fitzgerald

When it comes to managing your racing weight by Matt Fitzgerald is a voice worth listening to. One of the 6 step plan for endurance athletes.  A whopping 4.5 stars on Amazon from over 50 reviews, the Racing Weight by Matt is receiving plenty of attention.

The 6 step plan for endurance athletes itself looks to explain a simple weight management strategy for those interest in athletic endurance.

This is incredibly easy to use and is shown to be very effective. Across six easy steps, I picked up more about body management for athletes than I did in any gym session.

It’s effective and easily followed, but how good is it entirely?

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Customer Satisfaction

If there is one thing I can say about this book, it’s that it does what it says on the tin. The writer, Matt Fitzgerald, is obsessed with getting weight down. However, he recognized early into the reading that our aims usually differ massively from our reality.

A in depth 6 step plan for endurance athletes, for me personally, was a wonderful way to understand the power-to-weight ratio that all cyclists should really be paying attention to.

When trying to get up large hills, I used to be finished – elevation was my worst nightmare, as it is for many.

However, this Matts insight and training advice helped me really begin to leave that problem behind. I was able to determine my best weight whilst also appreciate that fluctuation isn’t the end of the world.

In short, this best 6 step plan for endurance athletes provided me with all of the information I felt that I was so sorely lacking when it came to looking after myself. It helped me realize that I can look after my body by managing fat levels.

Now, instead of using gimmicks to help me convince myself I was lighter, or get into a bout of obsessive calorie counting. I use this system to stay in shape.


  • Helps to improve the overall quality of your diet, if not the quantity.
  • Balance out how you get your energy in and what makes the key difference.
  • Understand how to best take in your nutrition and give your body the strongest boost.
  • Getting to grips with the importance of training, and managing your training campaigns accordingly.
  • Get in command of your appetite and make sure you aren’t over or under eating.


  • Can be a challenge to get to grips with at first.
  • Takes a significant amount of time to understand the process.
  • Harder to stick with than a typical diet.


  • Change the way that you think. I found that I really made a significant improvement on my overall mentality when it comes to understanding my body and giving it the help that it needs to adjust to my new challenges.
  • Provides excellent assistance in changing. The “Racing Weight” is based on actual research rather than fad ideas. Helped me change the way that I looked after my body, and understand the most important factors in weight and performance.
  • Build upon solid foundations. This best 6 step plan for endurance athletes provides you with arguably the most comprehensive list of ideals that you could need to see performance changes.
  • Holistic approach to fitness. Rather than the more dogmatic styles that others produce, this book looks at a more open-minded approach to fitness.
  • Not cut and dried. One of the main things that stood out to me was that the 6 step plan for endurance athletes did not look to create blanket conclusions. It’s not all about being good or bad. Matt points out the challenges we face in working out what suits us specifically.
  • Reduce supplement dependency. If you follow the plans in here for diet and healthy eating then you will, very quickly, make a major adjustment to your dependency on supplements.

Common Questions

Is the diet suggested in here safe?

Yes, for sure. It’s the kind of solution that ensures you can get all the help that you need in understanding how dietary management can be best applied. Rather than just starving the body accordingly like many diets, this avoid such negative treatment.

Does this work well for newbies to fitness?

It works well for anyone, to be honest. Unless you have been involved in the fitness game for many years and know more or less everything about it, this will have something of value for you to chew over and take in.

Is there evidence this works?

Matt provides links to some pretty useful references and sources. Don’t worry; this is based on more than the theories and ideas of one man. It’s got a lot of juice in it in terms of content, and provides lots of value.

Will this book help me get fit?

If you follow the letters of the law in the 6 step plan for endurance athletes, yes it will. However, you have to be aware that this is no get in shape quickly or without kind of scheme.  It’s hard, committed work that will push your body hard.

Summary: 6 step plan for endurance athletes

Matt Fitzgerald has  plenty of useful information, helpful tips and good ideas for helping you become more comfortable as a professional.

If you have the ambition to become as fit as possible then having all the aids that you can possibly have is obviously going to be a useful thing to do.

However, this book is one of the most useful on the market at present for this kind of training. It teaches you about how important strength training is and the value of tracking performance.

Why you should be eating before and after workouts, and why a carb intake can actually be a good thing to get you started.

It’s all very useful, is backed up with legitimate and trustworthy claims, and will make your life much easier in general. If you are in the mood for getting into shape like I was, then this is a very useful guide to have.

It’s not comprehensive and it will obviously need you to put in the work. Matt Fitzgerald  covers as much detail as you would expect for the size and price.

I really enjoyed  reading the book and the 6 step plan for endurance athletes.

Everyone should be able to take away something from the books various valuable lessons throughout.

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