26-inch wheel folding electric bike

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Oppikle E Bike

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250 W

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Forty Five Customer Testimonals 

26-inch wheel folding electric bike


If you are wondering about buying an electric bike then you should know that these bikes have come into the market to stay.


Electric bikes are the bikes of the future and they are becoming popular among bikers because of the assistance they provide.


Electric bikes have battery-powered assist that comes in pedaling or in some bikes, a throttle. One thing you need to remember is that electric bikes are nothing like motorcycles.


The bikes only assist you in pedaling, it does not pedal for you.

While the demand for electric bikes continues to see a hike, there are still some people who don’t think that electric bikes are any good. Well, electric bikes offer a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are:


E-bikes can replace driving


People throughout the world are buying electric bikes so that they don’t have to drive much. In a way, electric bikes are becoming a substitute for cars. Since you don’t have to put efforts into pedaling, you don’t sweat and look presentable. It is a good way to commute.




Electric bikes are basically bikes that provide assistance in pedaling when needed. Apart from that, it is like a regular non-electric bike that helps in working out and keeping a healthy lifestyle. 


Provides assistance


These bikes offer battery-powered assistance to the bikers via pedaling. Or in simple words, it boosts your pedaling that reduces stress on joints and thighs. They are good for longer rides and will ensure comfort and smoothness to all the bikers.


Flexible and fast


The bikes have been developing since its first launch and it has started to look like regular non-electric bikes.


With the technological advancements, the bikes are now flexible and their assistance makes it easy and fast for us to reach our destination sweat-free. The electric bike can be used by anyone of different age groups and it will fit them. are foldig bikes good for getting fit?


Easy on the pocket


Although electric bikes may not be cheaper because of the mechanism, they save the cost of gas and car maintenance. Pros and cons of folding bikes. 


But if we look closely, an electric bike is not only saving your money in terms of gas and maintenance, it also saves you from paying to the gym to exercise and get in shape. Folding bike buyers guide.


Types of electric bikes


The electric bike, as said earlier, is just like other regular non-electric bikes. E-bikes come in almost as many types as standard bicycles. Here are some examples of different genres:


Commuter/hybrid e-bikes

It is one of the best genres of electric bikes that very popular and includes commuting daily chores, or daily strolls.


Off-road E-bikes

People are discovering how a little electric assist really comes into its own off-road where the path can get very rough, and electric mountain bikes are gaining a lot of popularity as a result.


E-cargo bikes

Excellent use for extra strength, allowing you to move things that would otherwise be difficult to move by bike.


Folding electric bikes

A folding bike can fit anywhere. You can take it on the bus, trains, or anywhere else without worrying about where to put it. Unlike a traditional bike, it does not take much space and it works just exactly like a traditional bike.


Benefits of the folding bike


Folding bikes, as we know them, have been around since the early 1980s, and their popularity has only increased since then.


They’re common in most major cities and have become a popular mode of transportation for commuters.


The ability to fold your bike into the size of a big backpack makes it a very flexible mode of transportation, enabling you to enjoy all of the advantages of riding a bike without the disadvantages of its bulk.


The term that comes to mind when thinking of folding bikes is “practical.” Here are a few of the benefits of folding bikes over conventional bicycles.


Easy to transport

Easy storage

Environment friendly

Fewer chances of getting stolen

Easy to operate

Tiny-home friendly

East second-hand resale market

Convenient and portable

Huge choice of styles

They are extremely practical

Low maintenance cost

Don’t depreciate in value


Now that we have seen the benefits of both electric bikes and folding bikes, you can think that if those benefits are put together, it will give you an amazing experience. Moving on to the frequently asked questions. Read our e bike guide.

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Can you ride an electric bike in rain?


Yeah, you sure can. The bike’s electrical system is water-resistant and engineered to withstand rain.


Manufacturers usually warn against keeping the bike in the rain for long periods of time to prevent condensation in the monitor and other electrical components. If at all necessary, park under a shelter.


When it comes to water, most manufacturers recommend that you remove the battery and stop using high-pressure water spray when cleaning your bike.


Does wheel size impact the comfort of the ride?


The wheel size has a little but important impact on the comfort of the ride. Different wheel sizes provide a different level of comforts and you just have to decide what fits you. Can you ride an electric bike in the rain?


Are electric foldable bikes any good?


When you combine two of the most useful types of bikes into one entity, you get a folding e-bike.

Electric folding bikes combine the portability of a bicycle with the added benefit of motor assistance.


This makes them perfect bikes for city riders who want a sweat-free ride but may still need to take the train.


Electric bikes that fold come in a variety of price ranges. The standard and components differ significantly, as does the battery life and motor power. It’s important to choose a bike that’s appropriate for your needs based on how you want to use it.


The bikes come in various shapes and sizes depending on their purpose. Whether it is about transport or storage, these bikes offer great convenience to the riders.


Well, if you are looking to buy one and can’t decide what to buy? then you are at the right place. We have picked out one of the best electric folding bikes and here is its detailed specification.


Oppikle Electric for Adult 26”




The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which is particularly strong, light, and sensitive.


The frame was created with the dynamics of the human body in mind. It’s easy to navigate, thanks to the Aluminum Alloy frame, which is light, sturdy, and long-lasting. Double-walled aluminum alloy rims offer improved longevity as well as a smoother ride with less drag.


Ergonomic design


The bike consists of an ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat and RST, non-slip and wear-resistant. You can travel farther and save energy thanks to the lightweight and compact design. electric bike common questions. 




Mechanical disk brakes on both the front and rear wheels have consistent stopping power in all weather conditions.




It has 21 speeds that allow you to experience different levels of speed without any problems.


It also has a 250W high-speed gear shift system that makes it very easy for the riders to change speeds while on the bike.


Furthermore, Hill-climbing strength, range variation, and terrain adaptability are all improved with 21-speed gear.




With the 36V 8AH lithium-Ion removable battery and 250W stable motor, you can travel up to 15-30 miles per charge at the top speed of 15mph.


There’s plenty for a day’s adventure or most journeys to and from the airport. You can charge the battery on and off the e-bike as required. There’s no reason to be worried about being robbed!




This electric bike has a high strength front suspension fork that makes it convenient for you. The front suspension absorbs shocks and ensures a comfortable ride for you.



There is a slight chance that you might still have some doubts about this e-bike. Well, we have listed some FAQs below that many people have asked.


Is it easy to assemble?


Although the bike is easy to assemble if you want, you can go to a near local bike store or watch a video to assist you in this process.


The bike will not come fully assembled so you will have to assemble some of the parts and you can adjust handlebars, saddles, and pedals according to your needs.


How to fold the bike?


The bike is easy to fold. There’s a lever on the right side of the crossbar that you can pull back, similar to the saddle height lock, and then raise it slightly to start bending the bike to the left. Folding the pedals in by pressing them in helps with storage. Taking a step forward (towards the bike)


This Oppikle bike offers various features that are good for riders of any age. It is good for rough terrains and will offer a comfortable ride off-road. We hope this helped you a little. If it did, let us know.



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