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10 Top Tips For Climbing On A Mountain Bike


Whether you are a budding cross-country racer, or you like to make your downhill turns, mountaineering is an important part of every mountain biker skill set.

Climbing long, steep or technically may seem scary at first, but there are many strategies and tips that can help you in the fight against gravity.

Remember, learning is perfect! Soon, you will not have an invincible climb.

How to climb better on a mountain bike


Mountain bike riding is difficult for everyone.

Your bike is heavy, your suspension and padded tires steal power from your feet and your wide handlebars are well suited for working through corners and rocks in the front rather than going up.

Regardless of your fitness level or your body type, exercise is the key to staying better on your mountain bike.

If you always try to climb as fast as you can, you can improve your speed somewhat, but in order to develop a good climbing technique, you need to go backwards and go at a speed that you can handle. Huh. Speed ​​comes later.

And, think positive. The long climb ends with a pleasant descent!

Long, continuous climbs are usually not very technical and take place on fire roads, paved roads or single-track trails.

Grades can be observed at least 12 percent or more up to a quarter of a mile. In mountainous areas, it is not uncommon to find grinders that are 6-14 percent longer than 3 miles, with the sections being very steep.

 Relaxing, finding your own rhythm, spending time with yourself and preparing yourself mentally will not only help you climb faster but also help you enjoy the experience.


Pedal a mountain bike efficiently


When you are riding your mountain bike, you cannot push it into a gear large enough to go fast.

You must adhere to relatively easy gear so that you are always in clever gear to counter any obstacles lurking around the sidewalk.

That way you can maintain good speed and take less energy from your feet.

Always stopping and starting in hard gear will soon take its toll.

So, try to do the following exercises using the same gear that you need to pedal faster.


MTB climbing training


You do not need mountains to do mountain biking.

Almost any off-pavement riding will give you fresh air, great exercise and – if there are hills or mountains – beautiful scenery and stretches down long depths.

This article shares basic techniques that can help you get started.

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Use easy gear and speed yourself up


For long, steady and non-technical climbs, choose an easy gear that allows you to move your feet smoothly, maintain your level of effort and accelerate yourself.

A gear is so hard and you get tired, ride too fast on it and you get burned before you reach the top.


Breathe Properly


Your muscles need oxygen to function properly, and it is important to breathe well when climbing. Focus on constantly inhaling and exhaling.

It is okay to exaggerate the sound and speed. 

As long as you have a consistent rhythm, it is okay to use your mouth at the same time. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, invest in it.


Tire Pressure


Proper tire pressure makes all the difference for a steep climb.

There is nothing like hitting a sharp punch. Only to raise your rear tire and cause you to lose all speed.

Dial your rear tire pressure.

Do not be afraid to apply a little less pressure if you are running uphill trails.


Find a good beat


There are times when you need to grind or hold a muscle to a steep pitch, but it is usually best to find a smooth, consistent cadence.

Some of the best riders in the world make 90-100 revolutions per minute, keeping their foot speed high and forward speed.

This high rpm rate may make you feel tired at first, but if you reduce it it will eventually give results.


Make sure your tires are properly inflated.


When I last got on my bike, I noticed that my journey was slow and I was pushing myself with more effort than usual. Then I noticed the rear tire making a slight noise.

I stopped and checked my tire pressure (I always travel with a small pump and gauge). It reads 15 psi before and 12 psi behind.

I pumped both of them up to 28 psi and it made a huge difference in the effort I put in and the speed maintained. I probably even missed the pinch flat. These days I check my tire pressures frequently.


Keep up the pace.


Do not slow down too much for turns and hurdles during the climb. It takes a lot of energy to bring yourself back into motion again and again.

It also means increasing your speed before hitting steep sections, so you can pick them up more speed.


That’s a mental game


The best climbers in the world are also extremely tough mentally. They have an amazing ability to focus on the work at hand instead of focusing on the pain. It may seem silly, but as you climb up, mentally find a happy place that can divert you from the burning lactic acid in your legs. Everyone has pain when climbing, but not everyone shows it.


Distribute your weight properly


It is best to distribute your weight evenly in the bottom bracket to keep both tires properly weighted.

On steep sections of the trail, bend towards the nose of the saddle to keep the front part from slipping. This allows you to get more of your pedals to grind the sloping parts of the trail. Does mountain biking help you lose weight


Find a good beat


There are times when you need to grind or muscle up a steep pitch, but it is usually best to find a smooth, consistent cadence.

Some of the best riders in the world make 90-100 revolutions per minute, keeping their foot speed high and forward speed.

This high rpm rate may make you feel tired at first, but if you reduce it will eventually give results. Mountain biking tips and techniques.


Climb another time


It feels painful and obvious, but the most effective way is to do them as often as possible to make the climb better.

Like landing or riding in general, the more time you spend climbing, the more your body adapts and becomes stronger.

It’s an acquired taste. At first, you hate it and don’t understand how anyone can enjoy it.

Then, it becomes tolerable and eventually you reach a state where you can not live without it.  Read about our tips for downhill mountain biking.




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