A review of top bike brands; Woodworm lightning Bike, Woodworm GXI Pro and the Woodworm Bmx Mountain bike

Woodworm have established themselves within the Top bike brands with a great reputation for Road cycling, Mountain and Bmx bikes, designing durable, stylish bikes that are great for entry level cyclists or even the more experienced rider that are great value for money. We will be reviewing three bikes from the Woodworm range, the Woodworm lightning Racing Bike, Woodworm GXI Pro and the Woodworm mx Mountain Bike.

The review is a collection of our detailed product research of the Top bike brands and will include: a small summary of each bike, the best features of each bike but also the negatives and also looking at customer testimonials.

“Our recommendation on which Woodworm to choose, is to think of what you will be using the bike for, is it for that daily commute to work, a day out with the family or for a cheap and reliable form of transport”.

Woodworm LightningWoodworm GXIWoodworm 20" Mountain bike
Woodworm LightningWoodworm GXIWoodworm 20
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Best Features:

Lightweight Frame
Best Features:

Full suspension
Best Features:

Safety Features
“Great for a Daily Commute”“Great value”“5 star rating”
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Woodworm Lightning Road / Road cycling Bike – White

The Woodworm Lightning Road is one of the Best road bike brands designed specifically for Road cycling and if you’re buying a bike for that daily commute this is definitely a strong contender. It has an Amazon rating of 4 stars with some great product reviews.

To assemble the bike is fairly straight forward and with the detailed manual can be done within 30 minutes.

One of the best features of the bike is the 3 speed rear and 6 speed gear system which is a great when out on the open road.

One of the biggest draw backs of this bike like most within the price range is the standard saddle; it can easily be replaced for a more expensive one with extra padding or a gel saddle.

It comes with a dual suspension to make those long distance rides more comfortable. Not only is the functionality of the bike excellent, the alloy rims add a little bit of style.

The bike comes in white and may show the dirt, however the quality of the paint withstands corrosion. It has 26 inch wheels and a frame of 39 and its is recommended that the rider are between 5 feet 9 inchs to 6 feet 1.


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    • Safety Features– Reflectors, Bell and Pedal Reflectors
    • Gears — 18 Speed Shimano
    • Gear Shifters — Falcon
    • Brakes — Front and Rear V Brake
    • Forks – Steel 700c, ZOOM Suspension Fork • Kickstand — Middle Steel Kickstand • 17 inch Frame or 18.5 inch Frame
    • 24 inch Wheels or 26 inch Wheels • Shifter – Shimano, Front Derailleur (Three Speed), Rear Derailleur (Six Speed)


  • White lighting has a lightweight alloy frame which makes long distances easier
  • Features 3 speed rear and 6 speed front gear system that comes equipped with a Shimano
  • One of the best selling bikes on Amazon
  • Safe Riding in the evening with reflectors, pedal reflectors and bells



  • The saddle is standard and most people tend to upgrade for the ultimate comfort
  • Brakes may need a little tweaking as they are a little noisy and clicky
  • Instructions Manual is poor


Amazon Product Reviews

“The build quality of the bike is fantastic”.

“Easy to Assemble”.

“Brilliant Bike. Light weight; however the instructions were not the best.”


Woodworm is a Road cycling bike with a no frills edge  is one of the best Best road bike brands for a good investment into the world of cycling with a great price and some strong features. If you’re looking for a beginner entry level bike, this is one of the best value road bikes on Amazon.