If you are the type that likes the racing cycling sport and still would want a fun-filled comfortable ride on the road, then BRAND NEW 2017 – ZX4 Python Road / Racing Bike is just want you need.

With its lightweight aluminium frame your racing cycling fun is guaranteed to the maximum. The manufacturer really went far this time for this brand new edition just released in 2017.

Every feature was specially designed and fitted with the purpose of producing a stiffer and light ride, the type that will make you race all day. This type will make you want to test all roads, and grove through the high and low lands hours unending – it just takes your breath away!


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The BRAND NEW 2017 – ZX4 Python Road / Racing Bike gives great sporting exercise and comfort with the excellence combination of an aluminium frame that comes with a hi-tensile fork. What an awesome blend of stiff, light and comfort all in one ride. It has double wall alloy wheel rims that are very strong and light as well, possessing quick release hubs.

Seeing it is important to have such that are rotatable and reliable as well. A robust shitting speed system is included with the Shimano 14 speed ensuring smooth transmissions from one level of speed to another.

The unisex bike goes well with both men and women of all ages. It is good for women because of its comfortably designed saddle by python road which is so accommodating for both sexes.

The chainset is double 42T/52T along with alloy crank set that comes in 3 pieces. With these a freewheeling system is guaranteed. One can easily navigate all roads whether rough or smooth facilitated by the already mentioned 14 speed gears.

You could quickly transcend from an easy gear to a hard gear based on the condition of the road you are on.

The contact point of any cycle to the ground is very important that is why the BRAND NEW 2017 – ZX4 Python Road / Racing Bike comes with Kenda 700 x25C tires. These tires and its tubes are very strong with one year warranty on it.

Let me reveal this secret, before a manufacturer can put a warranty on a product that product is 100 percent sound. You are sure of having strong, durable tires that would maintain steady contact with the ground.

Did I mention that it has got free Schwalbe tubes and it also has free Skyscape Caps coupled with free shipping if you order for the bicycle?

The overall weight of the bike is light considering the fact that all its components are lightweight very easy to lift from one point to another.

All components were carefully and efficiently designed by the manufacturers to produce a well-fitted compact sized racing cycle that will last for so many years. This road and racing bike will guarantee pleasurable cycling experience for all.

Customer Satisfaction


The BRAND NEW 2017 – ZX4 Python Road / Racing Bike is an amazing bicycle not particularly made for any sex alone. It can be used by men and women for cycling race sports, for regular personal exercise or just for the fun of riding to relax the nerves from the hustle of the day.

It can serve any of the purposes highlighted above because of the very lightweight and strong nature of its frame and fork. You know the best part of every bicycle its frame, this is what certifies how excellent you can ride it and how durable it will be. With aluminum alloy frames and alloy wheels this bike is the best to provide stiff, light and comfortable cycling.

There are some bikes you might buy that would suddenly develop faults when you start using it on the road, those are not durable. And maybe you did not do a proper check on the materials used by the manufacturers.

The quality of the materials used determines the durability of the cycle. The best frame material for a lasting bicycle is aluminum, so always go for a bike like BRAND NEW 2017 – ZX4 Python Road / Racing Bike that has got aluminum frame, so that you can really enjoy good quality for your money. In this case, you would ride it regularly, ruggedly and pleasurably for so many years – longer than others.

Common Questions


How much assembly required?

Most of its parts have already been coupled together from the factory, which only requires minor coupling at the final destination after purchase. When you buy this bicycle it comes to you pre-packaged to a major extent. Go through the instruction set to get the relevant instruction to finish the remaining minor assemble.

Are the pedals on this bike freewheel?

Yes, this unisex adult bike comes with a good freewheeling system.

Is this bike durable?

The strong and durable aluminium frame it comes with is very long lasting. This bicycle will serve you for several years. And it will guarantee maximum long lasting fun. You should also know that there is a one year warranty on all parts.

What is the colour of the bike?

It has a beautifully finished white colour that suits both males and females. This colour is also fitting to all colours of sporting outfits.

Can this bike be adjusted?

Yes, various relevant parts come with adjustable features to accommodate differences in height. Check out or article on different Kryptonite bike locks.




It has got super lightweight aluminum frames made specifically for your racing pleasure

With its super shifting 14 speed gears, you can accurately navigate while shifting easily between gears.

Super strong and durable Kendra tyres that come with free tubes and one year warranty. You are sure of using this for so many years without tear and wear.


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